Original Cooperative Agreement That Laid The Foundation of Verisign’s Monopoly

 FreeSpeech.com: To understand Verisign’s anti-competitive monopoly for dot-com domain name registration services, it is important to analyze its agreements with the US government. NTIA has a page on their website documenting aspects of their cooperative agreement with Verisign. However, that page is incomplete, as it only lists Amendments 10 t…

What type of contract is needed (SLA, TOS, SaaS Agreement)?

About to (hopefully) close our first deal in the next week or so. The deal will be for a flat-rate monthly subscription and API access on a per-transaction basis.

We're planning to set-up some consultations with a few different lawyers to find someone to help us draft a contract for the deal.

Before the meetings, we want to do some research on these different types of agreements and potentially find a template to use / amend and then have the lawyer review.

However, we're unsure what type of contract we should be using. Is TOS, SLA, SaaS Agreement, etc. the most typical for this kind of deal?

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Catching up on Founder’s agreement

Myself and 4 other people started an events and marketing operation over the past 6 months. It has since become rather successful in terms of opportunity and future potential, while costing us very little. Early on I created an LLC with the other person that originated the idea so that we could begin protecting the brand. I’m at the point where I’m drafting a Founders’ document to protect the other parties involved and I feel like I’m falling down an endless rabbit hole of research about what to do.

I’m seeing that it’s unfavorable to have more than 3 actual founders based on future investors potentially frowning on it, as well as leadership strength. As far as the absolute origination of this endeavor, it can be limited to 3 of us, but the remaining two have also been integral in our success from almost the beginning.

Of course we have no means to provide salaries, and none of us expect salaries, but on a document level what is the best course of action to record that 5 individuals are running this company and we are doing so purely off of an equity share for the time being? Additionally, for a non-founder what document would I be drafting and having them sign for what is basically an employee only “paid” via equity/ownership share?

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When creating an NDA or work-for-hire agreement, are there general things you should have or does that all depend on what you want out of the agreements?

I'm making a list of things I would like to be in my documents so my lawyer can write them up. However with this being my first time doing something like this, I'm not sure if there are general things every NDA or work-for-hire agreement should have or if it's all based off of what you want.

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Q: Automated TOS/legal agreement?

I know this is not a legal subreddit, but I was wondering if there are any precedents or best practices for apps/services that essentially create accounts/sign TOS & other agreements on users' behalf.

I know most of the time people actually don't read TOS and legal agreements but they still usually need to click an option saying they accept or decline an agreement, etc. Would it even be possible for an app to have a blanket legal policy to enable this? Or would it have to come down to the users needing to manually read & accept all legal agreements themselves?

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Finding good open source start-up docs, but not Shareholders Agreement. Need that.

We've lucked into great start-up docs from top law firms, put into the public domain under Creative Commons. Things like NDAs, IP policies and contracts, and founders agreements. Our primary sources have been YCombinator and Cooleygo.

We're missing one important doc – a shareholders agreement – and can't find a public domain source that covers all of the issues that law firms and top books recommend. Any suggestions?

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Thoughts and opinions on forcing co-founders to have a prenuptial agreement and COLI?

Cofounders (none of us are married) and I recently added (via our lawyer) resolutions to our bylaws that mandate that all co-founders have a valid and binding prenuptial agreement.

We also mandated that all co-founders be covered under a company-funded but company-beneficiary life insurance policy.

We were all in agreement and it went smoothly, but interested to hear your opinions on the matter. COLI is pretty standard, but we didn't get a clear idea of whether a prenup was standard for co-founders.

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Is SAFE common type of agreement for angel investments?

Hello fellow founders,

Hope that you are progressing in this rocky period.

I wanted to ask you all for an advice – in the pre-seed/seed investment round what kind of agreements have you used and what were the terms(if it's not secret)?

We plan to open a pre-seed round and use SAFE with post-money valuation cap 5m and discount rate 85%(of course with negotiations it may be different down the line).

My concern is that SAFE may not be common in Europe (more specifically Berlin), so just wanted to know what do you think?

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