How got its domain name

The company made a unique trade to get the domain it wanted.

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This week on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis, Ritual founder Katerina Schneider explained how her company got the domain name

Schneider explained the importance of having a great domain name. When it comes to vitamins, trust is key. And owning a great domain like gives instant credibility to her company.

Right off the bat, she knew she wanted her company to be known as Ritual, not Ritual Vitamins.

So she contacted the owner of He wasn’t willing to sell for a price she was willing to pay. But in talking to him, she found out that the owner really wanted for his business and couldn’t get it. So Schneider worked out a deal where she acquired for some cash and equity, and then traded this to the owner.

It’s a fascinating story. See the clip below and the full episode here.

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