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Best Landing Pages Of 2017: Where The CRO & Design Barrier Breaks

  • Posted by admin on March 8, 2018

In order to run successful PPC campaigns, it’s common practice for any company to create a landing page focused on the needs of the campaign, a so-called advertising-specific landing page. This page, also known as a stand-alone landing page, is an independent website with the aim of promoting a specific product or service. There are two types of landing pages: 1. For lead generation: capturing information about prospects in the market 2. For click-throughs: forwarding to where user creates an account for a direct sale Why landing pages make a huge difference to the success of your marketing and PPC campaigns becomes clear when you compare a regular website with a campaign specific landing page. A regular website is designed for a more general purpose and links your entire product and service portfolio. When you create a landing page, it’s designed for a single purpose — all the elements and links that do not support your conversion goal are a distraction that water down your message and reduce your conversion rate.
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