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How Google Analytics Kills Great Blogs

  • Posted by admin on July 25, 2018

The oversimplification of content marketing is a drag on the entire industry. A nuanced understanding of content marketing strategy, creation, and measurement is the thing that separates great blogs from the rest. We’ve previously discussed oversimplification in the context of growth constraints. Content is most often used to increase top-of-funnel traffic—even if that isn’t the constraint on growth. We’ve also covered it in the context of timing, i.e., how do you write for topics that are trending up vs. down? In these cases (and dozens of others), success is determined long before a single word is written, optimized, or shared. Content “works” only if the strategy is created to solve a real problem—one whose solution is easily tracked and measured. An oversimplified approach results in noise (and wasted budget) every single time. In my nearly 10 years in content marketing, I’ve spent countless hours in Google Analytics trying to fine-tune a report that uses multichannel attribution to “prove” once and for all that content marketing is worth the spend. I’ve never managed to do it.

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