How to switch role at a Startup from hands to leadership (strategy, vision)


While ago was promoted to leadership position, if we can call it like this.

Personally, find it somewhat hard to switch from hands on to strategy, vision role. There are always tasks, issues popping up that need my technical guidance, skills. Some are "ghosts from the past" , when I did something well, and now it comes back again with new, more work.

I try to delegate as much as I can, but sometimes it is hard due to lack of skills, knowledge, experience, other work, maybe even motivation in my team.

Is it even possible in a Startup (200 employees) to do only vision, strategy? Or we all have to be all hands on deck, doing things that needs to be done.

How does agile methodology sees it? How should one work in the agile organization I that aspect? Strive for? I also worked in Corporation, there it seemed like it was very structured, also mindset was different. People would not challenge things that much, do their thing etc. It was clear who does what, management, leadership leads, manages, employees do the work, tasks.


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