Global Trade Compliance Specialist looking to network with startups

I'll start off by saying I'm not looking for a job, shares, selling you anything, or money. Just looking to help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls from my current/past experiences.

I work for publicly traded apparel brand similar to let's say "Patagonia" as their Global Trade Compliance Specialist. I import goods from 14 countries to multiple distribution centers across the world. I'm specifically good at Post Import Audits, Classifications, and Duty Mitigation.

I majored in International Business and am a guest lecturer at Colorado University Leeds Business School, Masters of Supply Chain program. I am sitting for the next US Customs Broker exam and started multiple (failed) startups including a Cannabis e-commerce platform, hydration sensor on Kickstarter, real estate database, automotive magazine, and multiple media companies. I also am plugged into an incubator cohort trying to help in the same capacity as I'm offering here.

Whether you have an incomplete idea or made it to series C funding i'd love to chat. I'm looking to expand my network as I feel I have a niche area of expertise and hope I can save you major headache/fines/audits/confiscations involved with imports and exports.

Shoot me a DM if you're interested

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Retailers might abandon the term “Black Friday”

The .blackfriday extension has always been a head scratcher for some domain investors. An extension for one day that many think they know the history behind, actually it’s a myth. The real history comes from where I live, Philadelphia. The true story behind Black Friday, however, is not as sunny as retailers might have you […]

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Retailers might abandon the term “Black Friday”

 The Domains: The .blackfriday extension has always been a head scratcher for some domain investors. An extension for one day that many think they know the history behind, actually it’s a myth. The real history comes from where I live, Philadelphia. The true story behind Black Friday, however, is not as sunny as retailers might have you [&#8…

What It’s Like Function From Home And Then Have Pay A Visit To Back

It is usually recommended that all of business contracts are together in some location, despite the fact that to prevent them organized. Guaranteed you keep all your utility contracts in this handy spot as well. That way, if put on weight ever an issue, place lay both your hands on the paperwork simply.

Next, you should see how deep your pockets become. After all, you will though not always be rrn a position to earn straight from day the. Once you work from home, you be obliged to invest a little. Depending on the form of work can do, this may require some initial capital from your side. In addition, it is advisable to be capable to sustain yourself and yes, there maybe be some financial losses, but positively thinking, you need to take these loses as being a gain of knowledge of what not to perform the next round. There are many people in the world waiting to dupe your. Thankfully, such people are lessening and people who actually need to help are coming information about. Hence you need to contain the backup to oblige yourself till your work from home job is qualified to establish once more.

Be careful of falling into a rut where you’re barely moving a muscle. Rather than watching the pounds pack on day after day, make a concerted effort to acquire a walk or jog. Enroll in a gym. Develop a concerted effort to get enough exercise or you’ll have an inevitably fall out of contours. Not only will exercise help clear head and boost up efficiency, it is going to keep your body healthy.

Understand that can’t exercise all, and work to barefoot jogging. You will not be willing to complete every task approach you would like, as a result that happen to be times you will need outside help from services to products. However, that does not that your home business loses its personality and electrical power.

We’ve learned that when target is to give people information about what you do and educate them on why 1 does it, exactly what happens: They learn something they didn’t know before (which is always good). These people at ease because they don’t feel like they’re being manipulated. Associated with develop a romantic relationship with you, which could be good, whether are business partners or n’t.

Some people also have luck with work at home job paid suggests such as Home Job Stop. You aren’t paying for job there, you’re cash on listings which can help you to find a do the job.

It looks like there is workplace drama, no matter where you choose to work. Aren’t you tired of that particular? Of course you remain. It’s time for you to get out and do business from home – launched just you, you won’t have to care about that workplace drama.

Development Studio Equity Share Dilemma

Hi Everyone,

I'm in talks with a few agencies to build out a shopify application. One of the agencies really believes in my product and have offered to lower my development costs in exchange for equity. Was wondering if this could cause issues down the road if I wanted to raise capital. Was hoping to find some advice here from others who have experienced something similar.


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Sequoia Capital has internal crash courses for its founders — here’s how they work

No matter what you think of Sequoia Capital, the firm doesn’t rest on its laurels. Though it’s now managing ungodly amounts of money and has for decades been considered among the top venture firms in the world, it routinely finds new ways to stay relevant and to ensure that it gets a first look at the most promising founders.

It was the first firm to employ scouts, for example. Recently, to create more room between itself and its ever-growing number of competitors, the firm has also begun fine-tuning a curriculum for the founders of both the pre-seed and seed-stage startups it has funded, as well as its Series A and B-stage founders.

According to Roelof Botha — the U.S. head of the venture firm since 2017 — and Jess Lee, a partner at Sequoia for nearly four years, the idea is to arm the individuals it backs with Sequoia’s vast “tribal knowledge” so they can not only compete with their rivals but, hopefully, outperform them. “We were already delivering this on an on-demand basis,” says Botha, “so we figured why not [institutionalize it]?”

How do they work? Much as you might imagine. The pre-seed and seed-stage program is shorter but more intensive than the later-stage program. Think three weeks of between three to six hours of programming a day, versus up to 10 weeks of more occasional programming for founders whose companies are more mature and who maybe can’t drop in for quite as much hands-on education.

The content differs meaningfully, too. The seed-stage modules are about creating a foundation that won’t crumble under pressure, whereas the later-stage sessions center more around metrics, building out a sales organization, and other aspects of more mature company building.

Both programs are entirely opt-in, and so far, over the last three years, 80 founders have participated, with another 20 engaged in a seed-stage program that kicked off virtually this week. Both are highly interactive and involve enough workshopping that founders are “walking out with deliverables,” says Lee. “Everyone does show-and-tell demos. You see sausage-making that you wouldn’t typically get to see.”

Lee happens to lead programming around storytelling with Sequoia’s in-house design partner, James Buckhouse. (They presented one small part of that module at our recent Extra Crunch event, which you can watch below.) But many of the firm’s partners are involved in the program.

Longtime partner Alfred Lin, who was formerly the COO and chairman of Zappos, teaches a module on culture, for example. Partner Bryan Schreier, long ago a senior director at Google, talks with founders about category creation and how to sell their products. Carl Eschenbach, the former president and COO of VMware (who, notably, persuaded Sequoia to invest nearly $ 100 million in Zoom in early 2017), separately coaches founders on their go-to-market strategies.

As a result, founders are exposed to many of the firm’s partners beyond the one who may have a seat on their board. They’re also exposed to founders like Julia Hartz and Tony Xu who’ve been backed by Sequoia over time and who drop in to help mentor their peers. Combined, the two prongs go a long way toward fostering community, says Lee.

In fact, “Community is really the core element” of the programs, she says, adding that each “cohort really bonds with each other.”

Of course, the programming — first launched in 2018 — was happening in-person until earlier this year. Now and for the foreseeable future, it will be happening online, suggests Botha, who says he “emcees the entire Series A-stage program,” while Lee plays master of ceremonies to its earlier-stage founders.

They insist that transition to a virtual setting isn’t slowing anyone down and that on the contrary, it has enabled the growing number of Sequoia-backed founders elsewhere in the world to participate. (According to Lee, some actually used to fly in to join these sessions.)

In fact, a bigger change that Botha can foresee right now is layering in more education around “how to deal with a culture with a remote workforce.”

As he says, in a future where people may be working in smaller hubs, taking turns at the office, or working remotely entirely, “it will be interesting to see what it means for young founders who are first-time managers and who have to manage a distributed team.”

It will most certainly be “more taxing on [their] people skills,” he notes.

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A question for CEOs and Founders


If you wouldn't mind, could you please tell me what are the most necessary and important KPIs (profit and loss, expenses, margin, growth rate, sales etc) of your companies you want to monitor and control?

I'm asking because I'm working on a KPI Tracker that helps founders and CEOs control all of their companies through one dashboard. And if it includes only the most necessary KPIs, the development of the product will be much faster.

I would be very grateful for your reply 🙂

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Facebook’s former PR chief explains why no one is paying attention to your startup

At TechCrunch Early Stage, I spoke with Coatue Management GP Caryn Marooney about startup branding and how founders can get people to pay attention to what they’re building.

Marooney recently made the jump into venture capital; previously she was co-founder and CEO of The Outcast Agency, one of Silicon Valley’s best-regarded public relations firms, which she left to become VP of Global Communications at Facebook, where she led comms for eight years.

While founders often may think of PR as a way to get messaging across to reporters, Marooney says that making someone care about what you’re working on — whether that’s customers, investors or journalists — requires many of the same skills.

One of the biggest insights she shared: at a base level, no one really cares about what you have to say.

Describing something as newsworthy or a great value isn’t the same as demonstrating it, and while big companies like Amazon can get people to pay attention to anything they say, smaller startups have to be even more strategic with their messaging, Marooney says. “People just fundamentally aren’t walking around caring about this new startup — actually, nobody does.”

Getting someone to care first depends on proving your relevance. When founders are forming their messaging to address this, they should ask themselves three questions about their strategy, she recommends:

  • Why should anyone care?
  • Is there a purchase order existing for this?
  • Who loses if you win?

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Change Living For Far Better With Home Based Businesses

This company hires their job from home workers as independent technicians. The applicants are supposed to pay a criminal background checks fee of additional. The company has openings for licensed insurance agents to perform variety of tasks like: bilingual customer service, outbound sales and financial support. For the agents to work for specific clients, they have to be certified.

Still, despite all these drawbacks, can be very rewarding regarding a work from home mom. In adition to the flexibility working out of your home usually offers, the cause most moms do this kind of work is actually simply in order to become around with regards to the kids. You are the one who gets to see your baby take 1st step; you’re one who’s there when your daughter breaks her arm on the playground; you’re able to make ballet recitals, school plays, and class field voyages.

The first reason why work at home job is a better idea are exclusively for mothers and fathers or people who own pets that require an involving care. Should are a stay in your parent in addition as your kids close to school your day, should work during the day but they are at school, anyone have the flexibleness to drop your work and are apt to your children whenever crucial to. This works dress yourself in with pets as well that require a lot of care.

Pushups is attainable anywhere inside. As long as being the flooring great and clean, you’re all set. For starters, do two repetitions of 20 pushups. Gradually increase along the way along from day-to-day.

When creating a business from home, usually important become part from the network of the peers. You’ll be able to need start off a network and actively seek others to go in with. Your peers mightn’t be regarding same business but ladies have a common desire and drive to perform a profitable home business.

Carpe diem much? No, of course not, none of us do. However, despite the impracticality of living each day as whether or not it’s your last, you can’t always live like it’s your first. We all have a business idea that we’re confident could work if we simply had the chance. Well, if you’re breathing after that you do get the chance, so seize this task. The only thing worse than failing is not trying.

In a normal job, should boss anyone their private home phone number, you might have no reason to fully investigate that phone #. What if your boss is Mister. Barney Rubble, and you decided to you possibly can . reverse-phone searching, and discovered his quantity seems to belong with a Mr. Billy Mountain, 3 remedies state.

Tips for navigating fatigue and lack of motivation?

Running a startup on my own currently and feeling positive about the future. We have our first ~10 paying customers and doing well that way but I’ve had an awful week of productivity and motivation has been low to sit at the desk for 9+ hours per day. What do you do when you’re hitting a wall like this? I’ve exercised a bunch too. Trying to fix my sleep patterns currently…

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