222 Domain Discoveries for August 5th

 NameBio.com: Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 222 domains for sale with histo…

17 end user domain name sales up to $100k

A virtual reality company, an adtech company, and a cryptocurrency wallet provider bought domain names.

picture of rolled currency with the words "end-user domain sales"

Sedo had a handful of strong end user domain names sales this week. The buyer of the top sale remains a bit of a mystery, but the second-highest sale was to a virtual reality gaming company.

Here’s a list of end user sales this past week. You can see previous lists like this here.

HiPhi.com $ 99,999 – The domain name resolves to a coming soon page that uses the HiPhi capitalization. Whois shows the buyer is in Shanghai. Oddly, the domain had a for sell message quoting $ 88,888.

NEOS.com €30,000 – NEOS is a virtual reality gaming company. It forwards this domain to NEOSVR.com.

Hekate.com $ 20,000 – Hekate Health Sciences bought this domain. This company has filed for trademarks within nutritional categories relating to medicinal supplements, powdered mushroom and cocoa blends “to aid in reducing anxiety, improve focus, memory, strengthen a user’s immune system and increase the maximum oxygen a person can absorb during athletic performance.”

Hausfinanzierung.de €14,000 – Forwards to Kredit.de/Baufinanzierung. Kredit=loan and Baufinanzierung=construction financing. This website compares the different types of loan and construction financing including their advantages and disadvantages.

Speckmann.com €11,000 – Christoph Speckmann, a technical marketer, bought this domain name.

AmericanPayments.com $ 10,000 – A financial company by the same name bought this domain. American Payments is a coalition of financial institutions providing a safe payment system for consumers and businesses.

KMTX.com $ 10,000 – Keymantics, which calls itself the Keyword Platform, is an online advertising company. KMTX is shorthand for Keymantics.

NordTeam.com $ 9,995 – Team is a German energy and construction company. The domain forwards to the company’s website at Team.de.

Wallet.live $ 7,500 – This domain was bought by Ledger, a cryptocurrency wallet that stores a user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. Hardware wallets isolate your private keys from your computer or smartphone.

Moonshot.de €5,000 – Moonshot is a film production company located near Hamburg, Germany.

Impact.info €4,000 – French venture capital firm Impact Partenaires. It uses the domain Impact.fr.

JobTrailer.com $ 3,599 – Anyone know why the German beer brewer, the Gutmann Brewery, bought this domain?

Loopit.com.au $ 3,000 – Forwards to Loopit.co, which was formerly Blinker. Loopit provides the technology for customers to operate a car subscription service, providing a flexible car ownership alternative.

Lichensclerosus.de €2,800 – Forwards to Lichensclerosus-deutschland.de/home. This is a website in German for a chronic disease that mainly targets women. There’s information on how to live with the disease, how other people can interact and help infected persons, as well as treatment options.

Luxmetall.com $ 2,500 – Forwards to Luxmetall.de, which is a company that sells professional-grade tin sheets for rooftops or walls to reduce noises.

HappyChurch.com $ 2,500 – Macappstudio Private Limited is an app developer. This might be for a client app.

Black-Arrow.com $ 2,200 – Nelogica Sistemas de Software Ltda, a Brazilian software company. Perhaps this is for a product.

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Sedo weekly domain name sales led by Hiphi.com

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Using a trademark in a domain for comparative advertising

Two mattress makers square off over a domain name.

Blue image with the letters UDRP

National Arbitration Forum published a UDRP decision today that is worth reading. It deals with a competitor using another company’s brand name in a domain name.

Bed and mattress company Hästens Sängar AB filed the dispute against Organic Mattresses, Inc. over the domain name ComparetoHastens.com.

When you see this domain name, do you think it’s a website created by the brand included in the domain? Probably not. It’s like seeing a domain that says a company sucks or stinks; your first inclination is that someone else owns the domain name.

In this case, Organize Mattresses, Inc. says it registered the domain (along with others mentioning other brands) to create websites comparing its products to the competition. It registered the instant domain in February but hasn’t built it yet. (It blames Covid-19 for the delay in creating the website.)

Panelist David Bernstein wrote a nuanced position on whether the domain was registered and used in bad faith. Because the Respondent hasn’t created the site yet, its domain registrar put up pay-per-click links to the Complainant’s competitors. Bernstein noted that this was bad faith use. But this is not a case of bad faith registration:

Whether Respondent engaged in bad faith registration requires consideration of Respondent’s intent. Respondent asserts that it registered the domain name in order to establish a comparison website, which, as noted above, could be a permissible use of the disputed domain name. Although Respondent did not come forward with affirmative evidence to establish demonstrable preparations to create such a website (which is a specific requirement under the policy for establishing rights or legitimate interests in a domain name), a finding a (sic) bad faith requires more. It is not enough that Complainant show that Respondent failed to come forward with evidence of its demonstrable preparations; rather, Complainant must come forward with evidence the establishes, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Respondent in fact registered the disputed domain name with a bad faith intention to cybersquat on the domain name. Such evidence might include evidence of an intent to sell the disputed domain name to Complainant for a profit, to prevent Complainant from reflecting its own trademark in a corresponding domain name, to disrupt Complainant’s business, or to attract consumers to the website to which the domain name resolves by creating a likelihood of confusion as to the source, sponsorship or affiliation of the website. See generally Policy ¶ 4(b).

Complainant has not submitted sufficient evidence to establish any of these examples of bad faith registration, or any other basis for a conclusion that the disputed domain name was registered in bad faith. To the contrary, Respondent has provided sworn declarations of its CEO, Jeff Bader, who attests that Respondent registered the disputed domain name in order to establish a comparison website. Although Mr. Bader’s testimonial evidence (which was not accompanied by any documentary support) was insufficient to meet the Policy’s requirement of showing “demonstrable preparations,” the Panel does find the statements credible with respect to Respondent’s intent at the time of registration.

It is true that such a comparison website, if launched, may attract consumers to it. But, if the website is properly designed, it likely would not cause confusion as to source, sponsorship or affiliation; rather, it should be clear that the website does not come from Complainant but rather from a competitor of Complainant. It also is true that such a comparison website might be designed to divert business from Complainant to Respondent, but that is not the kind of disruption of a competitor’s business contemplated by the Policy as evidence of bad faith registration and use.

Bernstein denied the complaint.

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