Supreme Court Decision for TM Domains Hear perspectives from Zak Muscovitch, Karen Bernstein, Stevan Lieberman on the historic US Supreme Court decision regarding the trademark on, plus vital thoughts on how this may impact domain valuations from Andrew Rosener.Any domain investor, domain attorney or corporate domain manager, will benefit from today’s show!

#WIPO decision pulls 25 AGFA #domains off the .ICU AGFA is a famous brand and trademark, and the company provides goods and services involving photography, medical imaging and medical software globally. A Chinese individual registered the following .ICU domains, presumably paying less than $ 2 each: agfai….

Differing Opinions on Ramifications of SCOTUS Decision Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that can be trademarked. The 8-1 decision was a good read, and there was some interesting insight from the opinion. The dissent, written by Justice Stephen Breyer, included some positive language that will likely be referenced by generic .com domain name registrants…

How Does the Decision Affect My Generic Domain Names?

 Internet Commerce Association: In an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed with the Internet Commerce Association’s position that under certain conditions, a generic .com domain name can obtain a trademark registration, albeit a very weak one, overruling the position advanced by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The USPTO had take…

“This decision provides the basis to render countless domain names to be worthless junk”

While some are championing and raising prices on their one word .com domain names. John Berryhill has a completely different take. Of course this is one man’s opinion, John does have an expert background in defending domain names in legal disputes. In a series of posts at Namepros John has commented that, “The UDRP rules […]

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How Come To A Decision The Right Work From Their Own Home Opportunity

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Organization. Being organized is a key to building a successful home internet commercial enterprise. Create a daily work schedule, a communication calendar and organize function e.g. computer folders, email messages, therefore on.

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An IP attorney’s take on the decision Jess Collen has been an IP attorney for 30 years and he covered the case on Forbes. Jess did a good job of breaking down what this means for small and mid sized business. He also threw in a bonus for owners of true premium one word .coms. Collen wrote: “That the Trademark Office […] The post An IP attorney&#82…

I’m struggling with this UDRP decision

Is confusingly similar to Everytown?

Blue image with the letters UDRP

I’m having a difficult time digesting a decision in a National Arbitration Forum UDRP.

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. filed the dispute against the domain The Complainant uses the domain

Let me note at the outset that:

1. I’m sympathetic to the Complainant’s cause
2. The domain owner didn’t bother to respond to the dispute
3. It’s possible that the domain owner isn’t legit or is trying to take advantage of the Complainant.

All of that said, I don’t see how you can argue that is confusingly similar to Everytown’s mark.

The Complainant says that the domain is being used to mislead people into donating to a different group. It claims that the Respondent copied photographs and text from the website.

I wasn’t able to find the copied text and photographs but it’s possible they’ve been removed.

The panelist, Nicholas J.T. Smith, determined that “every” is the dominant part of the Complainant’s mark. He compared it to a case in which the ADP WORKFORCE NOW mark was determined to be confusingly similar to

These seem like entirely different levels of confusing similarity.

Smith points to section 1.15 of the WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Third Edition:

1.15 Is the content of the website associated with a domain name relevant in determining identity or confusing similarity?

The content of the website associated with the domain name is usually disregarded by panels when assessing confusing similarity under the first element.

In some instances, panels have however taken note of the content of the website associated with a domain name to confirm confusing similarity whereby it appears prima facie that the respondent seeks to target a trademark through the disputed domain name.

Such content will often also bear on assessment of the second and third elements, namely whether there may be legitimate co-existence or fair use, or an intent to create user confusion.

That’s a fair point.

I just don’t think you can argue that ‘Everytown’ and ‘EveryFamily’ are confusingly similar.

Smith ordered the domain name to be transferred.

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ICANN decision to cancel Hamburg was NOT unanimous Surprisingly, ICANN’s decision last week to cancel its Hamburg annual general meeting in favor of Zoom did not receive the unanimous support of its board of directors. Two directors — Ihab Osman and Ron da Silva — voted against the majority in the June 11 resolution, minutes published last night show. The resolution…

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