You might know about, but did you know just raised $66M? There has been a lot of buzz here in the US about a new email service, started by Jason Fried and the team behind Basecamp. I’m a big fan of, it’s a whole new way of looking at email and I was able to snag ml(at) which I’m also pretty happy about. What […]

Qualified raises $12M make websites smarter about sales and marketing

Qualified, a startup co-founded by former Salesforce executives Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley, has raised $ 12 million in Series A funding.

Swensrud (Qualified’s CEO) said the startup is meant to solve a problem that he faced back when he was CMO at Salesforce. Apparently he’d complaining about being “blind,” because he knew so little about who was visiting the Salesforce website.

“There could be 10 or 100 or 100,000 people on my website right now, and I don’t know who they are, I don’t know what they’re interested in, my sales team has no idea that they’re even there,” he said.

Apparently, this is a big problem in business-to-business sales, where waiting five minutes after a lead leaves your website can result in a 10x decrease in the odds of making contact. But the solution currently adopted by many websites is just a chatbot that treats every visitor similarly.

Qualified, meanwhile, connects real-time website visitor information with a company’s Salesforce customer database. That means it can identify visitors from high-value accounts and route them to the correct salesperson while they’re still on the website, turning into a full-on sales meeting that can also include a phone call and screensharing.

Qualified screenshot

Image Credits: Qualified

Of course, the amount of data Qualified has access to will differ from visitor to visitor. Some visitors may be purely incognito, while in other cases, the platform might simply know your city or what company you work for. In still others (say if you click on a link from marketing email), it can identify you individually.

That’s something I experienced myself, when I decided to take a look at the Qualified website this morning and was quickly greeted with a message that read, “👋 Welcome TechCrunch! We’re excited about our funding announcement…” It was a little creepy, but also much more effective than my visits to other marketing technology websites, where someone usually sends me a generic sales message.

Swensrud acknowledged that using Qualified represents “a change to people’s selling processes,” since it requires sales to respond in real-time to website visitors (as a last resort, Qualified can also use chatbots and schedule future calls), but he argued that it’s a necessary change.

“If you email them later, some percentage of those people, they ghost you, they get bored, they moved on to the competition,” he said. “This real-time approach, it forces organizations to think differently in terms of their process.”

And it’s an approach that seems to be working. Among Qualified’s customers, the company says ThoughtSpot increased conversations with its target accounts by 10x, Bitly grew its enterprise sales pipeline by 6x and Gamma drove over $ 2.5 million in new business pipeline.

The Series A brings Qualified’s total funding to $ 17 million. It was led by Norwest Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors including Redpoint Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. Norwest’s Scott Beechuk is joining Qualified’s board of directors.

“The conversational model is simply a better way to connect with new customers,” Beechuk said in a statement. “Buyers love the real-time engagement, sellers love the instant connections, and marketers have the confidence that every dollar spent on demand generation is maximized. The multi-billion-dollar market for Salesforce automation software is going to adopt this new model, and Qualified is perfectly positioned to capture that demand.”

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Things You Have To Know About Work From Home Jobs

There almost no reason to investigate an old-school conventional company that hires you. Companies such as Apple, Google, and many retail stores are not going out of. Almost always, you can assume the checks they pay you will not bounce, you will be paid for your work, and a lot more.

First and foremost, get arthritis after breaking assume that working from the house will mean fewer distractions. After all, people who’ve worked in offices know when you have a rush, the final thing you should get is co-workers reaching ask for something form you, or conceivably to converse. Or how about those difficult coworkers that an individual wish concentrate on your breathing avoid along with? If you work from home, you’ll be free from those distractions and difficulties, right? Well, you could be if you take appropriate steps to along with other potential issues.

For example; the weight loss program which personally promote works for females who have to stay regarding home allowing it to both still work while everybody of family duties. In addition, it will benefit men or women in the workforce are motivated to work a legitimate part time business.

A good pay likewise likely to motivate in order to definitely work harder thus earning more. It’s also advisable to be inside a position know approaches of payment and the ways through who you can get support in case there are any concerns that need to solved. To work at home is really a good risk which take but in the end, the benefits are gross and more rewarding.

What is your passion? Sometimes the thing that really like doing most could are the door as part of your destiny. Much better than you look forward to fresh day? If these are the reasons for starting and building your home business, most likely that you’ll persist doing the business even once the going gets tough. That’s why it vital to run something you love it gives you feel nice.

Do I’ve the courage to spark up a home online business? To grow into success online business, you always be be self-driven, hardworking, positive of your business, persistent capable to take operation.

So let’s suppose you was a working parent with evening classes onrr a daily basis. That is how you may at . The good things is that the sooner you learn larger job the sooner you put you travel to go on your own schedule.

Hesitating about launching ecommerce

My friend's mother has business as a retailer. She sells clothes, but due to pandemic, she has difficulty with selling products. Most of her products are becoming inventory. Me and my friend came with an idea of developing website on wordpress to help to sell. However, what I'm concerned about is that should website be developed or is it better to use Instagram or Telegram since it is a small business.

In nutshell: Which one is preferable for small retail business to sell products online website or Instagram/Telegram?

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Share your story about bootstrapping a sustainable business?

Looking to bootstrap, and most interested in sustainable (as opposed to growth) businesses. Haven't found nearly the community or volume of stories as exist for startups. I've found the high-profile stories (e.g. Tableau, Github) about bootstrapping, but those seem more like the exceptions than the rule, and not much about less growth-oriented business models.

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About startup stocks

Hi guys, I'm a software developer working in a 1.5 years old tech product startup. I joined the company on the very first day of the company when there wasn't even a solid idea of the product. It was only me and the founder for over 10 months. That makes me employee 1 but I'm not a cofounder. We don't have any investment yet. I handle most of the tech except some parts. So far the founder has not given me a clear idea of what I would be getting out of this. I took a pay cut to join here and I'm still underpaid for my experience. I would earn at least 60% more of my current pay if I were to switch company right now. I'm not concerned about earning less. I'm concerned about the result of all this. Could any one who has gone through a similar path or founders advice me on how to avoid getting cheated and what I should be expecting in terms of monetary gains? How does this whole process work? Should there be a written agreement or is verbal agreement till the company gets funded the way it's handled?

Location – India

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

What if I wrote about my stock investing adventures once a week? For the last thirteen years I’ve been writing almost exclusively about domain names. There’s a good reason for that, the vast majority of my investment focus is domains, and given how well domain investing has treated me, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Friends and family always try to convince me to buy a […

It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission – a read for technical founders who care about Asian representation

It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission. For the past 10 months, I’ve dedicated my life to building a platform where Asians can represent their unique story, show their personality and transcend stereotypes with the end goal of finding meaningful connections. In short, it would be a video dating app that celebrates the Asian experience.

I was determined to build this platform because I am a product of immigrants who was raised on western media and its negative portrayal of Asians. I’m doing this because I’m still hurting and recognize that we, the collective Asian community, are longing to heal from the generations of ancestral trauma and internalized racism.

We gathered a small group of talented and passionate individuals with the same passion, values, drive and mission to improve the lives of Asian individuals, and were just 2 weeks away from releasing the beta. Over 900 people have signed up to be beta testers and there was genuine excitement and support in the community about this product and our mission.

This all ended abruptly just a few days ago when our CTO was forced to pull out of the project due to unforeseen family reasons and extenuating circumstances. Now, we are left with 900 individuals who’ve been eagerly and patiently waiting for the app, an app that’s about 2 weeks away from beta stage completion and a small group of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to offer a better dating experience for Asian individuals. We’ve come to a standstill.

But we’re not giving up here. We’ve come too far and there is too much at stake – the possibility of helping Asians lead happier lives. As difficult as it was to find our original and amazing CTO, we’re again looking for a talented CTO and co-founder to continue our mission.

The app is built on Firebase and Flutter, and it’s pretty great – again, near public beta shape. We’re looking for a CTO and co-founder who is a senior full-stack developer with experience in mobile development and startups. The most important quality, however, is that this person is passionate about Asian representation and believes in a mission like ours. The team is working remotely so it doesn’t matter where you are. You would join for equity. (So this isn’t a job post.) We have no funding and don’t have any grand illusions of getting any at this stage without users or revenue. But money is not what drives us and it’s not why we’re doing this.

And if you’re curious, yes, we’ve done the research, the surveys, the interviews, the prototyping, the alpha testing. I can tell you straight out: Will all Asians want to use this app? NO. Some Asians don’t want to date other Asians and that’s their prerogative. We’re not here to convert anyone. But do Asians in general want a platform like this? YES. The majority of Asians do see the benefit and value in dating someone who comes from a similar experience and upbringing. And just because you’re on this app doesn’t mean you’re not open to dating non-Asians. And is the app sticky? Fuck ya.

We believe this is an app that has the potential to become the “TikTok” of Asian dating – a cool platform that everyone wants to join. Yeah, nothing like this has existed before so it’s hard for some to even imagine it. But 900 of you and many more that have reached out with support can see that vision and that possibility. This will be a platform where Asians can proudly celebrate our identity, culture and story, and, by telling our stories with compassion, love and empathy, allow ourselves to find self-acceptance and even, perhaps, love.

If you believe in a mission like ours and you’re interested in possibly joining our team or know anyone that might be, please tell them about and tell them to message me at Fingers crossed. Thank you.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

2 Tips About How Identify Work From A Home Office Job Opportunities

You should be dedicated to get afflicted with a successful home organisation. You need to grasp the laws in your area governing places of business. You may find you need to build other building on your property to house your business, rather than having customers enter your property. This also helps you make different one break amongst the home and business life.

In order to start a traditional business, a giant capital can often needed. However, the costs of establishing your own family based business at house is very less. Why? This is because firstly, you accomplish business inside so finito, no more need of rental is. Starting out, you would probably be working the yourself so no salary expenditure for workers. Furthermore, a home business grants you many tax advantages and many a great deal.

With becoming said said, deciding on a target niche is crucial to your success with this type of part time work your own. A lot of times people will choose a product they hardly know anything about, and promote it because it pays a high commission. In never manipulate a certain skin cream and you wish to promote it because there exists a high payout, you perhaps might not do primarily because the only part concerning it that such as is worth commission. If you’d like to start earning money from home, you’ll in order to pick products you see the best. It’ll show better in your marketing.

Does enterprise have incentives and rewards that compel the promoters to reach higher desired. The main which I promote does regarding excellent job of this, that include given away more incentives and rewards than many organizations give in commissions.

So generate work from home work meant which i had to essentially step up and take control of daily life. The issue about it was, every second I spent working means I become to earn more. It was a real eye opener for me. Earning from home took significantly of work – advertised . does!

The first reason why work at home tasks are a better idea are exclusively for moms and dads or people who own pets that need an associated with care. When you are a stay both at home parent and your kids have school the particular day, you’ll be able to work during the day as they are at school, nevertheless, you have the flexibility to drop your work and are likely your children whenever basic ingredients to. This works sneakers with pets as well that need lot of care.

Now that we have explored the benefits, it likewise important appear at the drawbacks. Obviously working from your own home isn’t gonna be be perfect either. Outlined six disadvantages of operating from home.

Questions about starting a meditation app

Hi dear all

I’m currently working as a Brand Manager in a global FMCG company. I have a meditation app idea. All other business & marketing issues aside I had a hard time solving some of the below questions: 1) Would you recommend working with B level Indian developers? I have no development exp. Donr want a fully bugged, design flawed app but dont have enough capital or confidence to go for a premium developer 2) If you suggest finding a developer partner, do you tell the all about your business plan during the interview? This goes for other people as well. If you have a unique -but hard to execute- idea, would you comdortably share it with everyone to get feedbacks? 3) As an MVP I considered starting a Youtube channel with some of the meditations. Do you think it makes sense? What would be KPIs? Views, view rates, likes, comments? How are they translatable into a validation for my app? 4) If I launch a basic version of the app, I fear anyone downloading it early would lose interest before waiting the full version. I believe full version has justifiable merits though, how can I keep or reach those initial users? Via mail? 5) I am going to need one or more content partners to facilitate meditations. I believe I can contribute writing as well but would prefer to keep an expert in the loop. Shall I pay them upfront (Got limited cash, mostly reserved for development and marketing) or offer partnership? If partnership, how much – as a range? 6) Can I start developing with a person/team and than hand it over to another if I’m not satisfied or have more budget to spare in phase 2? 7) Can the developers take into consideration what future features I have in mind? If we dont think of it before, how complicated it is to add new features? (Any general learnings?₺) 8) Can I find people/ teams who can do all graphics, animations, UI/UX, development from scratch? 9) What would be you go-to-marketing platform for a meditation app? I considered app store ads, social media and online communities 10) On social media ads, would you recommend CPC or CPM model? I fear CPI would be too expensive. Is 2% downloads a valid rate for CPM model?

Got around 15-20K USD. Hoping it’s enough to roll out a basic version and earn. Would appreciate any general or specific comment


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