Create a nice Website with no/very low budget

We are a SaaS B2B Startup the Software is downloadable as an Application.

I dont really know how to create a good website so maybe you know where i can get some good templates.

I want to change a few things. I want the app to be very present at the beggining and the visitor should have the possibility to directly have a Button with "Book demo" where he is directed to a Kalender where he can book his meeting with me. And another button with More informations what basically a sales pitch is with the pissbility to get more informations via newsletter. At the end there should be a contacting box. And a seprate page for the Blog we will have.

Maybe you have any template in mind or know a website i should visit (if free would be great).

Thank you 😍

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How do I market my social android app with very little budget?

I have developed an app to meet people around the world with all the nice filters and it's coming good and all the features are working as expected with just some unnoticeable bugs but the main problem started for me is marketing and getting users.

So far I have around 100 users but they will all end up removing the app if there are not more people joining every day.

This is my first experience doing something like this and as I have a lot of free time for almost next year I want to make this app a success because I really think it has that potential.

I am willing to connect with anyone anytime and if anyone needs any other help maybe I can be helpful too.

PS: It's very easy to find my app with my app name because it comes to the first place but still people don't know about it.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

How would you market a launch on a budget?

Due to covid my launch date got pushed back since I lost my job and money is still tight, but I feel like if I keep pushing it back the products(it’s a consumable-I’m not too sure how vague I have to be due to the guidelines lol) will never get released. If you were on a budget how would you go about it? I’m thinking of a giveaway + influencer shoutouts. There’s also FB Ads.

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How do you determine/calculate the CAC for the first time for a budget approximation?

Hey everyone,

I am working on budget allocation for different domains of growth and marketing for a startup.

How can I assume the Customer Acquisition Cost? This will be the start of our marketing campaigns for the quarter.

What is the assumption for Conversion Rate too?

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How do I colaborate with a popular Youtuber with no marketing budget?

I have a product platform with a huge potential of growing. We have almost 80% retention rate and the graph has only gone up since its launch a few days ago. The daily active users are also growing at a very good rate. The only problem right now is, I need a huge marketing push by a Youtuber or influencer and I am ready to share a profit % for some duration with that person. How do I reach out to one? I have tried cold mailing but no replies yet.

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How can I make the most of a $5k-6k budget to hire a developer for building a Flutter or React Native mobile app?

I currently have a $ 5-6k budget and am trying to find a way to have an existing iOS app I have redeveloped under React Native or Flutter. I am currently unsure which options might work the best. The app I have is social media related and needs Firebase, Photo Capabilities, Messaging and Push Notifications. A few ideas I had were:

1) Hiring a developer off upwork or elsewhere and working with them from scratch.

2) Working with an agency or middleman such as Toptal, (if you have thoughts about these it would be great to hear) , etc.

3) Buying a few templates off codecanyon or elsewhere and then hiring a developer with these. I am hoping this might cut down on development time or costs.

Generally, I am unsure which might be the best options. My overall goal is to have something that can work well enough for an initial round of investment seeking, and only needs minor modifications for new features or bugs that come up. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Can Sometimes From House To Make Budget?

Only when that time comes that make sense for you to leave work (if that’s what you want to do). You may then have much more time to commit to your business so however grow firm even more robust.

A top-tier program, though the initial costs are high, often around 00 to 00 dollars, there’s always something good be making ,000 to ,000 per month, at the very least, and all starting inside your first week. When you calculate what amount time you work, a top-tier program brings in at the initial least 0 per hour of work, and can be as high as 0 per lesson. If you’re going function with at home, would you rather make 0 an hour or .50 per hour? I know my product.

So, for anyone who is wondering whether you’re the type of person who can work from home create your company a success, then here are some questions you need answer prior to taking the dive.

There are start-up costs involved in starting any business, and home based businesses are no different. When you are looking at opportunities to work at home which means you can put a little extra make the most your pocket, you have to know you simply will have to spend all of your cash up front before additional cash starts coming back to you and your family.

Once you obtain your home business up and running efficiently and nearly on autopilot, you will start to use the personal freedom it offers you. No longer have you a slave to time clock, trading your time for salary. Now, you control the time. Work when you would like and just how long you want. If you want perform all day, then make it happen. If you wish to work for just a small amount of hours a day, then do getting this done. Owning a home business will anyone the with regard to you do items you to be able to do – your personal freedom.

What’s good about working freelance is your time could be very much supple. Stay at home moms can attest for the benefit of not corresponding a nine-to-five shift and now have more than enough in order to ends match up.

That person can a person much much more than you might imagine. Keep on good working terms with the boss and things can be placed great. Don’t step on toes. Perform be your own boss within your own business so be heedful not to get “new boss fever”.

It will simply invite cash unwanted situations and frustrations for a person will. If you have never had much money before particularly imagine what will change for that worst degrees of training money since you are only thinking with regards to the good fill.

TINY budget: Google ads or Facebook Ads?

My friend's journal app is going to get advertised! (Somewhat…with a tiny budget) It's tiny that we don't know if we should put all in one platform, or split the already small budget into 2 for both platforms.

Wondering if anyone tried both to drive traffic to website/encourage more sign-up and found one platform is better than the other (price, reach etc.)? I know different products, different results — it depends. Just want to get a very general view here.


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Outsource programming / coding on a budget

Hey there, Hope this doesn’t trigger anyone (what doesn’t these days)?

My friend and I are working on a tech startup and are looking to outsource the coding of a site / app.

We’re at a moment on market research, deciding if we need to pivot or stay the course, deciding whether our business is both a B2B/B2C company or purely a SaaS company. Working on building our MVP on a shoestring to establish PMF.

We’re based in NSW, Australia and bootstrapping this, both still working a 9-5.

Now, I’ve heard through the grapevine that, for Aussies anyway, you can pay ‘relatively low’ cost per hr for a programmer or coder from Eastern European countries compared to say, programmers or coders who reside in the US or Israel. Before people come at me with “you get what you pay for”, or “cheapest isn’t always best” blah blah.. I get it. I’m Just searching for some insights to those that HAVE outsourced the coding and/or programming on a budget, where you found them, and how the results came out (and would you do it again if you were starting over?).

If you don’t want to share specifics or prices, happy for you to PM me if you’d like.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Social media app: how do I budget for sever space?

I'm looking to make a social media app where users can post pictures to a feed as well as their own profile and I'd like to host those images on our servers. I'm trying to figure out what beta tests and scaling is going to look like in terms of budgeting for costs.

I understand limiting photo size like facebook's max of 30mb per photo and estimating how many photos a user might have up but what I'm unsure of is the costs for each time someone looks at the images.

My limited understanding is that each time some views an image, a bandwidth cost occurs increasing the overall costs.

Can anyone give me an example scenario of how this would all break down for a generic social media app in terms of costs?

I can provide more details as needed but anything you can theorize without them will be appreciated since I will be busy a lot of today but still checking back. Thanks!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!