This Belgian MaaS startup secures €7M funding to fuel expansion into European markets

Brussels-based Skipr is a MaaS startup, which enables companies to provide their employees with the future of mobility. It provides smart mobility services by combining public transport with both local and international mobility services. In a recent move, this mobility startup has secured €7 million Series A funding, which is a big one for the MaaS or micro-mobility industry in Europe.

Skipr secures investment to scale up expansion

The investment raised by Skipr is led by Belgian bank Belfius alongside existing investor Lab Box, which is a startup studio of automobile distributor D’Ieteren. The micro-mobility startup is all set to use this investment to develop its B2B MaaS offering in Belgium and scaleup the expansion into other European markets. Initially, it will expand into France and the other markets will follow suit. The portfolio of Skipr will be expanded and additional investments will enable continuous improvement of user experience.

“We have the right product at the right time”, said Mathieu de Lophem, co-founder and CEO of Skipr. “Whilst B2C MaaS players are often still looking for a business model, our B2B solution has been generating revenue from day one and perfectly fits the current changing legal frameworks in Europe. Mobility as a Service has become an indispensable part of the road to sustainable mobility. With Skipr, we offer an optimal solution and empower corporations and employees to create their own mobility mix, based on their ever-changing needs. This funding allows us to take the next big step and become a MaaS player to be reckoned with on an international scale.”

What does Skipr do?

Founded by Mathieu de Lophem in 2018, Skipr helps companies change their vision towards mobility by providing them and their employees’ digital access to the complete mobility spectrum in a bid to simplify their daily trips. The micro-mobility solution offered by the Belgian startup comprises of three key services such as an app, a web dashboard, and a payment card. With this solution, they can create a one-stop-shop to plan, book, manage, and pay professional mobility.

What’s interesting is that Skipr’s solution can be used to access micro-mobility service providers including Dott, Bird, Uber, and all local public transport services. Its in-house inter-modal routing algorithm provides clients with a door-to-door mobility experience. Notably, Skipr is the only MaaS player to integrate completely with Bird. It blends the various modes of transport, weather, and other factors.

Major role during COVID-19 crisis

Currently, the company policies and mobility legislation are changing due to the high demand for flexibility and diversity in the mobility industry. These changes are meant to alleviate the stress on road networks. Eventually, companies across the world are rethinking their travel habits, thereby paving the way for new solutions. During the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for the micro-mobility services has increased and Skipr has the right solution that lets users adapt smart mobility.

Main image picture credits: Skipr

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