I want to start selling software online (SaaS) but I have some questions and I think you guys can help me

So I have no experience in business or ecommerce but I am a preatty good programer and I can develop preatty good software.

Here are the questions:

1.Can I use shopify or woocommerce for my SaaS?Or those platforms are good for selling physical not software?

2.Should I charge only one time for the software or charge every month?

  1. Is the SaaS industry oversaturated?

  2. Is there any good course I can take to learn more about SaaS?Or is it better to learn just by doing?

  3. Also related to question number 4 are there some good websites/youtube channels/twitter accounts/articles you guys whould recommend to someone new to selling software?

Thanks for helping and if there are people who have experience in selling software and want and can help me more please let me know.Have a nice day and stay safe.

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