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How Brize Growth Hacked 800% More Leads for a Client, Then Automated the Sales Process to Close More Deals

  • Posted by admin on February 8, 2018

For marketers, finding the balance between lead quality and lead quantity is one of the biggest challenges they face. Ask yourself this: should you spend the majority of your marketing budget on larger markets with less chance of conversion? Or, should you focus smaller markets with high conversion rates? Are 100 cheaply gained unqualified leads worth more than 10 much more costly qualified leads? Or is the opposite true? For Brize, a growth hacking consulting company based in the Netherlands, the answer is to turn quantity into quality. By focusing on one cheap and scalable market and using a few ingenious hacks (which we’ll explain below), they grew one of their client’s (MisterGreen, a Tesla leasing company) incoming leads by 800% in less than a year. But this huge increase in leads were‚ admittedly‚ less qualified than they’d prefer. Instead of backing off the market, they transformed MisterGreen’s sales funnel to optimize conversions. They used automation-driven methods to convert those not-so-qualified leads into paying customers. All without hiring a building full of new salespeople to convert all the leads they were creating. Some great lessons in this story…
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