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Some Quick Things Every Founder Should Know

  • Posted by admin on July 17, 2018

One thing that comes with being a venture capitalist is you see hundreds and hundreds of businesses. You get to have interesting conversations with founders and review business plans and then see how these businesses evolve over the years. A firm like ours has almost 100 different investments across all the various partners so we get to see some businesses very intimately.

The other day I posted some advice on Twitter that I just did free-formed from thoughts going through my head from recent conversations. Since I know not everybody reads Twitter I thought I’d collect them here in a blog post. If you can any value please feel free to share this post or RT any individual Tweet.

There’s many more concepts I could have written about. This wasn’t meant to be exhaustive. But if you want to add some in the comments section on Medium and I’ll make sure to read them.

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