Partnership with Google for their Digital Solutions? Is it pushy enterprise sales tactic or something worthy?

Hey all,

I got an email yesterday from Google growth specialist (his LinkedIn checks out) with the following text (below). Trying to figure out what this is and if it's something you came across? For context – I have an ecommerce startup with traffic about 45-50k/month and revenues in the lower four figures & growing – we launched in October.

Email text:

"I’m part of an initiative at Google focused on finding companies we think have high potential for growth and partnering with them to design and execute a digital marketing strategy using Google Ads (Search, Display, YouTube, etc).

We’re currently choosing 4-5 Dutch companies to bring into this partnership initiative and I wanted to see if X [name of my company] might be a good fit.

Could you please forward this email to the one responsible for new partnerships or digital marketing?"

I asked for more details and here was the answer:

"To give you some context, my team offers a limited number of high potential companies from the Netherlands a direct relationship with Google where we provide the same access to data and resources normally reserved for only the largest companies. In this exclusive partnership initiative, we can during 3-6 months support you in developing and optimizing a digital marketing strategy using our different Google Ads solutions."

Any ideas what this is?

(also posted this on ecommerce sub for feedback)

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Sales Landers buried on Google!

 Domaining Tips: Today: sold for $ 9,600 / Domain parsing tools that Capitalize words within domain / The Appraisal Of – / and More… Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Buying SquadHelp Premium Accepted 2 Word .coms ONLY (No Madeup names) – Budget: Up to $ 150.00 – Are…

Googles vs Google

It seems before the search juggernaut came along there was a children’s company called Googles Children’s Workshop. In 1997 they registered the trademark GOOGLES. They of course also registered the domain name The website did not launch until 1998 when that little company in Mountain View came on the scene. While they have many […]

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How To Help You Home On Google – Home-Based Ideas

Now i always have explored the benefits, it additionally be important to consider at the drawbacks. Obviously working from their home isn’t in order to be perfect either. Outlined below are six disadvantages of operating from home.

Do I have the courage to spark up a home company? To realize your aspirations in online business, you have to be self-driven, hardworking, excited about your business, persistent and able to take thing.

If you dream getting your own home business, a person finally find legitimate home business that have the best possibility of being award winning. And then, you can start your house based business now. Why wait not any longer?

Organization. Organization is an important to building a successful home internet companies. Create a daily work schedule, a communication calendar and organize your work e.g. computer folders, email messages, thus.

Often are incredibly important . think of work from home jobs they regarding computers. Whether it’s being an online online assistant or an independent web designer, most of the time working your own is synonymous with keyboards and spread bed.

Research your niche find out what other home businesses are out so there. Write out a detailed plan contains all facets of the new tasks. Come apart your plan into projects, then set goals to complete them.

First Tip: Find cash advance work at home business to join that has an great history over getting few years in support service. If the actual does dont you have great customer service, apart from! They has to have a house number for reached in plain sight on their main Company online business. You want to sign up for a Company that interactions to answer any support questions that your customers and team have so that there is no hold up in building your business fast. Good customer support goes quite some way these days.

Get everyone on deck. The number one key for time management techniques in a residential job would be get everyone on ship. While spending time together with family is important, these people be distraction if you’ve work which should be to be completed. It’s easier if are with an office overseas. When working from home, ensure everyone should know when you’re “off” and “on”.

Mucho weirdness as Google “forgets” to renew major domain Google has lost control of a key domain name, breaking millions of URLs used by its customers. It emerged today that the domain expired in May and was deleted around June 24. It was promptly re-registered via a non-ICANN registrar based in India called Domainming and put up for sale on Sedo for $ 5,999. […] Related …

Does Your Dog Google? Pet Wants Of Which You Work From!

Carpe diem much? No, of course not, none of us do. However, despite the impracticality of just living each day as unpredicted expenses your last, you can’t always live like it’s first. Us have a business idea that we’re confident could work if we had the possibility. Well, if you’re breathing then you do take advantage of the chance, so seize everything. The only thing worse than failing is not trying.

Do you’ve got the ability to deal with the regular operations at home during the amount of time that you’ll be working from? Many people who start hunting to set up a home business fail straight out of the gate.

Make bound to get enough laughter. Laughing out loud has the cabability to lift your spirits and reinvigorate your positive feelings about exciting world of. Find some funny animal videos online, or watch some arise on you-tube! This will assist clear the ready for work once again.

Job boards such as Monster perhaps have some work at home openings recognized. You still have to take care at such sites, despite the fact that employers be required to pay to post jobs currently there.

For some, the biggest selling reason for working out of your home is the possible of flexible hours. Which may also change into the biggest pitfall. Without office going into associated with morning and nobody overlooking your shoulder, you’ll be tempted not collection an alarm to wake at an easily affordable hour.

When you work from home (provided you don’t actually have customers calling at your home) you can put on just going to work. No need to buy dress for success suits and heels, you can slop around in your pajamas right through the day if that’s what you care to do.

Most people are also unlikely to the particular environment which are in and the concentration need while engaging. It would be any problem working and in the background, children are playing.

Google Moves for More Control of World’s News with Major Google Play Update WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Something remarkably interesting has been happening behind the scenes which very few have noticed, however, one firm who has not missed the quickly changing landscape, is information hoarder and narrative controller, Google. Over the last year or so, quietly brewing behind the scenes, has been Google’s loss of c…

Can you suggest me google alerts free alternatives please? I want to create a startup that resells and installs software. I need to hear about every new online opportunity for that specific software.

Hi everybody. I think I was clear.

I am conducting a market research to choose the software I want to resell. I want to know about all the opportunities in my country (and worldwide) because, firstly, I want to choose which technology to work with, and secondly, I want to apply massively when the time comes .

Thank you.

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SumUp join hands with Google to ramp up support for local businesses

UK based fintech startup SumUp announced a partnership with search engine giant Google to help merchants using Google My Business to add support links to Gift Cards directly to their Business Profile on Google. This move comes as a support to help small businesses amid this COVID-19 pandemic

It allows customers and supporters to discover and purchase Gift Cards via SumUp when they search for their favourite local businesses on Google in the UK, the US, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria, and Switzerland. Importantly, SumUp merchants will also be highlighted for a limited time via “support local businesses nearby” banners on Google Maps in select countries.

SumUp was founded back in 2011 by Daniel Klein, Jan Deepen, Marc-Alexander Christ, Petter Made, and Stefan Jeschonnek. With 9 funding rounds till now, the company has raised a total of €398 million. The company surpassed annual revenue of €200 million in 2019, and a 100% year over year growth is prognosticated for 2020.

In the past few months, the London-based fintech startup unveiled numerous tools to support its merchants globally during the pandemic. With this, SumUp merchants will have an additional avenue to continue promoting their services and offers by creating connections with existing and new customers alike.

Marcel Schneider, CCO at SumUp comments: “As we push through the current difficulties of the COVID-19 crisis, I am constantly in awe of the innovations and solutions our extraordinary team at SumUp is creating to help our merchants across the world. We are delighted to partner with Google on this initiative, which is the latest pertinent example of the forward-thinking methods being undertaken to continue building support systems for our small businesses, and help them to keep trading during these uncertain times.”

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Google acquires smart glasses company North, whose Focals 2.0 won’t ship

Google confirmed today via blog post that it has acquired Canadian smart glasses company North, which began life as human interface hardware startup Thalmic Labs in 2012. The company didn’t reveal any details about the acquisition, which was first reported to be happening by The Globe and Mail, last week. The blog post is authored by Google’s SVP of Devices & Services Rick Osterloh, which cites North’s “strong technology foundation” as a key driver behind the deal.

Osterloh also emphasizes Google’s existing work in building “ambient computing,” which is to say computing that fades into the background of a user’s life, as the strategic reasoning behind the acquisition. North will join Google’s existing team in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, where North is already based, and it will aid with the company’s “hardware efforts and ambient computing future,” according to Osterloh.

In a separate blog post, North’s co-founders Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant discuss their perspective on the acquisition. They say the deal makes sense because it will help “significantly advance our shared vision,” but go on to note that this will mean winding down support for Focals 1.0, the first-generation smart glasses product that North released last year, and cancelling any plans to ship Focals 2.0, the second-generation version that the company had been teasing and preparing to release over the last several months.

Focals received significant media attention following their release, and provided the most consumer-friendly wearable-glasses-computing-interface ever launched. They closely resembled regular optical glasses, albeit with larger arms to house the active computing components, and projected a transparent display overlay onto one frame which showed things like messages and navigation directions.

Around the Focals 1.0 debut, North co-founder and CEO Stephen Lake told me that the company had originally begun developing its debut product, the Myo gesture control armband, to create a way to interact naturally with the ambient smart computing platforms of the future. Myo read electrical pulses generated by the body when you move your arm, and translated that into computer input. After realizing that devices it was designed to work with, including VR headsets and wearable computers like Google Glass, weren’t far enough along for its novel control paradigm to take off, they shifted to addressing the root of the problem with Focals.

Focals had some major limitations, however, including initially requiring that anyone wanting to purchase them go into a physical location for fitting, and then return for adjustments once they were ready. They were also quite expensive, and didn’t support the full range of prescriptions needed by many existing glasses-wearers. Software limitations, including limited access to Apple’s iMessage platform, also hampered the experience for Apple mobile device users.

North (and Myo before it) always employed talented and remarkable mechanical electronics engineers sourced from the nearby University of Waterloo, but its ideas typically failed to attract the kind of consumer interest that would’ve been required for sustained independent operation. The company had raised nearly $ 200 million in funding since its founding; as mentioned, no word on the total amount Google paid, but it doesn’t seem likely to have been a blockbuster exit.

In an email to North customers, the company also said it would be refunding the full amount paid for any Focals purchases — likely to defray any complaints about the end of software support, which occurs relatively soon, on July 31, 2020.

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