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6 SaaS Survey Question To Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

  • Posted by admin on October 18, 2018

A question always nags at people, and so does a SaaS survey question. I hear it all the time. Particularly in the SaaS space when it comes to improving onboarding and conversions. And the answer to this question is simple yet not that straightforward. So, what’s the question? “What do I need to know to start improving conversions?” (Or, “What do you need to know?” if you’re bringing an outsider or consultant.) More often than not, they start thinking about fact-based answers like, “We need to include this feature” or, “We’re targeting small business owners.” The problem? That is simply NOT enough. See, if there’s one thing you need before writing a lick of copy or re-designing anything it’s not a “proven template” or a list of features… it’s your user story. Discover the six essential questions to understand your customers
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