How to market a low-cost sturdy software to enterprise


working in enterprise software over 20 years, I was always trying to find ways of doing things that were as low-cost as possible, and also as study as possible.

The low-cost part is obvious for me: if things are cheaper, I can go further on my mission with the budget I am given, and a lot of enterprise software is priced outrageously while not bringing anything distinctive. Actually, outrageously high cost is often a smell for other problems: such as overly complicated stuff that will lack robustness…

The sturdy part is slightly less obvious, but as I had to run software for a long time with a limited IT talent pool, going for tried and tested mainstream technology, instead of newer shinier stuff makes a lot of sense too. Shiny stuff very often ends badly.

Now, on my current project/start-up, I actually built a tool that is low-cost (open-source…) and, I believe, sturdy, but I find selling those two points quite hard (maybe there are other factors also such as me being a 'small guy' compared to well-established products…), but, still, I am surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for those two points inside the decision making circles.

I am quite atypical in the enterprise software scene, as I had the chance to work partly in the management layers where decisions are made, and still keep some operational knowledge and task, so maybe my taste for low-cost sturdy stuff is not that common.

I would be interested in any insight on the way to sell / educate on those points. I would love to hear your opinion.

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