Hottest AI companies from Amsterdam to keep an eye on in 2020

From AI connected cows to detecting car damage, a growing number of companies are deploying Artificial Intelligence in one way or another. Considering the pace of adoption, it won’t be long until most companies and businesses would require some kind of AI to enhance their services. Companies creating these AI software solutions have also observed rapid growth this decade. 

Here are some of the hottest AI companies from Amsterdam that have made a name for themselves and you should definitely know about. 

Castor EDC

Founder/s: Derk Arts

Founded year: 2011

Funding: €6.4M

There were no easy to use and/or affordable data capture tools available for researchers before castor EDC. The company’s founder Derk Arts realised this and came up with his own solution Castor, which is a cloud-based data platform aimed at accelerating medical device, biotech, pharma, and academic research. The company is currently enabling 40,000 researchers across 90 countries accelerate their research and has also joined the global fight against the Coronavirus by offering its EDC system for free for all COVID-19 research projects.

Image credits: Roger Cremers


Founder/s: Peter-Paul de Leeuw, Thomas Dieste and Timo Behrens

Founded year: 2017

Funding: NA

Audio processing and analysis is an area where AI is used quite a bit. Amberscript is a startup that created a specialised AI-enabled speech-to-text engine. Its SaaS software enables users to automatically transcribe audio and video into text using speech recognition. The company deploys its AI algorithms and its own web text editor for enhanced accuracy. This service helps users avoid the costs and pain of manually transcribing their interviews, meetings, or other audio. The company has achieved market-fit and is currently scaling rapidly. 

Amsterdam-based fintech startup Dyme lands €600k from Peak Capital IV’s new fund


Founder/s: Joran Iedema, David Knap, Wouter Florijn and Matthijs Otterloo

Founded year: 2018

Funding: €710,000

Dyme is a Personal Finance Management app that enables its users to stay on top of their finances. The app synchronises their bank accounts and shows on what you spent your money. Additionally, it analyses spending habits and gives suggestions to help save money. It uses AI to detect where additional spending occurs and helps with renegotiating current contracts. The company is now in its early-growth stage.

Dutch medical imaging startup that uses AI to detect lung cancer secures €10M funding


Founder/s: Jeroen van Duffelen and Mark-Jan Harte

Founded year: 2015

Funding: €12.3M

Founded back in 2015, Aidence is a medtech startup that applies Artificial Intelligence algorithms to the field of medical imaging for early-stage lung cancer detection. The startup developed a solution called Veye Chest, which assists radiologists in diagnosing and tracking developments at the pulmonary nodule level to improve reporting in the treatment of lung cancer. The company secured €10 million in funding last year and is focussed on increasing its install base across Europe and gaining FDA approval to enter the US market.


Founder/s: Camiel Kraan and Kevin Westermeijer

Founded year: 2017

Funding: €3.6M

Convious is an AI startup that was founded in 2016. Leveraging its expertise in data-driven customised e-commerce solutions, the company opened its R&D centre in Lithuania, back in 2018. The inventive startup employs Artificial Intelligence to deliver a more customised and personalised online booking and buying experience. Its major pillars include data-driven automation and hyper-personalisation. With the use of AI for dynamic pricing, the company eliminates reliance on affiliates and intermediaries. 


Founder/s: Bas van Ooyen, Richard Kraaijenhagen, Sjoerd Leemhuis

Founded year: 2017

Funding: €3.3M

The ambitious Amsterdam-based fintech startup Owlin is backed by Rockstart, a Netherlands-based accelerator. The tech company is developing cutting-edge, real-time data analysis for the financial sector, providing real-time news analysis to a state-of-the-art AI-based platform. Owlin has built an impressive list of international clientele including Adyen, ING, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, and Fitch Ratings. In 2019, the company raised €3.1 million for accelerating its international growth, especially in the US and the UK.

This Amsterdam AI-startup has just secured €1.5M investment to help companies embed AI 

Founder/s: Saeed Younesi

Founded year: 2016

Funding: €1.5M is an AI startup that aims to provide next-gen commerce solutions that move away from rule-based implementations for product and content personalization. Instead, the company’s solutions rely on self-learning AI powered system that works in real-time and on an individual visitor level across all channels. is currently hiring and expanding its team, along with teaming up and connecting with leading existing commerce and marketing partners.

Crobox team


Founder/s: Leonard Wolters, Sjoerd Mulder, Wouter Donkers

Founded year: 2014

Funding: €1.1M

Turning data into actionable insights, the startup Crobox offers Customer and Product Intelligence in the e-commerce space. The company combines consumer psychology with AI to drive online performance and purchase intent on leading eCommerce webshops. Crobox dives deep into the shoppers’ psychology using over 200 psychological triggers. Their automated software combines consumer psychology with machine learning to influence website visitors and persuade them to spend some cash. 

Founder/s: Indra den Bakker, Anniek Schouten, Roelof Pieters

Founded year: 2018

Funding: €180k leverages the latest advancements in AI, satellite imagery, and computing power to help electric utilities, forest industry and insurance improve decision making with timely and accurate insights into natural resources. The company operates with the mission to help protect forests. Forest’s insights help NGOs, corporates, and governments combat deforestation and enable them to better their process of efficient and sustainable forest management.

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