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How to use data to accelerate sales growth with Guillaume Cabane at Drift and Ilya Semin at Datanyze

  • Posted by admin on February 14, 2018

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Today, we’ve got something special for you. This is a recording of yesterday’s webinar with Ilya Semin (CEO at Datanyze), Guillaume Cabane (VP of Growth at Drift) and Steli Efti (CEO here at

In this webinar, we’re talking all about how to use data to accelerate sales growth for your startup.

From the basic data points and metrics every business should be tracking from day one (and how to start tracking them today), to leveraging tools like data enrichment and technographics to increase your effectiveness with prospecting, using marketing automation to fill your sales pipeline, and more… we’re covering a lot. Watch right here:  

Huge thanks again to our guests Ilya Semin and Guillaume Cabane!

Ilya is the CEO of Datanyze, where they have an array of sales and marketing-enablement tools like data enrichment, technographics (technology tracking), predictive analytics, and more—to help supercharge your prospecting and shorten sales cycles.

Guillaume is the VP of Growth at Drift, the conversational marketing platform that helps 50,000+ businesses scale their personalized engagement with website visitors—from bots that automatically book more sales meetings for your team, to generating higher volumes of marketing qualified leads, and much more.

Want more webinars like this?

We’re putting together a series of webinars just like this, with sales and marketing leaders from the world’s top B2B startups. You can sign up right here for updates on our next webinar.

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