All my startups ended up nowhere

So I’m somewhat of a lifetime hustler, 29 living in London.

Started my first business/startup with my gf’s mom (yh I know) in 2014 and it was an ever running sme doing 350-450k a year with small profits. It became more of a bills and wage paying job where you only need to work an hour or so a day and get an average annual income. So not much to complain but nothing exciting either.

Before and throughout this venture I was mostly stuck with partners in import/export, distribution/wholesale side of things, so I always was pulled by them to one or the other side to what products or services to work on, how to do things etc and that never turned out into a bigger success.

I realised that in the meantime and decided I need to go out with someone else and create products or services that are truly unique and useful and not to represent other companies or products anymore.

So I had an idea that I launched 2-3 years ago, the only truly of it’s kind by myself. Went full on, it was a customer focused experience/adventure kind of startup, only one in the country. Slow start, but then we picked up doing around 30k/month and hired 3-4 staff around me. I worked probably 20 hours a day for as long as I remember no weekends nothing. 2018 Christmas time we became sold out for next 6 months into 2019. Had a plan to hire more and expand but had a few local bureaucratic issues to come around, and those turned nasty and dirty and I was kicked out and had to file for a bankruptcy.

I was tired, probably could of pulled the business to another location, but that would of meant starting small and from scratch again and probably never recovering levels of demand we’ve been enjoying from the start.

So I’ve spend most of 2019 doing nothing – xbox, tv, chilling at home. Helped my dad build a shed and that sort of thing. Also my first venture (that with my gf mom) is still running so I’m glad I didn’t go fully broke and had a job/income on the side.

This brings us to now – nothing changed I still don’t do much. My life is like self isolation or quarantine for the last 2 years. I still brainstorms ideas and I guess some decent ones, but either I don’t have skills to take it to the world, or I always find a flaw in it before doing anything about it. Most of my friends are like that too, slow, not interested, no energy, seeing all the disadvantages rather than advantages.

Thinking of changing a place to live, that means end to that little venture on side and that I will need to find a job. Now this is the best of it WTF am I capable of providing to labour market? I’ve applied a few places got all negative responses, but the more jobs I browse around the more I realise – no one is hiring guys with random here and there experiences, they need actual skills and then experience on top. No one needs a I did big things in the past kind of a guy. Nor I think it looks good on my CV that all my former places I was a founder at.

That brings me back to the idea of launching new ventures, but no idea looks good enough anymore and I’m not even sure I have enough skills to bring them to life now.

Anyone else went through something similar? Do you ever feel stuck going in circles on what idea to choose to work on and then try to perfect in your mind and that just destroys it?

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