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How Lucidchart grew to 13 million users on land-and-expand strategy

  • Posted by admin on September 27, 2018

Lucidchart is a cloud-based diagramming platform best known for its freemium model—a model that jump-started the company’s journey to its current 13-million user base. You probably also know this company from its viral doggos, puppers, and cattos diagram videos. Here’s a quick look at Lucidchart’s success so far: – Utilized in over 180 countries by various job functions – Trusted by 96% of the Fortune 500 companies – Used by customers such as Google, Amazon, Cisco, and Intel – Receives around 500,000 sign-ups every month Dan Cook is the senior vice president of sales and customer success at Lucidchart. He started out in technology investment and then worked with Polaris Venture Partners and earned his MBA from Harvard. Cook joined Lucidchart over four years ago. As part of our Secret Sauce to Sales by Freshsales interview series, we sat down to discuss his journey in building Lucidchart’s sales organization from the ground up and scaling to an enterprise model with his team.
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