What is the first role you should hire upon reaching the revenue stage for a freemium app? It’s just me CEO) and my developer and we are making enough after the first month to pay ourselves small salaries. Should we be focusing on getting a business developer/marketer for the first hiree?

I need to ease the burden of the work I do because I think I need to be more focused on strategy and getting investment. Even the legal stuff is taking up a lot of time too.

One obvious role to start considering is business development/marketing director, as I have no expertise in this field and it seems like they could provide a pretty decent ROI assuming they are good. Is this the same as a "growth hacker"?

We also need to start looking for another developer, likely just frontend. But I'm interested to hear what other tech startups tend to start looking for at this stage.

I realise every company is different, especially when my skills as a CEO might be different from someone else's. But it would still be good to get a general idea of what people see as absolutely critical hires at this stage.

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Getting traction for a college oriented startup?

We created a site similar to www.coursehero.com or https://oneclass.com The only difference, is its on a pay per use model vs. subscription.

So far, we're focusing only on one college. Once we are successful with this college, we will expand to the other universities. We have posted in the college's subreddit, but the post was deleted, because it violated school honor code 🙁

How do we get more users to use the site? Any good approaches?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Is Getting A Work From My Home Business Any Effort?

For example; the weight loss program which personally promote works for ladies who must stay all of the home and might still work while if you’re of family duties. Furthermore, it will do business with men or women in the workforce whom want to work a legitimate part time business.

Planning my day has been paramount for me personally working successfully at your residence. Knowing what deadlines or calls to make at the beginning of my day keeps me focused so i get more work finished. I also try to do similar tasks in sequence to be able to a greater workflow. Ensure that you do allow some flexibility within your schedule we are all aware things happen beyond our control. From the beginning, I wasn’t always so organized and I wasted time and effort fluttering around from one project to a new. However, I found over time, the system of planning my days works well for me in my house business.

If you’re searching the web for a work at home job opportunity, research first. Read each listing carefully. Can see this the recruiter is in search of certain key elements. Don’t apply for any online job that seems too good to be true-because normally is.

In this article, “real” means there might be a person, it’s tough valid entity owning a consultant – that cheats no one, and give a fair opportunity for work, and a contingency lead to possibly generate income. A “fake” is the person is hiding, or the company isn’t registered as providing valid company, or when their purpose seems to be, or is, to scam a person.

Do you already or are you willing devote more time on the phone with business calls? Control it . be afraid of the phone or computer in these periods if you need to work from home.

A great home business usually offer training or experience to something you are an expert in. Frequently prefer to adopt lessons from the guy who can organize their programs around them as opposed to having to comply with school plans. These lessons can be trained in the enjoyment of quite home on the variety of topics.

When work for just about any company, involving sight, regarding your mind can end up being an example of the difficulties you amassed against. For instance, even though you might be very qualified for a promotion, since work from home, may also not be utilized as seriously as numerous your game. It’s also feasible for you in order to become inadvertently kept out of the loop in important marketing. It’s important to get very intentional about staying indispensable.

8 Strategies To Improve Your Odds Of Getting A Loan

debt-loan-approvedA common question I get is “How do I get a bank loan to fund my startup?” The default answer is that it probably won’t happen, because most banks just don’t make bank loans to startups. The failure rate is just too high, and startups typically don’t have the assets or revenue stream to back up the loan. That’s why angel and equity investors are so sought after by entrepreneurs.

In my experience, some startup founders do overcome these odds, but you need to be realistic and do your homework. Here are some tips and rules of thumb to improve your odds and help you understand when a bank loan or line of credit is possible, and how to get it:

  1. Write a good business plan first. Approaching a banker without a business plan, and asking for money, is a sure way to be rejected and leave a bad first impression. Pay particular attention to the financials, and have a CPA friend review for reasonableness before presenting.

  1. Clean up your credit rating before you apply. Good credit ratings, both personal and business, are essential to getting a loan or line of credit. This is just common sense, since every loan has a repayment schedule, and your credit score reflects your track record of paying bills on time.
  1. Pick a business domain that is squeaky clean. Certain business sectors have historical high failure rates and are routinely avoided by banks and investors. These include food service, retail, consulting, work at home, and telemarketing. Also, don’t expect enthusiasm for your gambling site, porn site, gaming, or debt collection business.
  1. Show a significant personal investment. Most loan programs, and most investors, want to see that you have “skin in the game’ before helping you. If you have nothing at risk, your own level of commitment is suspect. As a general rule, your investment should be at least 20 percent of the total projected loan requirement.
  1. Demonstrate an ability to repay from revenues, not collateral. Bankers will insist that you have collateral to back the loan, like equipment, or even your home. They actually prefer to see that you have a revenue stream to repay the loan, since they don’t want to own another home. The more conservative ask for two years of positive cash flow.
  1. Demonstrate experience in starting a business, ideally in this domain. Bankers, like investors, fund people rather than ideas. Your idea alone will not get you a loan, but your experience running businesses may get you a loan, even if not intimately related to the current proposal.
  1. Conduct meetings at your site, not at the bank. You have an advantage if you can get them on your turf, and even get several key employees to tag-team the presentation. If you are a startup operating out of your garage or basement, you are likely too early in the cycle to get banks interested.
  1. Eliminate your salary from the use of funds. Most startup founders don’t take a salary for the first year or two, since most investors as well as bankers won’t give you money so that you can pay yourself. The most positive use of funds is to buy raw materials to build product for existing customer orders. In fact, customer orders are great collateral.

Even if you can’t meet all these criteria, it’s definitely worthwhile to utilize the free services of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and SCORE in the US to get their help in preparing for the loan option. They have contacts with the more “startup friendly” banks in your area, like Silicon Valley Bank, and might even be able to arrange a “loan guarantee” if you meet these criteria.

In all cases, the loan option should be investigated before looking for an angel investor, since the “cost” of a loan is usually considered less than giving up a large share of your company equity and control to angel or venture capital investors. I’m told that 21 companies on the Inc 500 list started with bank loans, so you can do it too.

Marty Zwilling
Startup Professionals Musings

Is Getting A Work In A Home Office Business Worth The Effort?

Being small business is like running a marathon. People who do dont you have the perseverance and attitude to succeed will quit altogether. These quitters numerous cases the market . go around telling others that home business businesses are scams because it did perform for it.

Hence, 90% of the citizenry in our planet needs to start your own business, a home based organisation. In this article, we will be looking at the top excellent why you need to work from home and generate residual income that will feed you and your family for their lives.

Many the likes of Amway and Avon do billions of dollars small business worldwide as they are very in order to get started with. Also you can join internet-based advertising opportunities and run business strictly world wide web.

A great home business end up being offer training or experience to something you are an expert in. People often prefer attempt lessons via guy families can use organize their programs around them as opposed to having to comply with school lives. These lessons can be trained in the comfort of your own home on the variety of topics.

Your banking information is personal. If any company asks an individual verify information in an email it is really a scam. Essential only accept online payments through systems like PayPal or Alertpay. This way your personal account results are not to an unfamiliar party. Incase of an appointment hang up and call the company directly which means you know you’re actually in conversation with a company representative.

An easy way to keep yourself track is actually by make a fundamental daily task list through your own efforts. The most successful enterprise owners include the who usually stays focused. Producing and maintaining a task list for yourself, place eliminate time you will need to spend deciding what total next. To work at home successfully, you could do with your time efficiently actually amazing the length of time can get wasted just sitting there deciding what to do next. Should you seriously desire to work at home, you’ll have to consider your time management skills seriously.

When you can work online at home, discover have customers the around the world. I write if anyone is from all facets of the English speaking world. Implies is that I will be certain of work priced all period – if one economy or sector slows down, the quonset hut is picks to # 1.

I’ve been working a full time job, studying and also working full time on a startup, but I’m slowly getting unmotivated

Everyday I’m constantly up till around 5pm-3am working on my start up. It’s been going well for the past few months but lately I’ve been doubting myself. I’ve done the math, and this is a fantastic startup idea, but it’s getting difficult to keep going. I’ve only invested a small portion of funds into the project but know in the next weeks I’ll have to invest significantly more, I have the funds to do so but I’m nervous I’m going to waste funds on an idea I’ll abandon.

Please. I would be incredibly grateful if someone provided some resources in the comments to stay motivated. Or ideas to think about that could kick-start my passion, what should I think about, the future, the present? Any help would be appreciated ❤️

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Getting started with contract hunting.

I'm launching my own IT / Web services and security company. Mostly out of necessity due to the times we live in.

We can offer a range of services from app dev to cyber security (our speciality) to something as simple as web development.

What is puzzling me is where do people go to find the contracts and bid on them? They must be out there somewhere…

I would be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, please?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Getting startup investment for 2nd phase of business, by just owning large datasets of vehicle insurance quotes?

I’ve created a web-scraper that scrapes vehicle insurance companies in my country, auto filling the quote forms with data to generate quotes. My small country only has about 20 providers. Ive generated a lot of quote data from all these providers.

In your experience, would it be possible to get startup investment for phase 2 of my startup just based off this data and my plan?

Phase 2: My next goal is to employ a small team to implement some machine learning models to approximate the pricing models used by all these providers.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Getting Creative Right Of The Dot

 NamePros.com: The original intention was that extensions would play a key role in specifying the type of website that would be on that domain name. Domain names ending in .com were originally intended to be commercial in nature, while .org was intended for organizations, mainly nonprofit ones, and .net was to be used for network-related applicatio…