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How do I leverage my company’s corporate blog to generate sales?

  • Posted by admin on September 10, 2018

It’s pretty easy, and IME and IMHO, most founders get it all wrong.

First, bear in mind, generally ignore people who tell you to be a “thought leader” very early on. Everyone wants to be this. It’s not impossible, but unless you were already a guru in your space and well known before you started a corporate blog, it will take you years to earn this status, and the benefits from it.

Second, realize that almost no one will read your blog. But a few might. And maybe that’s just 1 or 2 great prospects. Which is enough. Don’t try to adopt cookie-cutter higher traffic strategies when you have zero traffic.

A personal example: SaaStr | B2B SaaS Training, Events & More to Scale Your Business gets 1m+ views a month now. When I put the first post up in 2012, we probably got 500 views a month. But the first social like was from Aaron Levie, CEO of Box. Quality over quantity, especially in the early days.

So with a new, zero/low-traffic corporate blog, how can you actually get and support leads?

Two thoughts:

  • First, write a few posts — just a few — that authentically show how to solve a customer problem. Not hype pieces, or rambling outsourced pieces of content. But telling potential customers how to solve a problem.

Take a look at this example from, that they put up almost pre-revenue, on how to deal with the headaches of managing iOS subscriptions.…

It’s a detailed look at the challenges and problems in solving a real problem. That also is what RevenueCat solves. But it’s an incredible valuable piece of content.

You don’t need 100 posts a week here. Just a few, that maybe get a little SEO, that get you a few good leads.

  • Second, “settle” for just supporting leads, not generating them. A corporate blog that shows you know how to solve customer problems may not generate leads like the Revenue Cat example, at least not at first. But it can also be an amazing piece of collateral for prospects to dig in on when they are evaluating a new vendor. A few amazing blog posts that show how to solve their problems can help tip them from Maybe to Yes. That’s enough.

So in the end, don’t look for a corporate blog to be an amazing overnight source of 100s of leads. But done right, authentically, with an initial focus at least on truly solving problems … it almost always works.

And a final suggestion — you can’t outsource it. You can’t outsource the very best, most authentic, most problem-solving content. You just can’t.

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