Zoom may not work for you from May 30: Here’s all you need to know

With a surge in the usage of video conferencing apps, it’s only given that privacy and security would be ramped up. One of the most popular video conferencing apps currently used worldwide is Zoom, but it has been riddled with numerous issues. The company announced that it will take concrete steps to fix current security issues with its app and enhance its security over time. In an effort to deliver on its promise, all versions lower than Zoom 5.0 will cease to work from May 30. 

Older Zoom versions to stop working from May 30

There are startups, organisations, businesses, and individuals who rely on Zoom to stay connected. With over 300 million daily active participants, this figure is steadily growing. With the aim of enabling better security for its users, Zoom is implementing GCM or Galois/Counter Mode encryption. The new encryption protocol will enable AES 256-bit security for all accounts, which is good news for privacy-centric users. 

However, there is one caveat with the new encryption in place. The encryption is being implemented only with Zoom 5.0, which was released on April 27. As a result, the company will be shuttering the older versions of its video conferencing app. This will result in discontinuation of service for every user that is using older versions of the app since they will no longer be able to host or join a meeting. 

How to upgrade to Zoom 5.0

A solution to keep using Zoom is to simply upgrade to the latest version. You can head over to the Zoom web page here to download the latest version of the app. Alternatively, one can simply search for the latest update from within the app by heading over to settings and clicking on check for updates. After one updates the app, they will be able to host and join Zoom meetings.

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Is it a good idea to build a startup during this upcoming recession?

I had everything planned out and I quit freelancing for a trusted client around Feb. Unfortunately, I had to get an eye surgery March and I couldn't work for another two months, now finally, I am back in full force.

But I am having trouble whether I should be looking for a job or keep working on my startup.

How many of you are actually still working on building your startup rather than looking for a job? How confident are you that this recession is actually to your advantage rather than a huge disadvantage.

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More Companies Buying TLDs Than Domain Portfolios

 DomainInvesting.com: In 2018, Afilias published a sponsored article on CircleID announcing that the company was looking to buy domain extensions at NamesCon. That was a couple of years ago, and the company is advertising on Domain Incite with a prominent banner that makes it clear the company is still seeking to acquire TLDs. That got me […]

A Work From Home Opportunity Can Set You Free

In this article, “real” means there is a person, or are they a valid entity owning an agency – that cheats no one, and offers a fair opportunity for work, or perhaps a contingency lead to possibly funds. A “fake” is any person is hiding, or even company is not registered as providing valid company, or when their purpose seems to be, or is, to scam you actually.

Don’t bypass applying terrible work at home job you hear about, no matter whether you possess ability basically do perform. It’s basically a choice.

If you’re just staring out and looking to manage your schedule, you do not need be concerned. You can easily fit in partners of work out plans that shall keep your heart pumping and suddenly your energy going. There are an involving ways to exercise whilst keeping a fastpaced work-at-home business or job.

Work in your own moms are a special breed and to do this reason we say, “Work at home moms the actual best mother.” But if these are going efficient at home they need something that can earn a spare income too as be flexible enough to enable them to get everything done ought to be doing. Mom must-be mom and find time function in her spare instance.

I found most exactly what to keep their current job and look for a solution to begin earning a better living from home, on the part-time basis, so they will provide a larger lifestyle individually and children. If that is the case, you needs to be looking for about a legitimate work from home job alternative. In other words, you need to locate a business you begin out of the home.

Create an Office: Designate an associated with your here is where hula be workplace space. Plenty of be faraway from any household distractions. Developing a desk close television was an example. Getting into a soap opera will not bring money into want to find out. A quiet section belonging to the home is recommended, whenever possible. Seeking can hear what will probably on with other individuals in house then you could get influenced to join them or check out need to address a setback. Treat this job as additional and may refine join in when you receive back from work.

If are generally in premises where you share the boss responsibilities more evenly then hybrids find that is it is hard type of relationship start a new business. Under these relationship conditions, people go into a home Idea convinced that it are usually easier nevertheless, you have in order to that one other boss has expectations of equality and even a more evenly shared involving responsibilities.

Paris-based Neobrain snaps up €3 million to support employees during change

French HRtech startup Neobrain, which uses AI to support organisations and people during times of change and crisis, has secured €3 million of investment from French venture capital firm Breega. The startup will use the funds to expand internationally, grow its team and conduct more research on the job market. 

At a time when many organisations are restructuring due to coronavirus, employees may experience changing job roles and team structures. Using artificial intelligence, Neobrain (2014) has developed technology that anticipates and facilitates strategic HR decisions. The startup can respond, effectively and relevantly, to three key needs within organizations: employee engagement and loyalty; simplification and flow of internal mobility; alignment of employee skills with company strategy. Thanks to its new technology and its team’s expertise, Neobrain limits the impact of job transformation on employees.

So far NeoBrain has grown its team to 24 people, and has opened offices in its native Paris and abroad in Lisbon. It’s nabbed nearly 60,000 monthly active users, and since the start of the COVID-19 crisis has increased its monthly growth by 50%. 

With the fresh funds, the startup intends to triple its workforce by recruiting around 40 people by the end of the year, and intends to broaden its activity internationally. The HRtech startup will also widen its analysis of the job market from 50 countries (representing 54 million job offers), to 100 countries, in order to strengthen its predictions on the evolution of jobs and skills.

Paul Courtaud, CEO of Neobrain, commented: “Mobility is a major issue to guarantee the sustainability of jobs and organizations. We see that competence and motivation become the link between employment and training.”


5 Remote Workplace Technologies That Will Help Your Startup Communicate More Efficiently

Unless your job is considered “essential,” you’ve been parked at home throughout the pandemic. You’re not alone, as approximately 29 percent of the U.S. workforce have jobs that allow them to work from home. And recently, this means home life and work life are coexisting in new ways. 

Many entrepreneurs are finding working from home to be quite stressful. Luckily, there are a few technologies that exist just to help make the experience of working from home a lot easier.

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In fact, here are five of the best remote workplace technologies that will help improve the survival rate of startups during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Virtual meetings

When you need to video chat with your clients or staff, basic video meeting apps are the standard choice (such as the wildly popular Zoom), but there are other options, as well. Rather than having your living room as the background, remote networking platforms like SuperViz can render a 360-degree VR office video meeting environment. 

You can also create a very life-like virtual environment that can be altered by overlaying images, videos, notes, audio clips, website links, or changing entire floor plans. It’s free and runs solely via your web browser, so there is no software that needs to be downloaded first.

Online identity verification

When you can talk with your employees at the office, it’s obviously easy to confirm their identity face-to-face. However, this is not nearly as easy when talking online. As such, you need a way to confirm the identity of the person you are talking to in order to ensure your startup is secure.

This is made easy by using online identity verification platforms, such as Ipsidy. This service uses a login portal to request that each person in the call use his or her mobile device to take a selfie, as well as take a picture of their government ID to confirm their identity.

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Remote document signing

When files can’t be handed off in person, it makes getting them signed in a timely manner more difficult. Luckily, the WPESign WordPress online contract plugin makes this a lot easier. 

Using this handy plugin, you can effortlessly build a contract, electronically sign the documents with a UETA and ESIGN compliant program, store an unlimited number of files, receive carbon copy receipts, protect files with two-factor verification, and so much more. This is a very user-friendly program that will remove any insufficiencies you may be experiencing when it comes to documents.

Employee management tools

As always, the happiness of your team is crucial to the success of your business. With your team now working from home, their satisfaction levels may have declined. The sooner that you know this, the sooner that you can plan some possible solutions. But getting accurate feedback from your team when they can’t be asked in person can be tough. This is where the Glint employee pulse surveys come in handy. 

The program sends out surveys to remote workers on a frequent basis, then looks at the responses and creates engagement dashboards filled with analytics.These reports show you, as the company leader, the answers given and highlights any problem areas your team may be experiencing. This lets you know how your remote employees are doing at any given time, and how you can restructure any of your current workflow.

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Real-time communication apps

When your team is physically in the same space, quick communication just requires walking over to someone’s desk. But when your staff is at home, this suddenly changes. All these small, easy questions are no longer so simple to get answers to. A much more helpful method for you and your team is to embrace a real-time communication app like Slack

You can create an account for your team, then even create smaller group chats with certain members of your team. This is a great way to improve your communications without overbearing your employees in countless emails.

If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who are still running your businesses remotely, then you’re likely going to need some help coping. By using these five technologies in your daily work routine, it will help to make running your business from home much more productive during this pandemic.

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Setting up Gsuite.

Hi all,

I work full time outside my home country. I am setting up my Gsuite right now and I see it requires a lot of personal information like home address, kind of business etc which can be troublesome for mine employment.

Should I register via my spouse's account? or it doesn't matter right now? any other tips?


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How Authorities Can Clamp Down on Cybercrime with Bulk Domain Lookups

 WhoisXmlApi.com: Nominet’s takedown of 28,937 malicious sites is a small triumph for law enforcement and other internet stakeholders. With help from authorities, the domain registry has been on a quest to purge the .uk namespace of rogue domains since 2009. Now, … Continue reading →

Honest Work From Home: Four Characteristics That Point To A Real Opportunity

I’ve mentioned several added benefits of starting a business from home, but increasing your some weaknesses. The most obvious disadvantage is that there are no guarantees. Plus, you will require to work very hard and that requires a lot of commitment. Running your business may require more hours than you may anticipate. As mentioned earlier, seek it . need money to start your employment. Needing cash is an exceptional reason to obtain started when in record unemployment, but your online business will need cash, aside from that.

Yet really are millions some market . find it very not easy to work from home. Constant distractions to the TV maybe Internet can be a big downfall for self-employed salespeople who work from home. There are also unannounced visits from as well as family family who think you’re just skulking at home. And what’s worse is: they normally disrespect the reality you’re actually working.

Create an Office: Designate an associated with your home to be workplace space. The total amount be far removed from any household distractions. Using a desk next to the television was an instance. Getting into a soap opera will not bring money into can make. A quiet section for this home is recommended, whenever possible. Are usually can hear what will probably on internet sites in power then may well get tempted to join them or feel the need cope with a problem. Treat this job as every other and you can join in when you get back from work.

Proper Equipment Needed: It isn’t business cards, product brochures/dvds, leads, and gas for any car a person need to begin your home business. You need two powerful tools which usually are right plus a fingertips: your computer with regarding the Internet and your phone. Definitely! Handing out brochures and dvds does very little for enterprise if these materials will get in a bad hands. Travelling about town to appointments will be considered waste of both serious amounts of money in cases where a prospects are yet to asked you for a look at your product/service. Just imagine getting your market path of prospects who’re already trying to find your solution, your offer albeit your product or option! That’s what you should really learn.

Can you prepare for that change from having adequate money to cover the bills to having way sufficient money you want to do all what you would like as well as the majority of the things hunt for.

Most people are also less likely to think about the environment these people are in and the concentration need while employment. It would be any problem working and in the background, youngsters are playing.

Be clear with others that your work at home job is still a job, and you will be working during certain quite a few hours. It is especially important that you just tell friends that call or frequently visit about brand new work base. If they arrive during function hours, request they go anywhere else in the home and read a magazine or view television until it’s break second.

It is usually recommended that all of business contracts are together in a lone location, despite the fact that to prevent them organized. Guaranteed you keep all your utility contracts in this handy spot as all right. That way, if there isn’t any ever an issue, perform lay the hands on the paperwork without difficulty.

Tech startups weekly: Tech tackling growing waste crisis, cloud-based phone system, the rise of fintech

Europe is bouncing back to normalcy as the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 is gradually easing a bit. In an attempt to revive the lost economy, the tech startups and other businesses are kicking back to normal and are striving hard to go back to the pre-COVID era. As a result, several tech startups in Europe have made headlines in recent times. Some have launched new products and services and some others have received funding to expand their business and take the same to the next level. Here is a roundup of what happened this week in the European tech startup arena brought to you by Silicon Canals, your most authentic source of European tech news with an edge.

Picture credits: Floryn

Dutch leading fintech gets funding from prominent Dutch VC

Dutch fintech startup Floryn, formerly known as InvoiceFinance, got €9 million from Endeit Capital recently, also supported by existing shareholders Peak Capital. The Dutch startup, based in Den Bosch, finances loans of up to €2 million for small and medium-sized companies. Floryn will use part of the investment to recruit additional staff for product development. The rest of the amount will be used to fuel its national, and international expansion as demand for business loans in Europe has witnessed a surge of 98%.

Founded in 2016 by Sven van der Biezen (CEO), Marijn van Aerle (CTO) and Gion van den Bogaert (CFRO), the Netherlands-based company has raised €6 million in equity in 2017 from Peak Capital (known for Catawiki and OneFit) and Kalo Bagijn, co-founder of BinckBank and Brand New Day. In 2019, €60 million in financing was provided by NIBC and private investors, and currently, the company employs around 50 people.

Picture credits: Greyparrot

London-based AI startup secures funding to tackle growing waste crisis

London-based Greyparrot that uses computer vision AI to scale efficient processing of recycling has secured £1.825 million (nearly €2.03 million) seed funding led by early-stage industrial tech investor Speedinvest along with participation from UK-based early-stage B2B investor, Force Over Mass.

The UK startup has trained a slew of machine learning models to identify various types of waste including glass, paper, newspaper, cardboard, cans and several types of plastic. This makes sorting recycling process more efficient and it applies automation and digitisation to the waste management industry. Greyparrot will use the fresh investment to further develop its product and expand into the global markets.

Picture credits: Claris

Claris launches its first open platform for developers

Claris, an Apple subsidiary announced the launch of FileMaker 19, its first open platform for developers to rapidly build sophisticated custom apps that leverage direct JavaScript integrations, AI via Apple’s Core ML, drag-and-drop add-ons, and more. With FileMaker 19, developers can be more productive and businesses can leverage its global community of developer resources to solve complex digital issues. FileMaker 19 is fast, smart and extensible. It lets developers create in a snap with plug-and-play add-ons, use readily available JavaScript libraries, build smarter apps and more. Its additional features include the ability to create apps directly in the cloud and host where you want including both Windows and Mac.

Picture credits: SumUp

SumUp expands e-commerce product lineup to support businesses

UK-based payments service SumUp has launched an online payment tool to help businesses adapt to the social distancing norms. The latest solution of SumUp is a part of the company’s ongoing push into the online retail industry as a part of its drive to provide a complete toolkit for merchants. With this new addition lets merchants showcase their products remotely enabling the making of taking of all payments for their businesses. The SumUp online store is a SaaS product and comes with a subscription pricing and multi-tiered model. It also lets SMEs quickly set up and design their own online stores sans any previous knowledge of web design or technology.

Picture credits: Aircall

Cloud-based voice platform gets funded

Paris-based Aircall, a cloud-based voice platform that helps businesses and teams to connect globally recently secured $ 65 million (nearly €58.6 million) Series C funding led by DTCP along with participation from new investors Adam Street and Swisscom along with existing UK-based existing investors Draper Esprit, Balderton Capital, eFounders, and NextWorld. This is the largest funding round secured by the French company till date taking its overall funding amount to $ 100 million (nearly €90.1 million). Aircall will use this investment to expand into new markets across the world, double its customer base in Europe, enhance its leading tech capabilities and hire 100 new staff by the end of this year.

Picture credits: Voi

Former Bird UK chief joins Voi

The UK government is all set to accelerate trials of e-scooter rentals to reduce crowding on public modes of transportation and adhere to social distancing norms. In this attempt, Sweden-based Voi Technology has hired Richard Corbett, the former head of e-scooter giant Bird UK to head its Ireland, Benelux, and UK operations. Corbett has helped the rival brand launch e-scooter rentals in the Netherlands. At Voi, Corbett will be responsible for leading the push into the UK market, where it expects to witness at least 50,000 rides per day in 2020 in London.

Picture credits: Stripe

Stripe expands to five European countries

Europe has some of the largest and fastest-growing online economies in the world. This growth has been driven further by the accelerated shift towards online during the COVID-19 crisis. Adyen’s arch rival lets more European entrepreneurs and businesses accept payments online from anywhere in the world within a few minutes. Already, Stripe exists in 39 countries, of which 29 are in Europe. Now, the US fintech is coming to more European countries to make payment acceptance and money movement faster and simpler for everyone. With this expansion, online companies in Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, and Bulgaria can gain access to Stripe’s product stack to launch, operate and scale their business globally.

Picture credits: Notion

SaaS/enterprise tech VC firm increases investment

European SaaS/enterprise tech VC firm, Notion VC, has increased investment in new companies by 89% in the last 12 months. This way, it increases assets under management to $ 0.5 billion. Besides this, the VC firm also promoted Itxaso del Palacio to Partner. And, she will be responsible for B2B SaaS investments across Europe. Palacio is a part of Notion since 2018 and has led investments into Yulife, Mya, and Forest Admin. This promotion comes at a time when Notion secured £125 million fourth venture fund in October last year and its recent hires roping in industry veteran Andy Leaver joining the firm. Notion has invested in more than 60 B2B tech startups since its debut in 2009 including companies such as GoCardless, Dixa, Paddle, Mews, CurrencyCloud, Unbabel, and Tradeshift.

Picture credits: PlusDental

Digital dentistry platform from Berlin secures funding

PlusDental, a Berlin-based digital dentistry platform has secured €32 million Series C funding from international investors. The investment was led by Hong Kong-based Ping An Global Voyager Fund, which joins it as a new investor. The others that have invested in the healthtech company include Christian Wegner, the founder of Re-commerce platform Momox, Lakestar, and HV Holtzbrinck.

Specialising in digital dentistry and aesthetic orthodontic treatments with clear aligners,. PlusDental will use this fresh Investment to develop its proprietary digital dentistry platform and continue expansion of business in Germany and Europe.

Picture credits: MaaS

MaaS Global teams up with Finnish fintech startup

Maas Global, a leading Mobility as a Service provider has teamed up with Enfuce, the largest fintech startup in Finland to launch a card payment offering in the former’s all-inclusive mobility app, Whim. This partnership lets MaaS Global issue Mastercard prepaid cards securely and expand its offering to new markets. Notably, MaaS Global revolutionises urban mobility by gathering all public and private transport services in convenient, travelling subscriptions. In partnership with Enfuce, MaaS Global accessed a flexible and fully scalable payment infrastructure solution. Enfuce’s close guidance will let MaaS Global offer Whim customers a reliable, efficient and most of all easy payment experience.

Picture credits: EZ Factory

EZ Factory secures growth boost

EZ Factory, a supplier of mobile apps used in production environments has secured €720k growth boost. With this investment, the company is expected to break even by the end of this year. Notably, the Eindhoven-based tech startup, develops innovative and user-friendly apps to support operational teams in factories. These tools let them work more efficiently and improve the process continuously. They developed EZ-GO, a digital application that facilitates autonomous maintenance, work instructions, inspections, and audits. This makes factories safer and more
efficient, allows operators to suggest improvements, and makes results available in a real time

Main image picture credits: Floryn

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