Don’t know if I’m learning or being taken advantage of (First Internship)

About the title: Obviously I am willing to give back to the company if I am learning about professional skills; however, I feel that I am learning little but doing a lot of dirty work (or work that other people don't want to do).

It's my first internship and I'm a rising sophomore in college. I was originally happy about even landing one in this time of age (the internship is unpaid). However, there was a red flag on my first day. We were supposed to have a team meeting at 5pm, I waited and it never started so I texted my boss (btw text is our main tool of communication). S/he said "We're running a bit late but hang in!" We ended up starting the meeting 3 hours later. This has happened at least every other week with meetings (We have about 2-3 a week). It's been frustrating to sit around, not knowing exactly when we start and end up wasting a few hours. They also do not send out notifications for meetings for certain meetings, but talk about meeting attendance being "unacceptably low". (They're usually recorded and I've heard my name being brought up because I didn't show up when this meeting was never mentioned).

I'm part of the social media team, and the communication among the team is horrible. I will be assigned a task, complete it days before it will be uploaded, then have it rejected because the board decided on something else an hour or two before it should be posted. I will also be assigned a task that requires information from the CEO (like a list, etc.) and not receive it for weeks. Even if I ask him, he says he'll get to it soon and just leave me hanging for who knows how long. Yet at team meetings, he'll call me out for not completing the task and putting the full blame on me.

This is just a speculation, but it seems that no one in the company is paid (not sure about the CEO). The content editor and brand director who work almost full time for this company are for sure not paid (they told me they work a few other side jobs). It makes me question where the money is going. I'm also curious why people are still willing to work for this company when there seems to be little incentive?

I know startups and even most companies aren't structured perfectly. However, I feel that this company is too unorganized. Does anyone have any advice on how to pull through till this ends? I'm passionate about social media marketing but I feel that I'm just not learning. Or is this what I should have expected?

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