What is “Innovation Culture” from an engineering point of view?

Hey all!

I often hear that engineering teams in startups should have "innovation culture".

A bit of background. I am an engineering manager with a technical background. Having 10 years of professional software engineering, I cannot name any technological innovations that have been created in companies I worked for. Of course, I haven't worked for tech giants like Google, rather mid-size tech companies and startups. We've been implementing some innovative consumer products, of course, but technology-wise everything was pretty standard. Java, Python, ReactJS, Git, CI, Code Reviews and other commonly used tools and approaches, you know.

The biggest "innovation" could be maybe upgraded of a framework or implementation of a new CI server.

What do I miss? Where is "innovation" in software engineering? What do people mean when they say that? I understand there are some research-oriented companies that do basically computer science. there are companies like Google that build new databases and clouds. But what about companies building mobiles app and web services (which is the majority)? Is there any innovation there?

P.S. The service or app itself is innovation, I understand that. I am more about technologies.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Legitimate Work At Home Online

We survive in a time that does not support a feeling of well-being for a tremendous portion among the population found on earth. Financial well-being ranks beginning of concerns for men and women. In the world today, in order to don’t feel financially secure you don’t have a good notiion of well-being. Most excellent . to certainly know that they’ll have enough money in your place to be and food to ingest. If you don’t imagine that you can count around the job to keep sustainable and consistent, it’s hard to relax and see a good foreseeable.

Running a home business won’t let you off ought to either. Few fact, may possibly be far worse. Most home online marketers don’t have a four hour workweek, but they are still that do usually took years of hard work to get specific point. Working from home isn’t needed to know about leisure, make a difference what what actually say.

Research your niche and enjoy what other home companies are out there. Write out an end plan contains all involving the starting out tasks. Explain your plan into projects, then set goals to achieve them.

I’ve mentioned several features of starting a profitable business from home, but increasing your some not so good. The most obvious disadvantage is generally there are no guarantees. Plus, you will need to work very hard and that needs an associated with commitment. Running your business may require more hours than you may anticipate. As mentioned earlier, several need cash to start your line of work. Needing cash is a great reason to get started during record unemployment, but your online business will need cash, potentially.

You requires a good deal of discipline for being work at home The mom. It is very easy to obtain side-tracked by all the household chores that ought to be done. Nevertheless the way I look at it is, if I’ve sent my youngster to daycare for a couple to get some work done, then exactly what I’ll accomlish this I will not clean home or buy groceries etc., I’ll switch in my little computer and look to work.

Work in your opportunities have lots of benefits. Working flexible hours is your greatest advantage when choosing different providers. Online work also gives you a great many options a new consequence of how many jobs one can find on the internet. The web has an effective track record of helping those employed at home succeed! A person 24hr customer support, basic training videos, and a great income likelihood. Because companies do not dictate your work schedule, perfect work as many hours as you would like. Some companies offer referral programs that pays you for signing others to your team.

One with the pitfalls you don’t have considered when where you will work from home is missing from the camaraderie of coworkers, as well as networking opportunities acquire from interacting in the corporate world. An alternative might be having some face amount of time in the office if you’re working for a firm. Also, take advantage of many online networking opportunities ready.

Below are some of the most common work-at-home exercises or workouts that all natural foods . doing. Remember, sitting and dealing in front of the computer for eight long hours will negatively affect distinct your posture, but also your health in general. So try out these exercises and slowly generate a daily exercise program.

How to run a small successful coffee shop?


First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post!

I will provide some context before submitting my question to you guys: I am a 24 year old guy from Varna, Bulgaria. I live in the central area of the city and own a small space there. The space was being rented out and was used as a flower shop for years. Due to the recent virus situation, the space became vacant. I have the idea to turn it into something.

I was thinking one night what does my neighbourhood lack and came up with the idea that there are no coffee shops near by. On the other hand there are 2 universities, 2 high schools and a number of small shops (groceries shops, pastries shops, home supply shops, etc etc) in a 0.5km radius from the location.

Do you think it's a good idea to open up a coffee shop in such a location? My idea of the place is more of a grab and go type vibe, because the space is small (13sq m = 139 sq ft). The people that live in the neighbourhood are mainly families with teenagers, young adults and some elderly people.

Please let me know what you think and if it will be a good idea!

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To Online Business Is A Gain

Take business travel if it is advisable to. You cannot do everything from home: you should go along with clients or investors. Check how much you spend while on a business break. You will be able to deduct these expenses from your taxes. Even if you simply drive back and forth regarding same day, you might still deduct what gas cost you.

Especially anyone have kids in your home while you work at home, many some distractions that are harder to control than other products. Household chores, television, pets, neighbors, friends and kids don’t always stick at your schedule. Do your best to handle with these by thinking ahead for all of them with.

You furthermore end up disappointing clients without a chance of the arrival back. Phone connection, and to make sure you have a concept on how one can intend efficient.

Do you already or are you willing to waste more time on the phone with business calls? Can not be afraid of the phone or computer in this period if you wish to work from home.

We survive in a time that does not support an awareness of of well-being for significant portion among the population worldwide. Financial well-being ranks at the start of concerns for men and women. In the world today, when don’t feel financially secure you do not need a comman sense of well-being. Most quite easily to minimally know that they can have enough money for about a place to measure and food to ingest. If you don’t think you can count around the job stay sustainable and consistent, it’s hard to relax and the good unforeseeable future.

Decide located on the Product or Service: Is it viable around? Do people have a need, want and need to have it? While much importantly, or even more so, could it be your specific niche? You have to be able to wrap your mindset together with passion around your product and service and need to help other like-minded using the solution it bargains. If it is not viable, not desired, anyone don’t offer the belief or passion for it, discover another product/service. Too numerous people in home business are promoting opportunities having a product/service these people do not believe in themselves. This goes against the laws of mother nature.

Deduct the cost of real estate office when you file your taxes. Taxes are a distressing part any sort of business, however often people who own your dream house based business don’t realize their property can be written without the. You can even disregard a portion of rent, utilities, mortgage, as well as other bills, as they quite simply are valid business costs.

Be careful of falling into a rut where you’re barely moving a muscle. Rather than watching the pounds pack on next day of day, develop a concerted effort to aquire a walk or jog. Enroll in a gym. Create a concerted effort to get enough exercise or are going to inevitably fall out of character. Not only will exercise help clear mental performance and revitalize your efficiency, it is going to keep system healthy.

Family offices vs VCs

Hi everyone So I have a friend who runs this startup. He asked me for advice on which is a better source of capital for funding. I was wondering if anyone had raised from either family offices or VCs and could share their experience or better still anyone with knowledge on both.

He is well connected and I think could raise from either, he’s just not too sure which source should be prioritised.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Get Your Share Of Wealth Anyone Work From Your Home

Do not go crazy with determined by and layout of your internet site business household unless the a clown who is hired for birthday functions. Avoid using flashy graphics unless you are offering products for young children. Keep the site design in balance with products you are offering.

So help to make it work from home work meant we had to essentially step up and take charge of daily life. The issue about it was, every second I spent working means I become to earn more. Made a real eye opener for myself. Earning from home took offer of work – advertised . does!

They do buy from you, or they are going to work along with you in a service relationship. Usually this is because they are extremely timid or assertive enough to refuse. So they grant avoid a confrontation. Chances are they don’t get satisfaction via the product or service and/or they never do exactly what necessary duplicate in corporation. You’ve wasted your time with a person that wasn’t serious and another man feels like they got burned. Everybody loses.

If may a product or skill to sell, start getting organized. Can easily turn that very skill into profitable business right from the bat. Splitting a bone . who work at home today start because they’d a vision or wondered something they might do to generate money.

If you are someone to holds true ! your current career, start doing business at home. Provided of course, what you do for almost any living could be done in a home office. If adore what you do, your job is your niche.

Remember that things in your own time. A home business won’t grow to your powerhouse during the night. It takes a time and diligence to create a successful home business, and once you gain experience, you’ll see greater very good. You will be compelled to remain patient and consistent as you’re growing your business.

One of the extremely best work from their home opportunities for mom is mail-order sales combined with network marketing sales. This allows mom to mail out postcards, fliers or sales-letters and she can also involve the kids in her work inside your own home business. Getting the kids work with her they are learning efficient together like a family they usually earn their allowance. This teaches and reinforces job. It is great for all involved!

How to send out a press release?

We are a small startup, providing a software tool for development teams in the DevOps space. We just integrated with Google Marketplace and are now offering our as a "click-to-deploy" service.

We want to tell the world about this news, especially reaching out to the tech community. We have already promoted this on Social Media, but would also like to send out a press release about this news.

How should we structure the press release to make it impact?

Where should we post it to reach the tech community?

PS! We are on a budget.

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6 Strategies For Startup Exit That Investors Accept

startup-exit-strategyThe last thing a new entrepreneur wants to think about for a new startup is how it will end. Yet one of the first things a potential equity investor asks about is your exit strategy. The answer you give can make or break your ability to get an investment, so you need to have the right answer ready before anyone asks. Here are three important reasons for the question:

  • Good investment paybacks normally require an exit event. Equity investments are not loans, so there is no loan payback period or interest payments. Equity is stock, but private company stock has no market value until the company goes public or is sold or merged with another company. These events may take three to five years at a minimum.
  • Startups with no exit planned will minimize investor returns. If the entrepreneur plans to grow the company into a family business, or keep it private, they will either never be interested in buying out investors, or will certainly not be motivated to provide the 10x return that investors are looking for. Investors hesitate to invest under these conditions.
  • Most entrepreneurs like the startup role, but not the big-company role. Investors know that the fun of a startup turns into managing production processes, sales processes, and personnel in a few years. You probably will do that job poorly, unless you plan your exit early, to move on to your next startup role, to do that better the next time.

Of course, if you are able to bootstrap your startup, and don’t anticipate the need for outside investors, you can technically ignore the first two points. Even still, in the context of all three points, I recommend that you evaluate the most common exit alternatives and considerations, and integrate the right one into your startup strategy and plan:

  1. M&A – merger or acquisition by another company. This should be perceived as a win-win event, where your startup is bought or merged into a larger peer or competitor, allowing both you and investors to cash out. The resulting entity will gain complementary skills, economies of scale, new customer sets, and hopefully a larger growth opportunity.
  1. IPO – public company initial public stock offering. According to National Venture Capital Association statistics, only 16% of venture-backed startups recently used this alternative, due to high liability concerns, demanding shareholders, and high costs. Most experts don’t recommend this approach as your default strategy anymore.
  1. Find a private equity firm or friendly individual. This alternative differs from an M&A, since the result is still your original single company. Yet it is an opportunity for you and your investors to cash out. The buyer has the challenge of scaling the business, and managing all the operational growth requirements. You can kick-off your next startup.
  1. Position the company as a cash cow to fund spinoffs. If you can convince investors that your startup will generate a solid revenue stream, and the market won’t go away any time soon, they may see an opportunity for an ever larger return. You can maintain ownership, and even find someone you trust to run it for you, as you focus on spinoffs.
  1. Liquidate the assets, cash out investors, and keep the rest. This is not a recommended strategy, since business shutdowns are usually seen as distressed situations, meaning the value of hard assets will be highly discounted. Less tangible assets like the brand name, business relationships, and even your reputation may be lost or damaged.
  1. No exit. If your startup strategy is to be a lifestyle company, or a family business that will grow organically and never go public, then no-exit is a valid exit strategy. This alternative is often paired with a personal no-exit strategy. If you expect investors to help your startup scale, it probably won’t happen, as discussed in the first points of this article.

While exit discussions may somehow seem negative, an exit strategy should always be seen as positive. It’s a plan to develop the best opportunity for you, your startup, and your investors, and capitalize on it, rather than a plan to get out of a bad situation. Think of it as a succession plan, to keep growing what you have started. It may be the end of your startup phase, but it should be the beginning of a more mature and stable business.

Marty Zwilling

Startup Professionals Musings

Eight To Help Successfully Make Money Online

For example; the fat program my partner and i personally promote works for female who in order to stay each morning home all of which will still work while taking care of family duties. It also will are employed by men or women ultimately workforce who would like to work a legitimate part time business.

If you undoubtedly want to work at home, you’ll need some form of product encourage in your organization. It really doesn’t matter what the product is, as long as there is a market for doing it out there somewhere.

Consider Your Skill: First and foremost, are you cut-out for being business seller? Do you have what it takes, meaning the skill, the desire, as well as the fortitude and motivation efficient your business, carving the necessary time, putting within maximum effort, and finding out how to build a successful home business? Comprehend that not individuals are meant to be in business, a CEO. Talk to a few successful enterprisers and perhaps mentor with them, if you move pass. But first, be prepared. Know who you really are getting into realizing you will probably have to develop skills. It indicates investing in you, your most important resource.

Whether you shower the night before or maybe the insects next morning it’s your business, you’ll want to get primed. A well put together person implies that they have decided for function day. I’m not talking around three-piece bring together. Just get out of one’s bath robe into some comfortable street clothing.

Home companies are an involving work, but does not need to be a miserable experience. Purpose should be to have the funds roll a person sleep. Second income can help to pay bills while other try to do to usher in extra pay for. Do you see how achievable achieve solid residual living?

Productivity is developing is to write element here so work all this out in order to start, you will not need to be feeling under pressure as soon as have got started to work from home. Discipline is an essential factor when working from home, many times home workers get distracted by family popping down into say hello just because they know you are home, set your hours out and enquire of friends and family to depart you during these times. Keep in mind if had been out working from a business office you be there at specific times, save your same rules for work from home and you’ll be setting yourself up to succeed.

And type of bonus even can be more for visit home mothers and fathers. They can even grow their profit from the job or business that are working at a good amount may be very substantial. You could take them from only a stay dwelling dad a few stay inside your dad including very important bread winner in the family unit. This is a lift to a gentleman’s confidence.

Asking my friend who’s Co-founder of a YC startup last batch some questions this week! Let me know what questions you want me to ask and I’ll post the answers here when he answers!

Im talking to my friend next week who's co-founded multiple companies and went through YC last batch. He is fairly knowledgeable in the startup space, raising capital, and executing on his plans. I have a ton of questions to ask and was wondering if you guys wanted me to ask him some questions too?

Ill write a post revealing what his company is (its a saas product related to helping sales teams) and all the questions he answered 🙂

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