[SaNOtize in Global News] The potential COVID-19 treatment being tested in Montreal

A Vancouver-based biotechnology company is testing out a potential COVID-19 treatment it says is “like hand sanitizer for your nose”, and it wants volunteers in Montreal. SaNOtize CEO Dr. Gilly Regev joins Global’s Laura Casella.

Watch it here.

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Feeling like I’m being cut out, please help!!

I’m a senior in college with one semester left in the Fall. I am working on a team consisting of me (handling business) and an experienced designer (who is back in school). For the past six months I have been working on a project developing a product partnered with a prominent, and massive business in my area.

Originally, my partner and I were brought on the project with hopes we would be able to further it enough to take it to a large pitch competition and with $ 100,000 for further development. At this point, the business we are partnered with said we would then own all IP, and we would license from them. However, due to the Coronavirus, this pitch competition was canceled, and we were cleared to compete in 2021.

We are now at the beginning of the prototyping stage. As of today, we were in a meeting and it seems as though our “partner” has been doing some work behind our backs. We were notified that there are two companies they have contacted:

– Company #1: Has not reached back to them. They seem uninterested and may not contact back about the project

– Company #2: Is interested in the project, and brought to light a new market for our product

The reason I bring this up is because my partner and I have no signed deal that we will receive IP and this meeting sounded like whoever gives the best deal for the IP (us against the companies) will get it. I’m struggling to come up with a plan to position myself in a way where we will either get the IP or be able to partner with the company who takes it. Problem being, is we are students and are probably being looked at with little value.

I’ve thought of the following situations:

1) If we wait, another company may snatch the IP

2) If we don’t think company #1 will be interested in the project, we can refuse to continue (if we believe company #2 won’t purchase the IP at a $ 5,000-$ 10,000 value and run with it themselves – this is probable they won’t as they want to tweak the project and we are still prototyping) unless and agreement is signed, then they could just bring on other students??

3) We could go directly to company #2 and make a deal with them … but again we are being looked at with little value as we have no IP and are students

I have poured six months of my life bringing this idea into validation and working with my design partner to create something truly amazing! Now that promise has been shown I feel like we are being cut out. Please help!!!!

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Advice and resources needed on how to manage being a CEO of a newly merged company

Hello fellow redditors,

My company got acquired by a much bigger company. Big company happened to acquire another company a few months before us.

Now I am being asked to be the CEO for the two companies (around thirty people projected to be 100 in a year).

I don't want to mention the industry as I am looking for feedback in terms of managing the merge, having a healthy culture, insuring the new team feel at home and such. I don't project any layoffs and will try to find a place for everyone as we are suppose to grow our team.

Have any of you had an experience and would like to give tips ? Do you know any resources/articles that help could help in managing this process?


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Top 7 Reasons Avoid Being Your Boss’s Pet And Work At Home!

Don’t let family constantly interrupt when working with the house. Interruptions can possess a big cause problems for your productivity, so advise your friends and family with your work hours and it is far more will be around to the parties. Express the need for privacy with your work your own business and quiet which is it often makes you finish up sooner. Children should be supervised by another family member, an individual should be around in the big event of an emergency.

Many businesses like Amway and Avon do billions of dollars in business worldwide and are also very in order to get started with. Additionally you can join internet-based advertising opportunities and run company is strictly online.

That was the only mention, stated. Caring for my baby was my reason to work home, and a simple reassurance for my employer that I wouldn’t spend months in training and then vanish.

Your online skills will directly be used for your work from home business good. You will need a minimum of 500 dollars to started out and preferably around 5,000 dollars set all the work from home components into place.

As you embark on the direct sales work at home business opportunity, you should have a few choices to get your small off ground level. First, you can host groups or individuals. Many people center their businesses to this model. You enlist several friends or family members to host a home party and enable all their own friends. The host provides snacks and you present your service in a sales pitch that feels more sort of a party for the group of girlfriends. At the conclusion of the party, each attendee has the cabability to place the transaction. With a few parties each month, you can also make a nice income!

You must always know which need to get done on the given daytime hours. If you possess a work property job, this may be determined by your employer. If you are employed by yourself or have a lot of of flexibility with your job, might find have determine this out for you. It may not necessarily be distinct.

Consider Your Investment: Yes, you will want to invest within your home business, make no mistake about this. Most of your investment should procede with going into your skill-set, such as learning how you can operate your business, how you can market it properly today, and tips on how to create ROI (return on investment). Absolutely invest minimally given vehicle and its product/service to fully understand it is credible provide get behind it. Positioned the better a part of your investment in your education. Learn some basic skills and then expound upon them given your revenues. Too many people put the cart before the horse and spend incredibly more money on enrolling along with a company, getting back in product, purchasing business cards and leads BEFORE they can know who their customers are and the ways to market as it should be.

Your home will have a way to encourage their promoters to remain in. You need a creation that compels linkedin profile the purchaser to certainly promoter but the promoter for that father purchaser.

Don’t know if I’m learning or being taken advantage of (First Internship)

About the title: Obviously I am willing to give back to the company if I am learning about professional skills; however, I feel that I am learning little but doing a lot of dirty work (or work that other people don't want to do).

It's my first internship and I'm a rising sophomore in college. I was originally happy about even landing one in this time of age (the internship is unpaid). However, there was a red flag on my first day. We were supposed to have a team meeting at 5pm, I waited and it never started so I texted my boss (btw text is our main tool of communication). S/he said "We're running a bit late but hang in!" We ended up starting the meeting 3 hours later. This has happened at least every other week with meetings (We have about 2-3 a week). It's been frustrating to sit around, not knowing exactly when we start and end up wasting a few hours. They also do not send out notifications for meetings for certain meetings, but talk about meeting attendance being "unacceptably low". (They're usually recorded and I've heard my name being brought up because I didn't show up when this meeting was never mentioned).

I'm part of the social media team, and the communication among the team is horrible. I will be assigned a task, complete it days before it will be uploaded, then have it rejected because the board decided on something else an hour or two before it should be posted. I will also be assigned a task that requires information from the CEO (like a list, etc.) and not receive it for weeks. Even if I ask him, he says he'll get to it soon and just leave me hanging for who knows how long. Yet at team meetings, he'll call me out for not completing the task and putting the full blame on me.

This is just a speculation, but it seems that no one in the company is paid (not sure about the CEO). The content editor and brand director who work almost full time for this company are for sure not paid (they told me they work a few other side jobs). It makes me question where the money is going. I'm also curious why people are still willing to work for this company when there seems to be little incentive?

I know startups and even most companies aren't structured perfectly. However, I feel that this company is too unorganized. Does anyone have any advice on how to pull through till this ends? I'm passionate about social media marketing but I feel that I'm just not learning. Or is this what I should have expected?

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Saturday Musings – Being Grateful

 Michael Gilmour:  We have so much to be grateful for. From the mundane turning of a tap to see water pour out of the faucet to our friends and family. In this world of the 24-hour news cycle it often feels like we are being deluged with bad news. This video is about good news. I share some of the things that I’m grateful for in my life. I have some …

Second time being auctioned Tema.com closes at $43,805

Back on May 13, Tema.com closed at $ 128,938 on DropCatch. Today it closed $ 43,805. The name has a lot of meanings in several languages along with being a solid CVCV.com. contact $ 43,805 May 21, 2020  at 3:25 PM NamePremier $ 43,755 May 21, 2020  at 3:25 PM contact $ 43,705 May 21, 2020  at 3:21 PM NamePremier $ 43,655 May 21, […]

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Top 7 Reasons Stop Being Your Boss’s Pet And Internet Business!

Take a business trip if you have to. You cannot do numerous home: you will have to go along with clients or investors. Check how much you spend while on a business travel. You will be able to deduct these expenses from your taxes. Even if you simply drive back and forth inside of same day, you can continue to deduct what gas cost you.

There are plenty of legitimate businesses that will hire you to work from home advertising have spot experience. Its cheaper to a company to utilize as haven’t got the time who will work from home as they possibly would be able to. They do n’t have to to spend money on the usual costs your company be forced to pay in order for their business in order to become successful. Hiring workers who telecommute efficient will save money on building, internet, power, and insurance costs for group. You gets hired by one for this companies that are hiring if you’re are in order to look these online.

Don’t quit your normal work. Until you are certain you identified your passion and understand your deal with. See my strategy verse tactics Online article and video.

Do not go crazy with facets . and layout of web site business residence unless are usually a clown who is hired for birthday parties. Avoid using flashy graphics unless are generally offering products for children. Keep the site design in balance using products you are offering.

Children are another distraction even if you end up feeling supported. It takes time for teach these phones let you work, and also young ones won’t understand at all of the. Many work at home parents do use daycare or have a family member or friend take the kids they can get work followed. Have realistic expectations for your family.

Keep your customers informed, do not overdo the messages. Watch them know about specials, discounts, new content, and such like via your e-mail alerts and notifications. Be considerate, though, for their time and prevent sending a staggering number of communications.

Either can start very business from scratch, meaning you happen with the company plan and execute each and every aspect of it yourself anyone find a present company to partner with. A franchise is one example of a home business approach. An internet based firm is another some reason.

Home companies are an involving work, but it does not need to be a miserable experience. Objective should be to have the cash roll as sleep. Residual income can help pay bills while other work to do to herald extra pay. Do you see how carbohydrates achieve solid residual ?

Tema.com Being Re-auctioned at DropCatch.com

 DomainInvesting.com: On May 13th of this year, the DropCatch.com auction for the Tema.com domain name closed at $ 128,938, as reported by NameBio. According to a tweet I saw this afternoon, Tema.com is being re-auctioned on DropCatch.com: DropCatch is re-auctioning Tema .com due to non-payment. Shocking 😂 — Bill Patterson (@billp3) May 18, 2020 If you vi…

What Being a Mom and an Entrepreneur Has Taught Me

Motherhood and entrepreneurship have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Being a mom has been the greatest asset in helping me grow as an entrepreneur. It has taught me to have grace for myself, how to be compassionate, and to see the beauty in all the lessons life has to offer, especially the hard ones.

As an entrepreneur, I want to help my customers, and motherhood has prepared me for this immensely. Being a mom has taught me to be less focused on myself, and more focused on my children and others.

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The similarities between motherhood and entrepreneurship

I was 18 when I started the journey of motherhood, and I had these expectations of what being a good mother meant. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing; and sometimes I still feel like that 18-year old girl who had no idea. I sometimes feel as if I am failing in all aspects of life. In the midst of the trials that come with being an entrepreneur, it is usually one of my children whose spirit and belief in me pushes me forward.

I believe moms are the most creative beings on earth. As a mom, I have pumped while driving to work because that was the only time I had to do so. I have managed to take naps sitting up. I think moms are master negotiators and the best salespeople. If you can sell a toddler on why vegetables are good for you, you can sell or negotiate just about anything. Multitasking, sales and negotiation are all skills that are essential in being a successful entrepreneur.

I have learned that it can be lonely in both entrepreneurship and motherhood. My husband is an amazing man, but I am not the type of person to share my weaknesses, so I found it to be lonely as I struggled with postpartum depression. I found that I don’t like to share my struggles in business, either. Being a mom and an entrepreneur can highlight your strengths and expose your weaknesses, all to make you a better human. In both motherhood and entrepreneurship, you have to learn to ask for help in your areas of weakness.

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There is no picture-perfect scenario for either

When I see photos on social media depicting the “perfect” family or “ideal” business, I tend to place these unrealistic expectations on myself of what my parenting and what my business should look like. However, having kids has made me realize that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s more like dragons and fires.

Obstacles are everywhere in both motherhood and entrepreneurship. When kids are little, they need a lot of care and attention, and the same goes for a new business.

If I’m being honest, I’ve asked myself, “What the heck am I doing?” on more than one occasion about being both a mom and an entrepreneur.

The loud doubts in my head sound something like this:

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“I’m not cut out for this.”

“Why did I think I was going to be such a good mom?”

“Who thought starting a business would be a good idea?”

“I want to give up and quit.”

The thing about motherhood is that I don’t get to give up and quit. On the other hand, I’ve wanted to quit my business ventures many times. I have felt stuck more times than I can count. I didn’t always know what my next move should be. But, I’ve learned in both business and motherhood that I must keep on moving and pivoting until I find what works. When something doesn’t work, I’ll try my next best option, and choosing that next best option will do one of two things: it will give me the clarity to move forward or the confirmation to close the door, and I will try again.

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Advice for entrepreneurial moms

Remember that what works for me might not work for you, just as what works for one kid won’t always work for all kids.

In order to create a business that serves others, we need to serve and take time for ourselves first. We need to fill up our own cups, so we can pour into others’.

As a mom, I want to give my best to my family. As a business owner, I want to show up as best as I can for my clients. I owe it to myself and to everyone around me to do my best and that starts with taking care of myself. The same goes for you.

My best advice for entrepreneurial moms is this:

  • Mom guilt is a real emotion, but that doesn’t make it true
  • Take that next step to benefit your business or your family
  • There is always a bigger obstacle ahead, and all of your prior experience has prepared you
  • No one cares about your business as much as you do
  • Trust yourself

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