Where do I get early adopters in the US for my startup?

My team and I developed a therapy that helps people quit smoking cigarettes. we are using a combination of virtual reality (cardboard) + mindfulness + coaching. We run our clinical trials and we know that we have a 33% efficacy rate. Everything done in Latinamerica.

With that being said we are struggling to get traction in the US. We want to have our 100 users/user reviews/feedback.

Organic generation is been slow, we are running PPC in Google but still slow and expensive. Any ideas, strategies to get people to try new products in the US? We have a few kits that we can send/ship to smokers if they are willing to try it.


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Early Adopters vs. Early Majority…. what’s the difference when it comes to viewing the problem?

So in terms of the technology adoption curve, I understand that Early Majority people won't adopt until the solution is full-featured, more mature, has testimonials, has a track record, etc.

And early adopters don't care as much about those aspects, they are down to try out an innovation that addresses their pain points.

However what I don't understand is — do they view the fundamental problem / pain point any differently?

Do Early Adopters necessarily "feel" the pain point more strongly than Early Majority people?

OR do they feel the pain point the same way but just won't accept a super new/innovative solution to that pain point until later?


Reason I'm asking this is because I want to better understand if I should expect to hear different answers when I ask early adopters vs early majority people questions about their pain points. (this is only asking about pain points – no mention of solution at all)

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!