#Domainers working from home, are you missing the office?

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[Tyto Care in PR Newswire] Tyto Care Telehealth Solution Deployed Globally as Key COVID-19 Response

Tyto Care’s telehealth solution has become a key prevention and diagnosis tool for health organizations and hospitals, enabling the safe treatment of COVID-19 during the global pandemic

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These European startups will keep you inside this Easter

Easter is around the corner but it looks different this year. Social distancing is the new normal due to COVID-19 and has called off church services, brunches, family get-togethers, and other activities related to the festival. Adding to this, there are travel restrictions, lockdown, and uncertainty due to the virus outbreak. Eventually, it is not going to be a typical Easter that involves family and friends and Easter eggs but don’t lose hope, as there are other ways to still enjoy a good time during the weekend.

Of course, you can’t meet family and friends in person but there are several interesting ways you can enjoy this Easter with a hint of technology. There are a handful of European startups that can help you celebrate Easter without stepping out of your home. Wondering what these are? Well, check out how you can stay safe from COVID-19 and celebrate Easter without bringing your spirits down.

Picture crediits: Huddly

Enjoy family get-togethers with Huddly

Easter and get-togethers are synonymous and you get to meet your loved ones on the special occasion. Though not in person, you can take the help of video calling to meet them virtually irrespectively of where they are. With the Huddly smart camera from the Norwegian startup, you can enjoy a get-together with your family and relish a sumptuous dinner.

Huddly IQ is an AI-powered video camera that is touted to deliver a video experience like no other camera with an embedded 5-element microphone array, 150-degree wide-angle video, and groundbreaking AI capabilities. This smart video camera comes with a 12MP CMOS sensor with up to 1080p FHD video recording support, Genius Framing tech, 4x digital zoom, and low latency video processing among others.

Picture credits: ChallengerMode

Get involved in family online gaming with ChallengerMode

Well, if you are interested in something like family online gaming, then you can try ChallengerMode, which is a Swedish tech startup. It is an online competitive gaming platform with Zlatan Ibrahimović, one of the biggest names in world football being an investor. ChallengerMode is an esports platform that lets gamers meet to compete in high-quality matches and tournaments to win money and prizes.

Founded in 2014, this esports platform merges technical and business expertise of world-class talent to enable a full potential of competitive gaming experience online. ChallengerMode wants to revolutionise the digital gaming arena with the platform. Its mission is to make esports accessible for non-professional gamers and regular people. And, it believes that esports will become the world’s biggest sport in the future.

Picture credits: Chefclub

How about swishing a laddle with Chefclub?

This Easter is the perfect time to refine your culinary skills as you stay at home during the lockdown. The French video-first food startup brings everyone together in the kitchen with the creation of fun, approachable, and inspirational content, products, and services. Chefclub has leveraged the social media platforms to introduce and strengthen the brand and transforming viewers into shoppers.

Chefclub focuses on the point where and entertainment merge unlike conventional websites and brands in the industry. The video-first food brand has achieved 75 million followers as of the end of 2019 across social media platforms and generates a billion video views each month. Having said that, you can be one of the viewers and enjoy watching their videos that will give you new ideas. For your convenience, Chefclub is active across platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram.

Picture credits: Thuisbezorgd

Thuisbezorgd: Delicacies delivered at your doorstep

If Deliveroo or Uber Eats is not having your favourite restaurant in their list, and you live in the Netherlands, try is Thuisbezorgd.nl. While the food and beverage outlets across the country have been ordered to be closed, Thuisbezorgd.nl, which is a part of Takeaway.com has taken measures to ensure that they deliver food to their customers with contactless delivery. The orders will be left at the doorsteps for you to pick up, thereby making it safe for you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Picture credits: Farfetch

With Farfetch, shopaholics can still rejoice

London-based Farfetch founded in 2007 by José Neves, and it is a luxury designer brands’ e-commerce store. The platform touts over 1,200 best brands, department stores, and boutiques.

So, this Easter, you can pamper yourself with a Gucci or Prada from Farfetch. Of course, it is good news that you can shop during the quarantine in some countries. Also, it is safe as Farfetch claims that it will follow the official advice from WHO and take out measures such as contactless delivery as you need not sign for the package.

Above mentioned activities are some that you can do this Easter as you stay safe at home. But there could be other fun activities and startups that help you in the same. If you know one such interesting info, do drop us an email at editors@siliconcanals.com.

Stock photo from Mark Brandon/Shutterstock

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[OurCrowd in Globes] הדילמה של הסטארט-אפים: קיצוצי שכר, פיטורים או גם וגם

עידן לא לבד, אלפי עובדי הייטק קיבלו הודעות דומות בשבועיים האחרונים. וגם הם כמובן לא לבד – לשכות התעסוקה מתמלאות באנשים ושיעור האבטלה מזנק, וגם בחברות ההייטק נערכים להתמודדות עם המשבר ואי הוודאות, כשחלקן בחר להתמודד עם המצב – לפחות נכון לעכשיו – באמצעות קיצוצי שכר

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With €5M funding, this Berlin proptech startup wants to reduce CO2 emissions from buildings

Berlin-based ecoworks is a pioneer in the proptech industry that modernises the building envelope by renewing the facade, windows, roof, and insulating the basement ceiling. It providers net zero modernisation of apartment buildings. Net Zero modernisations rely on industrial prefabrication, modular construction and highly efficient energy systems to renovate apartment buildings.

Founded by Emanuel Heisenberg, Kristofer Fichtner and Michael Vahrenkam in 2019, ecoworks doesn’t take a lot of time to modernise multi-family houses. The proptech startup takes just a few weeks to modernise apartment buildings with up to four floors. It operates with the mission to reduce the total energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. What’s more interesting is that the buildings are modernised in a climate-neutral way.

Secures €5 million funding

The Berlin-based proptech startup has now secured €5 million euros of growth capital in a seed financing round from Surplus Invest, a VC fund specialising in the proptech industry, PropTech1 Ventures, the first European VC fund focusing on the potential of the real estate industry that remains untapped, and wi venture, a VC fund for sustainable investments.

The investment round also includeds participation from a consortium of renowned business angels including Klaus Freiberg, the former COO of Vonovia, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, the founders of SoundCloud, Christian Vollmann, the founder of nebenan.de, Nicholas Neerpasch, the founder of Doozer, and Torben Schreiter, the co-founder of Signavio.

Commenting on the investment, Kristofer Fichtner, co-founder of ecoworks, said, “We are pleased that we have not only gained well-known investors, but also a wide range of different types of expertise. The collected capital will enable us to digitally integrate additional processes in our value chain in order to further increase our scalability and to achieve our central corporate goal of saving megatons of CO2.”

What does ecoworks do?

The startup uses only factory-produced facade and roof elements and pre-assembled building tech that reduce the amount of work required in completing a project by a whopping 80%. With its processes, ecoworks converts an inefficient building into a decentralised and small power plant by installing photovoltaic systems, thermal reservoirs, and heat pumps. These modern buildings will generate more energy than that is needed by occupants to consume hot water, heating, and electricity. The surplus green energy is fed into the public power grid.

Main image picture credits: ecoworks

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[BriefCam in Security Sales and Integration] BriefCam adds facial biometrics to mobile app, LPR and people counting to video analytics platform

BriefCam has upgraded its product portfolio with biometric facial recognition introduced to its mobile app, and new video analytics capabilities such as license plate recognition, people counting, and further video surveillance deployment models to boost performance, accuracy and product usability, the company announced.

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