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What 17 Enterprise Executives and $276.96 Billion Can Teach You About Unlocking Growth

  • Posted by admin on February 22, 2018

The question is: Can you growth hack the enterprise? To find out, Johannes Ceh and Aaron Orendorff asked executives from 17 of the largest organizations in the world — roughly $ 276.96 billion in market value. These are 100% original contributions (to the tune of nearly 4k words) direct from the brightest and biggest minds in business: 1. Start with Clarity: LinkedIn 2. Know Your Numbers: Slack 3. Provide Disproportionate Value: Gary Vaynerchuk 4. Unite Key Objectives: Shopify Plus 5. Expose Your “Must Have” Value: Dropbox 6. Add Growth to Your Product: Guy Kawasaki 7. Break the Rules: Tinder 8. Extend Your Channels: DCMN 9. Be Rigorous about Data: Duolingo 10. Challenge the Conventions: T-Mobile 11. Develop a Growth Skill Set: Mercedes-Benz 12. Focus on Customer Led Optimization: Western Union 13. Experiment for Disproportionate Growth: BuzzFeed 14. Organize Around an Operational Mindset: ClassPass 15. Allow, but Don’t Excuse, Failure: Adobe 16. Build for the Long Term: WeTransfer 17. Tell Authentic Stories: SAP

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