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How to read growth hacking posts like an enlightened reader

  • Posted by admin on June 13, 2018

The startup journey is hard enough, so if there’s free wisdom just floating around out there, hell? Why not give it a shot?

“We could drop everything, copy their exact strategy and steps, and boom! We’ll see success!” you thought to yourself, hoping to catch some piece of that success for your own.

“After all, these guys did it.”

Except without the proper understanding of marketing, growth, what it takes to hit traction, and even the market you’re in, reading those growth posts without context might actually be hurting your business.

Add to that the mix of feelings that comes after reading posts about massive growth and growth-hacking. You start to wonder if maybe you’re doing something wrong (or if there’s maybe even something wrong with you).

You begin to question your strategy, your goals, and sometimes even your team.

It’s a vicious cycle: the stories of other founders and startups shed some incredibly valuable light and wisdom on how they achieved their successes, and at the same time, internally rattle us with doubt, frustration, or worse: inaction.

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