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Digital Nomad Emily Breuninger at Zapier: Creating Your Dream Life & Career

  • Posted by admin on June 7, 2018

Episode #11 of our interview series featuring women in sale

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Emily Breuninger is the Partnerships Manager at ZapierEmily is a full-time digital nomad and chronicles her experiences at

Emily started her career at Brivity where she started as a Marketing Intern and became their Sales & Marketing Manager, before working at TUNE where she became an Enterprise Account Manager. 

Episode highlights:

  • Zapier’s fully-remote company structure and the serendipity that brought her career there
  • The moment she realized her dream of working and living abroad
  • What type of person thrives in a digitally nomadic life?
  • Two places that Emily will cherish for the rest of her life
  • Minimalism: Food for thought and a few parting words


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