Retail Expansion for CPG Coffee

My company Quokka Brew — RTD Cold Brew Coffee (Cold Brew + Oatmilk + Blend of Amino acids & nootropics) just got stocked in our first fast-casual dining chain, starting in 22 locations.

For us this is exciting, but logistically difficult, the locations are fairly spread out across Southern CA, meaning this will require partnering with a few different distributors or just sucking it up and trudging through with DSD (which they allow). For people who have done similar things with their companies do you recommend just biting the bullet and making DSD work or partnering with a distributor?

Additionally, now that we got into our first chain, what comes to my mind for me is how do we get our 2nd, our 3rd, our 4th, and so on. Does anyone recommend anyway that we could find these people easier and fast track our growth, we have found very limited success on RangeMe?

Another thought we had, was running geographically targeted FB ads around the communities of where we are stocked in. Thoughts?


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