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How to Create Content for Ecommerce

  • Posted by admin on July 12, 2018

Content might be the most innocuous word on the internet today, even more so within SEO. It seemingly has no definition; it’s everything. We all know we need it, most folks are confused about what it actually is – and it’s even harder to create the elusive, but more desired variation of “great content.” With all that said, crafting content to serve all the different needs of an Ecommerce website might be the most difficult. Nick works with Ecommerce sites of all sizes, in a wide variety of niches, on all sorts of platforms, and sees an amazing level of variability in content production… The good news is this puts Nick in a unique position to share some specific, actionable insights with you when it comes to creating content for Ecommerce. The aim of this article is to run through all of the content you should be creating to leverage SEO to drive traffic and sales from your Ecommerce website.
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