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 Gen.XYZ: – Crazy Domains customer (Australia) Building a website about your experience is a truly polished way to share your expertise with others. It gives complete control over how your work is displayed and creates a great first impression for potential clients and employers. If an employer sees your website link in yo…

[Beyond Meat in Pulse 2.0] Beyond Meat Inc (BYND) Signs Compelling Deal With Wawa

Plant-based meat alternative company Beyond Meat Inc (NASDAQ: BYND) has signed a compelling new deal with Wawa, which is a chain of convenience stores on the East Coast. Wawa is especially popular for its hot breakfast products and full deli with a touch-screen ordering system for sandwiches, sides, and a variety of beverages. And now it is selling menu items featuring the Beyond Breakfast Sausage from Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND).

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How did you come up with your idea? Do you have a compelling vision?

Hi all. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur, looking to dive into SaaS/tech-related products. Over the past few months, I have read many posts and articles to educate myself in this field. All the resources I consumed point out to me that tech is the future and I want a share of the pie.

Problem is, I feel a lack of motivation to start/build something. I do not have an idea that I so strongly believe in and wants to share it with the world. I also do not have a compelling vision that I can communicate to others at the moment.

So some background info about myself: I'm an accountant (3 years experience since graduation) who just left my job due to personal reasons and hoping to start a new career, most ideally as a full-time start up founder. Ideas come and go all the time but so far there isn't one that I wouldn't mind spending 100 hours a week working on. I currently have a tech friend/co-founder who is very keen to build something with me. I don't want to disappoint him so I'm feeling pretty stressed right now.

I have very strong interest in the health and fitness industry, and I foresee myself building something to serve this sector. I am intending to dive into this industry as my next career move but it will take some time for me to familiarize myself in this industry and wield out problems to be solved. I'm afraid that I will miss the opportunity to build something amazing with my tech friend.

As you can tell I'm pretty conflicted. Will very much appreciate if you can share how did you crystallize your idea and whether you have a strong vision before getting started. Thank you in advance!

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14 Compelling Templates You Can Use to Create Your Website

One of the many reasons WordPress is such a popular platform is its versatile theme system. Themes enable you to create gorgeous designs easily and even get access to advanced features. All you have to do is pick the right one!

Technically, you can use any WordPress theme to build your website. However, some themes are easier to use and more stylish than others, or they might offer you extra features to simplify your work. With a carefully-chosen theme, building the website of your dreams becomes much more manageable.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 14 of the best WordPress themes you can use to create your website. All of these templates are available if your site is hosted with DreamHost, so you’ll have easy access to them through WP Website Builder

Ready to see all your theme options? Let’s get to it!

Want a Free Theme?

When you host with DreamHost you get access to our WP Website Builder tool and more than 200+ industry-specific starter sites for free!

Photography Themes

If you want to set up a WordPress website for your portfolio or photography agency, you need a theme that stands out visually. You’ll want a template that puts the focus entirely on your photographs, and that’s where these two website themes come in handy.

1. Resolve

The Resolve theme.

Resolve is a modern theme with a dark color palette. It’s built for photography agencies, and it enables you to showcase your best artists as well as their work.

With Resolve, you get to display your photographs using a modern grid that will remind users of Instagram. The difference is that the resolution and level of detail on your website should be much higher.

2. Haven

The Haven theme.

If you’re a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic, you’re likely to love Haven. This theme offers a design with clean lines that make it easy to navigate. With Haven, you can show off your best shots, discuss what services you offer, and much more.

Real Estate Themes

You wouldn’t buy a house from a sketchy real estate agent or website. Real estate sites need to look professional, and they have to be easy to navigate so users can view as many properties as they want. Here are a few themes that can get the job done.

3. Diced

The Diced theme.

Diced is a perfect theme for small real estate agencies. It offers a simple, elegant design that enables you to highlight your best properties with ease. Potential buyers can read about your business, connect with you on social media, and take a look at your hottest properties.

4. Hifidel

The Hifidel theme.

In most cases, real estate transactions don’t take place online. What your website does is help customers find and get in touch with you. With Hifidel that process becomes much easier, thanks to the theme’s elegant Contact Us page and out-of-the-box integration with social media.

Hifidel also enables you to add customer testimonials to your home page. This is an excellent way to show potential buyers that you’re the real deal.

Restaurant Themes

These days, most people look up restaurants online well before they set foot inside. Customers want to know what they’re going to get and how awesome your food looks. That’s why the perfect restaurant website matters — and the following themes can help.

5. Florentine

The Florentine theme.

Florentine screams “modern restaurant.” The theme is all bright colors that contrast beautifully with any pictures of your food that you might choose to share. Using Florentine, you also get to share your restaurant’s history, who your staff is, and even testimonials from past customers.

6. Evolv

The Evolv theme.

If you run one of those classy, low-light restaurants, you’re going to love Evolv. This understated theme enables you to show off your restaurant’s strengths and testimonials from your best customers. With Evolv, visitors can get to know your staff before they make a reservation, as the theme enables you to include a section that’s all about them.

Music Themes

The music industry is always at the forefront of what’s cool. With the right theme, you can create an effortlessly stylish WordPress website that helps you promote your music and build an audience. We recommend the following two options.

7. Grid One

The Grid One theme.

A lot of the modern web is built on grids. With grids, you get designs that are easy to navigate, and you know where one element ends and the next one begins. Grid One takes that classic approach and jazzes it up with a cool black and white color palette. You can then use pictures from your concerts or gigs to add splashes of color that pop off the page.

8. Haven

The Haven theme.

We already introduced Haven as a photography theme, but it’s also a top option for up-and-coming musicians. Haven’s music website template is perfect for bands looking to develop a web presence and make sure fans and potential employers know where to reach them. Plus, you’ll get access to easy-to-integrate social media icons, so your visitors can follow you on other platforms.

Fitness Themes

Staying fit isn’t easy for a lot of people. That’s why a fitness website needs to be inspiring and make visitors want to take action. These high-octane designs can help you get the medicinal ball rolling.

9. Grid One

Grid One’s fitness layout.

Grid One also offers a fantastic layout for fitness websites, which is perfect for gyms looking to expand their clientele (that means all of them!). With Grid One, you can build a WordPress website that’s easy to personalize, and highlights your gym’s best features. Clients can also swing by to leave testimonials, which can be vital in getting new members on board.

10. Resolve

Resolve’s fitness layout.

When Resolve isn’t moonlighting as a photography theme, it’s also a fantastic option for fitness websites. This theme enables you to build eye-catching grids using pictures from your gym. Customers can leave reviews, and visitors get a simple contact form they can use to get in touch with you. All those features come in a package brimming with energy, which is precisely what you want from a fitness theme.

Designer Themes

Interior design requires superior taste. That means you need a theme with a unique style that can help you turn heads. For this section, we have one theme you’ve met before with a different look and a brand new option.

11. Vacation

The Vacation theme.

Despite its name, this isn’t a travel theme. Instead, Vacation is all about making visitors yearn for innovative designs that can be applied to the spaces they love. In other words, this theme helps you show off your best designs and decors, making it easier for potential clients to understand who you are and what you do.

12. Hifidel

Hifidel’s designer layout.

Next up, Hifidel returns with a modern take on interior design websites. When using Hifidel as your theme, you get a minimalistic style that puts all the focus on your designs. You can let your work do the talking and back it up with a gorgeous About Us section and testimonials to seal the deal.

Clothing & Fashion

If you’re going to create a website for your clothing or fashion business, style matters. With that in mind, here are two themes you’ve already met, but which come with layouts that make them ideal for this particular niche.

13. Florentine

Florentine’s fashion layout.

Florentine is the perfect theme for fashion and apparel websites that target teens and young adults. It’s a vibrant, colorful theme that shows visitors you’re not afraid to be bold. Its options and layouts enable you to show off your best pieces, display client testimonials, and demonstrate what makes your clothing unique.

14. Haven

Haven’s fashion layout.

If your clothing line is aiming for a more elegant vibe, Haven should be right up your alley. This theme offers a classic black and white color palette, so your product pictures stand out. You can tell visitors all about your store, and make it easy for them to get in touch. After they’ve made a purchase, those customers can even leave reviews, so future visitors will know precisely what to expect when they buy from you.

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The right WordPress theme can simplify the process of building your website dramatically. There are amazing themes for almost any type of project you can imagine, from photography portfolios to restaurant sites.

With DreamHost, you get access to plenty of unique themes you can pick from for your website. With a theme like Resolve, for example, you get to play with designs that work well for both photography and fitness sites. On the other hand, Haven is ideal for music sites and clothing lines. 

Whatever type of WordPress site you’re building, you’re sure to find a perfect fit.

Are you ready to build your first website with DreamHost? If you choose any of our WordPress plans, you’ll get access to our WP Website Builder tool, enabling you to use all of these professional themes for free!

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Make Money From Home – 6 Compelling Reasons To Work From

It entirely possible that there is normally workplace drama, no matter where currently employed. Aren’t you tired of those? Of course you generally. It’s time for you to leave and online business – after it is just you, you won’t have to focus on that workplace drama.

Be sure you are open to other people’s beliefs. Many online business owners will gladly share their opinions and experiences along with you. That is a fact; you need to accept these with grace. Use what you learn enhance your work from home business. Let people have their ideas and hold fast to your own house. Know that you need to focus only on things that benefit you, so which you may keep developing your home based business.

If your home business usually be help save source of income, involved with very vital that have a backup plan in post. They have plans for such as problems in your web hosting service and product shipments missing. Getting yourself ready the worst means if you find yourself able to handle it without problems can occurs. Go in for an LLC to protect your personal belongings.

You could start the web business blog and monetize it with Google AdSense ads. Reduce even start your own consulting business and teach people where to get started advertising from asset.

Deduct plan of your house office whenever you file your taxes. Taxes are an agonizing part any kind of business, however often you also must be own a building based business don’t realize their work space can be written off of. You can even disregard a portion of rent, utilities, mortgage, various other bills, since they are valid business everyday expenditures.

When you work at home it can be go you decide. You might get overly enthusiastic in working every minute of day after day or become distracted from family members, pets and each one day tasks.

Multilevel marketing, network marketing and instead, what we have often heard as “pyramid schemes” have given home businesses a bad rap. Really, multilevel and network marketing is a concept that only occurs in almost every business and social organization lively.

Knowledgeable with regards to a particular reduction product which includes worked for you, it is possible to possibly promote that product because you a living testimonial. Many families love seeing real results. As well as the cool part about might be that you’ve invested for the product to dedicate yourself you, and now you can auction it yourself publicize some you lots of bucks as power for part time work from their own home. AND you don’t call for a garage or spare room to boxes and boxes or products. All you do is promote the product, and owner deals with all the shipping and customer center. People all over the world are with doing this and cash from the house.

Make Money From Home – 6 Compelling Employ Work From Your Home

Create an Office: Designate an associated with your where you can find be workplace space. This should be out of any household distractions. Working with a desk nearby the television could well be an example. Getting into a soap opera will not bring money into the house. A quiet section on the home is recommended, whenever possible. An individual can hear what planning on web-sites in the home then may well get tempted to join them or check out the need deal with a setback. Treat this job as additional and you’ll join in when you get back from work.

Some people also have luck with work at home job paid normally such as Home Job Stop. You are not paying for job there, you’re paying for listings might help you to identify a job opportunity.

Crunches. Who isn’t familiar with crunches? Practically everyone who has, at one part of his life, longed for six-pack abs know what regularly doing crunches will be.There are a lot of varieties of crunch exercises; there are the regular ones that all of us are familiar with and there’s the one where an exercise ball is. There are also variations that draw on weights extra resistance.

Third, improve your health . power! Reading and scientific studies are the at the centre of learn gather can. You should realize generally time in order to necessary to speculate a little money to acquire the tools needed for your success. Consider it this way, rather than having to gas your car and commute efficient or buying clothes in order to be worn at work, you will instead purchase books, domain name or even memberships to help in your work from home progress.

If moment has come not feasible to do using do from home, find something you would like to do. Thinking about your passions, talents and skills. Write them down and take some time for more information on and research yourself. Once you have a grasp on your niche, research home business ideas.

We all have to work, despite the fact that working is an element of our life (whether we like it or not), we get options on how, when, where and why we work. Of course the purpose any one works is perfectly for the money, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and enjoy must do, yet sadly there are thousands of folks that who check out work everyday and don’t enjoy their job.

With unemployment at an all-time high, people are searching for a new way of getting an a living. Instinctively a regarding people look toward the internet and how you can work from the house. Freelance writing holds many possibilities for such an income, but where do you begin?

Make particular the compensation plan is reasonably attainable. Don’t spend yearly of living thinking you’re working a legitimate home business and discover that the amount of money anything to make is not actually remotely likely. Count the cost before starting.