Is everything already invented? Is there something new to create?

I feel like everything is already there. All I see are "new" products/services upgrading on each other. Like: airplane ticket booking with better search, uber for food and stuff like that.

I haven't seen anything like really new or useful for a long time. Everything I think of is already there but in 100 different versions.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Create Private Part Time Work From The House

Crooks who steal identity go after small salespeople much more John Doe because small business owners have income that appears in large or continuous sums. John doe has set to their maximum credit cards and shrinking funds.

So will it take to work from home? Essentially takes only three in order to become an at home employee: house tools, significance attitude, and the right skill-sets.

Yes it might sound simple to be true but what exactly is consumption when working online? Basically, in order to have a legitimate work from home, of course there are requirements. The good news is that the requirements are super simple and basic. First and foremost, you will need to have a personal computer at home where you should use online. Second, you cannot simply use the internet without a reliable internet accessory. Thirdly and the most important requirement is yourself. How hard can that you ought to be?

work at home jobs aren’t all data entry and careers – in fact, those jobs could be hard to come by since many people want them. At home customer consist of add sufficient sleep of requiring a very, very quiet place function. These jobs have experience and skill requirements tend to be fairly common, which is the reason so people today go upon their.

Don’t be discouraged by start-up costs because nevertheless an a part of doing work. Just be knowledgeable of what you really are getting in order to. The most common mistake people make is actually having enough money to get started, but not enough to begin the associated with building that business and finding end users.

So for the people of you who will not or little extra money coming easily into help pay bills, have to make sure you and your family are able will out any extra cash expected using this new home job adventure for as much as a 12 months.

Proper Equipment Needed: It is not business cards, product brochures/dvds, leads, and gas for your targeted car which you need to begin your home business. You need two powerful tools that are right check out page fingertips: your computer with in order to the Internet and your phone. Absolutely! Handing out brochures and dvds may do very little for business enterprise if these materials growing in improper hands. Travelling about town to appointments will unquestionably be a waste of both some money should prospects have never asked you for specifics about your product/service. Just imagine getting from the path of prospects are generally already trying to find your solution, your offer albeit your products or satisfaction! That’s what you will want to learn.

1) They might over-react (maybe even fire you) if you look up their phone, or every other info concerning company. In case you search along the web and discover something “funny”, a reputable work-at-home company will explain the the reason. Valid reasons include envious competitors, also known as few crazy rabbits. If they over-react to some question, your own online stuff you read online might be at least partially true.

A clothing brand who’s mission is to create mental health awareness and kill the stigma. ❤

I own a clothing brand called r0ok Clothing. Our mission is to create and spread awareness on the importance of mental health and self care through clothing. To see more, please visit the site @ .

I am currently looking for individuals and companies to work along side with for different things. Whether it be working together, or working for us. In specific, I am looking to work with NPOs, artists, and individuals with a social media presence. If interested, please feel free to message me directly or email me @ .

Thanks guys. ❤

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

How to Create a Strong Value Proposition for B2B

This is a pretty no-nonsense blogpost explaining how to create a strong value proposition for B2B services.

Below is a simple quote from the article –

A value proposition is a clear statement about the outcomes that an individual or an organization can realize from using your product, service or solution.

Disclaimer – I know the person that has written this blog post. I think it can be valuable read for anyone out there.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

How To Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy?

influencer marketing strategy

Is there a usual process you follow when you want to buy something new for yourself? How do you decide what to buy? Do you probably go through different reviews, expert ratings, ask your friends, family, etc.?

Surprisingly it is not just you who makes decisions in this way, it’s all your customers too.  Not only do people read online reviews, but 84% trust personal recommendations as much as online reviews. The question here is how do you build good recommendations so that you can influence your customers to buy your products?

Influencers are people who have this exact ability. Influencers are experts within certain product niches, who affect customer decisions positively because of their persuasive power and following base.

71% of marketers agree that traffic from influencer marketing is much higher than other marketing sources. But even though so many marketers are adopting this strategy, is it appropriate for your brand to engage in influence marketing?

Do You Need An Influencer Marketing Strategy?

To begin, let’s understand if an influencer marketing strategy is the right strategy for your business.

To determine this, you must map out your customer’s journey. Only when you understand the process your customer goes through while making decisions, you can understand whether an influencer marketing strategy suits your business or not.

Analyse The Buyer Journey

Buyer journey analysis means analysing the steps that a buyer goes through before purchasing a product. 

It requires you to research how your customers behave, what are their likes and dislikes, their background, reactions, responses, and ultimately whether they buy products or leave (and what causes this customer friction). This will, in turn, help understand if this strategy is profitable for you or not.

To map your customer journey let’s start with identifying consumer behaviour at these three main touchpoints using the example of Lmnop, a brand that sells “I love New York City”:

Before The Customer Comes In Contact With The Brand

Research shows that Lmnop’s customers are teenagers and young adults who like to keep up with fashion trends and be popular. They come from a western culture with a well-off financial background. They are active on social media and share their brand experiences very often.

These customer characteristics show that the potential customers of Lmnop have characteristics that can be coupled with an influencer marketing strategy to boost sales and brand awareness.

When The Customer Engages With The Brand

When Lmnop’s customers see “I love NYC” t-shirts and caps, they ask their friends and online forums, questions like:

  • “Hey is this cool?”
  • “Hey does this look trendy”
  • “Does give a cool vibe”
  • “Is this in fashion today”
    And if their friends and family reply positively, they will purchase products from lmnop.

This shows that when the customers come in contact with the brand they are dependent and persuaded by social validation and opinion leaders. This means that Lmnop needs a strategy where persuasive, popular, and trendy people can influence purchasing decisions.

After The Customer Has Left

Once Lmnop’s customers have bought the “I love NYC” t-shirts and caps, they share pictures of it with their friends using related captions and hashtags.

This characteristic of Lmnop’s customers’ psychology tells us that they are in constant contact with people and experts from the community.

Similarly, if your customer journey research tells you that customers are dependent on recommendations and reviews by niche experts, then congratulations because creating an appropriate influencer marketing strategy is an appropriate option.

But now that you know influencer marketing is appropriate for you, is it more important for you than other marketing strategies?

Importance Of An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Image source – hostpapa

Now that you have determined that your customers are likely to respond to an influencer marketing strategy, let’s understand why do 91% of marketers consider this strategy important?

Builds Trust

The internet is filled with hundreds and hundreds of brands that make it difficult for customers to understand who to trust and who to buy from. More often than not decisions of who to trust and who to buy from are made based on known recommendations. 92% of customers trust brands based on recommendations from people over traditional ads. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for your brand to develop an influencer marketing strategy to gain the trust of its target audience.

Improves Online Visibility

Influencer marketing is not only important as a marketing strategy but also positively affects your online visibility.

The reviews, suggestions, reactions of the influencers often come up on the search results whenever someone searches for your brand on Google or social media channels.

More Content

One of the components of influencer marketing is generating high amounts of fresh and engaging content. Influencer marketing, therefore, becomes important because more content leads to more visibility, awareness, and engagement.

More Mentions

Since influencers are people who have a popular following and trusted follower base, followers might talk about the brand more and more by way of comments, chats, questions, story mentions, etc. People tend to talk more and stay around seven times longer when an influencer talks about a brand rather than any other advertising medium.

Economical Cost

An influencer marketing strategy is immensely important for a newly launched brand as well as a brand with a lower budget. Such businesses may not be able to afford and invest in paid marketing and advertising channels. On average, every $ 1 spent on influencer marketing, creates revenue worth $ 6.50. If you compare this with the pay-per-click system, every $ 1.60 generates $ 3.

Therefore, the return of investment (ROI) of influencer marketing is much higher and beneficial in proportion to the money spent on the strategy.

Better Engagement

Engagement has become a huge part of marketing and advertising. If your marketing strategy can make your target audience want to engage with your brand, you would have successfully achieved your value for money. Influencer marketing builds engagement 3.5 times more than engagement from traditional advertisements.

Improves Customer Reach

Influencer marketing is important because it helps your business trickle to reach every corner of your target audience. Conversations about brands are known to increase from three times to ten times when an influencer talks about a brand. The best way to understand this is by taking the brand Lord & Taylor’s example. Lord & Taylor partnered with 50 influencers and had all 50 of them, post a picture on Instagram on the same day wearing their new dress. After this, the dress sold out within less than a week.
The main takeaway here is that influencer marketing is important not only for building trust but also reaching out to your customers to convert their trust to sales.

Image source – NeilPatel

How To Develop An Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important in today’s times, but how do you actually build a strategy for influencer marketing? This section comprehensively outlines the steps to strategise and create an influencer marketing plan.

Step 1 – Define Your Goals

The initial step to developing your influencer marketing strategy is to determine your goals.

Do you intend to focus on increasing engagement or reduce work with a minimal churn rate or achieve a higher conversion rate? Determining your goals at the beginning itself will give your strategy a consistent structure.  The two most commonly used goals for an influencer marketing strategy are:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing sales

But instead of setting such broad goals, it would be beneficial to narrow down your goals to what exactly must be achieved from your strategy. Some goals to get you started could be:

  1. Increase your customer base amongst the youngsters in Chicago
  2. Raise sales by 30% over the next year
  3. Manage your online reputation positively
  4. Gain a 40% rise in followers on your social media accounts
  5. Gain authority over a product category in the market

Step 2 – Determine How To Tap Into Your Target Audience

After you have determined your goals, comes the question of how to achieve these goals to tap into your target audience. One of the ways to strategically tap into your customer’s minds to influence them would be to follow the Awareness-Interests-Desire-Action (AIDA) model, also called a purchase funnel.


Awareness is when you want to reach out to more people to recognise and know your brand. At this stage people do not know about your product, so you need to ascertain how your influencer will make more people know about it. Will it be through cues in photos, videos, blog posts, etc.?

For example, Fiji water turned to the influencer Danielle Bernstein to build awareness. They did so by just placing a Fiji water in the background of Danielle doing exercise. In this way, Fiji water made people aware of their brand and its use – to keep you hydrated.


Interest stage is when the customer is aware of the offering (and its competitors) but develops a soft corner for just your brand.

This is often achieved by intriguing the customer, educating them, and making him want more.

For instance, OnePlus often sends gifts to the renowned influencers and ask them to review the brand’s phones and other offerings, unbox them, and generate interest among the target audience before the offering is actually launched.


Your customer may like your product, but not buy it. Therefore, if you want to tap into your target audience, work on what kind of content you want to use to make sure that the interest lingers around to turn into desire.

For instance, Daniel Wellington was able to turn their $ 15,000 business into a $ 220 million business in 4 years only following an influencer marketing strategy that sparked desire. Through catchy visuals, sleek colours, and a subtle vibe in all their picture, influencers made customers want to go to their website and buy watches.


Now that the customer is interested and willing to buy, s/he will move to buy the offering. Your influencer marketing strategy at this stage should focus on how to facilitate this action.

Tapping into your target audience is very important because it determines what kind of content should your influencers make. The tone, feel, and type of content that is created through an influencer marketing strategy needs to be the perfect fit for the audience that you target.

Step 3 – Set A Budget

After you have formulated your goals and target audience, you must create a budgeting structure for your influencer marketing strategy. While setting a budget, you must factor in:


Goals are an important determinant of your budgeting strategy because based on what you want you to plan what you want to spend to achieve those goals.

Imagine that your goals include – doubling your sales from last year. Now doubling sales is an ambitious goal, no doubt. If you aspire for an ambitious goal, you must be spending ambitiously and smartly.

If your goals include – increasing followers by 20% over the next quarter, then you may have a lower budget than someone who wants to double their sales.

Therefore, first, compare the proportion of resources that will be required to achieve your goals. Using that comparison formulate a budget.

Type Of Influencers

The second important aspect while creating a budget plan is what type of influencers do you want to work with. The major 4 types of influencers for you to choose from are:

Types of Influencers
  1. Mega-Influencers: Micro-influencers include celebrities, online niche experts, or opinion leaders who have over 1 million followers on at least one of their social media platforms.
  2. Macro Influencers: This includes opinion leaders, niche experts, and famous personalities who have followers from the range of 500,000 and 1 million on at least one of their social media platforms.
  3. Mid-Tier Influencers: These are budding niche experts or famous personalities with followers ranging between 50,000 and 500,000.
  4. Micro-Influencers: These are ordinary people who are famous because of their knowledge of a niche or because of some special reason. Micro-influencers have followers ranging between 10,000 – 50,000 on one of their social media accounts.
  5. Nano Influencers: These influencers have less number of followers (1,000 – 10,000) but have very high engagement with them as they are considered experts in their niches.

Deciding what kind of influencer, you want will determine how much budget you should allocate for your influencer marketing strategy. Do you want a mega influencer with thousands of followers and a massive following base? Do you want to start with a mega influencer and then shift focus toward macro and micro ones? Or you want to start with a nano-influencer and work you way up?

The usual price range of influencers based on their followers would look like this, though influencers may charge per post, number of guaranteed views, percentage of assured sales, etc.:

Image source – Buffer

Step 4: How To Find An Influencer

The first three steps set the foundation for your influencer marketing strategy. After this foundation is set, we move to finding an influencer. It’s important to note that you don’t want to just find any influencer – you want to find the appropriate influencer to suit your goals and budget. An appropriate influencer would be one who is aligned with your brand’s identity, mission, and vision.

What Makes A Good Influencer?

To understand if a candidate is the right influencer for you, you must look-out out for the following qualities in the influencer:

  1. Confidence
    Confidence is like the skin of a successful influencer. An influencer who is confident will make sure that a brand is portrayed as a strong, commanding, and influential one.
  2. High engagement ratio
    Influencers are not all about followers. Followers can be increased through inorganic methods by anyone. But an organic, and genuine influencer will have likes, shares, and comments, in proportion to the number of followers they have. This proportion is called the engagement ratio.
  3. 3 R’s of an influencer – Relevance, resonance, and reach
    Make sure that the influencer’s social personality is relevant to what you’re looking for your brand. If your influencer truly believes and resonates with your brand’s purpose, s/he can make the followers believe too. Thirdly, the influencer must have a good reach and actually be able to influence people. A huge following doesn’t make everyone an influencer. An influencer should be able to reach the customers, influence their purchasing decisions in a positive way for you.
    For instance, if you are a brand that makes nutritional snacks for people who practice yoga and meditation. One of the influencers on your list is someone who loves being lazy, taking rest, sleeping off, snacking on junk food, and binge-watching Netflix all day. But she has the highest number of followers compared to others. Would it be a good strategy to work with her? No. Because:
    1. Her social personality is not relevant to what your brand stands for
    2. Her profile doesn’t seem to resonate with your brand’s product
    3. People interested in her will be people who like to relax, take the day off, and spend the day binge-watching. Her reach is not in the direction of your target audience.
  4. Passion
    A good influencer has to be passionate about this work. Passion means that the influencer is hungry for more engagement, more trust, and more sales. The influencer must keep up with all social media trends and infuse it with his/her strategy. A passionate influencer is reliable because passion strengthens the partnership between a brand the influencer.
  5. Authenticity
    Authenticity is another key quality to look for. If your influencer is authentic, followers will believe that your brand is something to care about, talk about, and check out. Inauthentic practices include copying profile aspects like photos, captions, posters, the structure of a poster, etc.

Hence, when you’re looking for influencers don’t merely recruit based on the number of followers or their cost. Dig deeper to find such qualities that will help you build a strong standing influencer marketing strategy.

Finding An Influencer

To find an influencer, you can follow two ways:

Search Manually

While conducting a manual search you can use the following tools:

  1. Google or any other search engine – Search for phrases like ‘top shampoo influencers’, ‘top candy influencers’, ‘top beauty influencers’, etc.
  2. Instagram or any other social media app – Search for trending hashtags related to your topic, like – BestShampoo, ClearSkin, TopGame, ComfortableAirline, etc.

After finding people who check off the right qualities and fit into your budget, you can compile a list of their contact details in a spreadsheet. Make sure that this spreadsheet includes:

  • Name
  • All social media profile links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement ratio
  • What value they bring to your brand
  • What value they don’t bring/What needs to be worked on
  • Costs they charge
  • Previous brands they have partnered with/Current brands they partner with
  • Searching through online tools
Search Through Influencer Database Tools
  • BuzzStream Discovery – A free search engine for finding influencers. Using this you can easily search for any keyword or phrase and the database will compile a list of results with all influencers related to that topic.
  • BuzzSumo – BuzzSumo is a paid search engine for finding influencers, content, competitors, etc. Using BuzzSumo you can not only find contacts of influencers but also the number of twitter followers they have, the number of average retweets they receive, their reply ratio, etc. Along with this a feature called ‘search content shared’ also shows up all the content that has been shared related to the relevant topic. This helps you understand how many people are creating content relevant to you and how they can be potential influencers for you.
  • Deep Social – DeepSocial is a freemium, AI driver influencer database. It allows you to not only find influencers but analyze the influencers through filters like age, interests, gender, geographic location, ethnicity, etc.
  • Upfluence – Upfluence is a free influencer database. Similar to Deep Social you can narrow your searches on Upfluence using categories like location, number of followers, etc. Upfluence also offers a Chrome plug-in, which helps you in analyzing an influencer’s profile from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs directly from your browser.

Step 5: Create A Management Strategy

Lastly, you must make sure that you manage your strategy to your best advantage. A successful influencer marketing strategy will include the following as part of its management plan:

Setting Key-Performance Metrics

A few basic key-performance metrics for influencer marketing include:

  • Brand awareness
    • Engagement
    • Generating more leads
    • Sales
    • Clicks on affiliate links

Influencer Content Strategy

After you have set your KPIs, determine what kind of content strategy will your influencer employ. Content that is effective and could win over the trust of your audience includes:

  • Product placement
    The key to influencer product placement is not giving a direct impression of advertising, but a natural fit in a scenario.
    For instance, here Audible – a company that makes audiobooks, partnered with Carole Radziwill and tried to place their product in a natural, comfortable and non-direct setting
  • Brand integration
    Brand integration will be more direct, with the product as the focus in a scenario. For instance, TVF developed an entire web series revolving around its sponsor – Tata Tiago.

  • Influencer Generated Content
    This is content the influencer creates for marketing. This may include:
    • Creating blogs and writing reviews
      For instance, the Amamda Stanton partnered with FabFitFun and created lifestyle blogs for marketing their skincare, makeup, fitness, and other lifestyle products.
  • Influencer takeovers
    Influencer takeovers are when you let your influencer handle your brand account for a set time like a few hours or an entire day where they share customised content based on a given brief for your products.
    For instance the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar turned over their Instagram story to Jamie King for an event, where Jamie showed her styles, outfits, make-up, etc.
Image source – Social media examiner

Creating A Clear Contract

Influencer marketing greatly affects your brand image. If you set confusing and unclear terms, it could negatively affect your brand’s reputation. While creating a contract with an influencer a few things you ought to consider are:

  • The duration the influencer will work for
  • The level of autonomy the influencer has over the brand image
  • The monetary terms of exchange
  • If you are providing the influencer with free merchandise, set terms and conditions for it at the beginning itself
  • Make sure the influencer agrees to never harm or disrespect the brand image, vision, and identity
  • Clarify whether the influencer can partner with other brands during his/her tenure with your brand
  • Set average expected engagement rates for a daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc. basis
  • Ask for a guarantee on the following aspects – authenticity, transparency, honesty, and creativity

Building A Cordial Relationship With The Influencer

Lastly, keep in mind that an influencer is a person too. For the protection of your brand’s marketing, image, and courtesy, you must ensure to be on cordial terms with your influencers. Make sure you do not over-burden them with work. The aim of having a cordial relationship is that the influencer feels connected to the brand because such a connection will positively work for your brand’s image.

Go On, Tell Us What You Think!

Did we miss something? Come on! Tell us what you think of our article on influencer marketing strategy in the comments section.


The Trash app’s new features can create AI-edited music videos and more

The team behind Trash, an app that uses artificial intelligence to edit your video footage, launched a number of new features this week that should make it more useful for anyone — but especially independent musicians.

I wrote about the startup last summer, when CEO Hannah Donovan told me that her work as Vine’s general manager convinced her that most people will never feel like they have the technical skills to edit a good-looking video.

That’s why she and her co-founder Genevieve Patterson (the startup’s chief scientist) created technology that can analyze multiple video clips, identifying the most interesting shots and stitching it all together into a fun video.

Since then, Trash brought on more creators before opening up to a general audience last fall. Donovan explained that while she’d expected users to create “hyper-polished influencer videos,” the opposite has been true.

“The content on Trash is very personal, very authentic, very real,” she said. “For lack of better words, it’s what you’d see in your [Snapchat or Instagram] Stories.”

Trash is giving users more capabilities this week with the launch of Styles. This allows them to identify the type of video they want to create — whether it’s a recap (vacation recaps are big right now), a narrative video or something more artsy. The results are tailored accordingly, and then the user still has the option to further tweak things, for example by moving clips around.Trash music video style

Image Credits: Okayceci for TrashThere’s also a style for music videos. Many Trash videos already combine videos and music, but Donovan said this style is specifically designed for independent musicians who may not have editing skills, but who still need to create music videos — especially as YouTube has become one of the main ways people discover new music.

“The music video is more important than it’s ever been,” she argued.

Trash can’t give those musicians professional, studio-quality footage, but currently, everyone — no matter how famous — is largely limited to shooting themselves at home on smartphones right now. And even after the pandemic, Donovan expects the trend to continue.

“You’re seeing that in commercial videos as well, incorporating elements like text messaging,” she said. “What we’re seeing now is just this huge blend where it doesn’t matter [and you can mix] real life and virtual life, this hyper-polished, big-budget stuff and a super DIY, shot-on-an-iPhone aesthetic.”

To check it out, you can watch a playlist of some of the initial music videos created on Trash. The startup has also launched Trash for Artists, where musicians can upload their songs to create music videos and promo videos, while also offering them up as a soundtrack for other Trash users.

In addition to launching the new features, Trash also graduated last week from Snap’s Yellow accelerator program. (Other investors include the National Science Foundation, Japan’s Digital Garage and Dream Machine, the fund created by former TechCrunch Editor Alexia Bonatsos.)

Startups – TechCrunch

I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. If i want to create an social media app like Instagram, what languages would I need to learn(Mainly to build an MVP). I want the app to be mainly used on the phone like Instagram.

I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. If i want to create an social media app like Instagram, what languages would I need to learn(Mainly to build an MVP). I want the app to be mainly used on the phone like Instagram. How long will it take me to learn how to code and be able to code the MVP the app I have in mind. OR is it better find a tech co-founder to help me with my app. If that's the case Where could I meet a Co-founder. OR should I hire someone to build me an MVP. How much would the cost for the MVP be . I know many startups are in SF, with that being said any place i could go specifically to meet Programmers in San Francisco. Going Thursday and do not want to waste an opportunity. Hoping to hear some advice to start getting a plan ready!

I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. If i want to create an social media app like Instagram, what languages would I need to learn(Mainly to build an MVP). I want the app to be mainly used on the phone like Instagram. How long will it take me to learn how to code and be able to code the MVP the app I have in mind. OR is it better find a tech co-founder to help me with my app. If that's the case Where could I meet a Co-founder. OR should I hire someone to build me an MVP. How much would the cost for the MVP be . I know many startups are in SF, with that being said any place i could go specifically to meet Programmers in San Francisco. Going Thursday and do not want to waste an opportunity.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

How to create a landscaping business website

Landscaping businesses rely on manual work, rather than digital exchanges. But they still need to have a website to succeed in the modern era. Your landscaping business website will serve to increase your brand’s visibility, advertise your services, contend with your competitors, and land more sales.

That said, many landscapers find themselves intimidated at the prospect of creating a website from scratch. Fortunately, thanks to the modern tools available, it’s easier than ever to create a landscaping business website — even if you have no technical experience.

Related: How to take your small business online

Why do you need a website for your landscaping business?

There are several reasons why your landscaping business needs a website, including:

Search visibility. When someone is looking for a service like landscaping, they turn to the internet for a solution. If you make your business more visible, you’ll attract more customers.

Information and research. If someone hears about your landscaping business, they’ll likely go online to see what kind of services you offer, what your pricing is, and what kind of reviews you’ve gotten. You need to be available to provide this information.

Lead generation. Finally, your landscaping business website is an opportunity to generate leads. With effective calls-to-action (CTAs), you can attract new customers with the right web presence.

What to include on a landscaping business website

 LawnmowerYour website doesn’t have to be incredibly robust, but it does need some fundamentals to succeed. These are some of the most important features to include:

Relevant licensing information. Depending on where you operate, you may need a license to be a landscaper. Your landscaping business website is the perfect place to show customers you’re fully licensed and insured.

A list of specialties. What kinds of landscaping services do you offer? Do you offer any areas of specialty? What makes your services different from those of your competitors? Make a compelling case on your website.

References/reviews. Most people trust online reviews from peers far more than advertisements from businesses. Include customer reviews, testimonials, and references on your landscaping business website as a form of social proof.

A portfolio of past work. Reviews are great, but if you really want to show off your capabilities, you’ll need a portfolio of high-resolution photos demonstrating what you’ve done in the past. Make sure you feature a wide variety of projects and properties, and describe those projects to your future customers.

Accurate contact information. It’s important that you include your full contact information on your landscaping business website. This includes your phone numbers and physical address. Customers need this info, of course, but search engines also use it.

Forgetting to add contact info could hurt your visibility in search engines like Google. A popular option is to include your address in the footer of your website and your phone number on top, so potential customers can quickly find it.

Characteristics of a successful landscaping website

Take a look at the websites of your staunchest competitors, and you’ll see that most successful landscaping websites offer the following:

Uniqueness. Your landscaping business website and/or services should stand out in some way.

Easy navigation. Navigation refers to the buttons — Home, About, Contact, etc. — that help website visitors move from one place to another on a site. Think of them like stepping stones; it’s important that you create clear signs to lead visitors through your landscaping business website.

You want website visitors to be able to find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed.


Your menu should always be located at the top of your website, as most visitors naturally look there.

Information. Your content should be informative, while describing what your business does and what services you offer, as well as the location(s) you service.

Calls-to-action (CTAs). A call-to-action (CTA) is the desired action you want your visitors to take while they’re on your landscaping business website. If you want to receive phone calls, include your phone number with a “Call Us Now” prominently above it. If you’d like to receive incoming leads, you can have a “Get Your Free Estimate” CTA that directs the visitor to a form they can fill out and submit.

How to create a landscaping business website

Sample GoDaddy Template Landscaping Business Website
GoDaddy Websites + Marketing makes it a snap to create an effective website.

There are many tools online that can help you build a website from scratch, but one of the best options is GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing, which allows anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, to build a landscaping business website.

Here are some of the features that make it ideal for anyone starting a landscaping business:

Templates. With designs for many industries and interest, you don’t have to be a design expert to create a visually appealing website. There are multiple templates pre-built for people who want to start websites quickly and easily.

Easy controls. Websites + Marketing is meant to be easy to use by everyone, even those who are not tech savvy. There is no need to hire someone to manage your website, as you can handle all aspects with just a few simple clicks.

Payment acceptance. Want to avoid having to wait for paper checks to clear? You can collect payments directly on your website in the form of major credit cards, PayPal and even the newest payment options, such as Apple Pay.

Online appointment scheduling. With Websites + Marketing, you can quickly and easily enable your landscaper customers to schedule appointments online. You can even choose how your clients can book services — including availability-based appointments, one-time events, and repeating events.

Marketing tools. Websites + Marketing includes multiple integrated marketing tools, allowing you to capitalize on strategies like SEO and email marketing.

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Get started on your landscaping business website

Starting a landscaping business of your own is both exciting and intimidating. But with the right website builder tool at your disposal, everything gets much easier. Give GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing a try, and see just how easy it is to create a landscaping website of your own.

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Create Extremely Part Time Work In A Home Office

Express to both your family and friends how important it is they understand that just because you are at home, does not mean that the importance of your job is any a lot. It is important that you add up a piece schedule to have posted to suit your family to be aware of and give this same schedule to your friends assure they know when an individual available and still not available.

We all have to work, despite the fact that working is a component of our life (whether we deal with it or not), we possess options on how, when, where and why we purpose. Of course the cause any one works is perfectly for the money, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and enjoy that which you do, but yet there are thousands of individuals who pay a visit to work everyday and definitely don’t enjoy their job.

Children are another distraction even while you are feeling excited. It takes in order to teach for you to let you work, and young ones won’t understand at every one of. Many work at home parents do use daycare or have children member or friend take the kids thus they can get work attained. Have realistic expectations for your household.

Consider Your Investment: Yes, you can invest with your home business, make no mistake about our. Most of your investment should visit your skill-set, such as learning easy methods to operate your business, the best way to market it properly today, and ways to create ROI (return on investment). It is possible to invest minimally given the company and its product/service if you know it is credible as well as get behind it. Put the better a part of your purchase of your working out. Learn some basic skills and then expound upon them given your gains. Too many people put the cart before the horse and spend considerably more money on enrolling having a company, getting into product, purchasing business cards and leads BEFORE they even know who their customers are and approaches to market properly.

As a sole business owner, guaranteed you control all financial decisions. Consider the choice at hand out enterprise credit card carefully, when your ability incorporate purchases in the tax deduct may be negatively swayed.

First thing to know is that everyone can write. Essential have to be an English professor by any means, but really be wanting to express yourself and put your thoughts on paper. A ton of the writing assignments you will encounter for instance blogs, social and even reviews are written an everyday idle tone the majority of can complete. One of very best advantages of work from home writing is which you are in whole control. You alone weigh up which assignments could take allowing you the freedom to select a topic you’re familiar consisting of.

Your situation should really match your job. Are that you a single relative? Are you attending to a youngster? Are you sending kids to university? Is your daily schedule already hectic? A person able to target with many things are going on in your life? An individual have the time to arrange to a responsibility? How many hours are you undoubtedly going shell out working? Ought to is money-making niches lots of jobs in existence that not totally affect your existing routine. Choice have to be able to hard.

How do I figure out how long it will take to create a new software product?

I'm sure some of you are thinking about or working on creating a new software product. What are some things to you think should be considered when trying to figure out the effort for creating something new?

Maybe some of you have been through this and have some ballpark team sizes and durations you can share?

If I assume that most bugs are removed, can I also assume that the first version will have a good chance that users will want it? What are some good practices for exposing users to the app so they can use it?

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