Feels like I’m managing my co-founder. (Q: What ways do you effectively communicate your vision, and motivate your team?)

I'm starting a digital film distribution company with a friend-turned-business-partner. We're in our early-20s, we met in Business school. And this is our first venture.

I'm running into a common issue: co-founder not putting in as much time/effort as is needed.

Longer version: One a recent project, we had 2 weeks to complete our work. I took on the larger job of crafting branded video templates and forming the key relationships needed for the video campaigns. Her job was to create our new landing page. In two weeks time, I had almost a dozen highly-produced template options to show, but she had only mocked up a blank, generic Squarespace website template.

I've been he lead in crafting our strategic plan, so I take responsibility for about 90% of why her work was so underwhelming. I don't think I clearly communicated what I was expecting from her. So the 1st question to y'all: How have you been able to clearly communicate your vision to your team?

The other question is: Should it feel like I'm having to "manage" my co-founder? (I guess I thought she was supposed to be more of a co-leader with me, not a follower of my instruction.)

Context: We both work full-time jobs right now (me: mid-level Data Analyst, her: entry-level Marketing Specialist). She's been quite stressed with her job, and life lately. And while I'm able to pick up some of her slack, there is absolutely a lot of strategies she's not employing (in terms of time management, goal-setting, discipline, general self-improvement things.) If this were an employee-employer relationship, I'd know what to do: Tell her to get it together. But as co-founders, aren't we supposed to be building together, not one having to train and manage the other?

Open to advice or thoughts!

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