[Hailo in TechCrunch] Hailo challenges Intel and Google with its new AI modules for edge devices

Hailo, a Tel Aviv-based startup best known for its high-performance AI chips, today announced the launch of its M.2 and Mini PCIe high-AI acceleration modules. Based around its Hailo-8 chip, these new models are meant to be used in edge devices for anything from smart city and smart home solutions to industrial applications.

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Hailo challenges Intel and Google with its new AI modules for edge devices

Hailo, a Tel Aviv-based startup best known for its high-performance AI chips, today announced the launch of its M.2 and Mini PCIe high-AI acceleration modules. Based around its Hailo-8 chip, these new models are meant to be used in edge devices for anything from smart city and smart home solutions to industrial applications.

Today’s announcement comes about half a year after the company announced a $ 60 million Series B funding round. At the time, Hailo said it was raising those new funds to roll out its new AI chips, and with today’s announcement, it’s making good on this promise. In total, the company has now raised $ 88 million.

“Manufacturers across industries understand how crucial it is to integrate AI capabilities into their edge devices. Simply put, solutions without AI can no longer compete,” said Orr Danon, CEO of Hailo, in today’s announcement. “Our new Hailo-8 M.2 and Mini PCIe modules will empower companies worldwide to create new powerful, cost-efficient, innovative AI-based products with a short time-to-market – while staying within the systems’ thermal constraints. The high efficiency and top performance of Hailo’s modules are a true gamechanger for the edge market.”

Image Credits: Hailo

Developers can still use frameworks like TensorFlow and ONNX to build their models, and Hailo’s Dataflow compiler will handle the rest. One thing that makes Hailo’s chips different is its architecture, which allows it to automatically adapt to the needs of the neural network running on it.

Hailo is not shy about comparing its solution to that of heavyweights like Intel, Google and Nvidia. With 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) and power efficiency of 3 TOPS/W, the company claims its edge modules can analyze significantly more frames per second than Intel’s Myriad-X and Google’s Edge TPU modules — all while also being far more energy efficient.

Image Credits: Hailo

The company is already working with Foxconn to integrate the M.2 module into its “BOXiedge” edge computing platform. Because it’s just a standard M.2 module, Foxconn was able to integrate it without any rework. Using the Hailo-8 M.2 solution, this edge computing server can process 20 camera streams at the same time.

“Hailo’s M.2 and Mini PCIe modules, together with the high-performance Hailo-8 AI chip, will allow many rapidly evolving industries to adopt advanced technologies in a very short time, ushering in a new generation of high performance, low power, and smarter AI-based solutions,” said Dr. Gene Liu, VP of Semiconductor Subgroup at Foxconn Technology Group.

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Looking to help people setup / optimise Google Ads accounts (no fee)

Hello people,

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Sell your products on Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Google using Websites + Marketing Marketplaces

This post was originally published on March 26, 2020 and was updated on Sept. 24, 2020.

We’re all living in the midst of tremendous uncertainty and unease with the ongoing impact of COVID-19. As a small business owner, you’re affected in a profound way. But there are ways to help and contribute, and as an Online Store proprietor, you are in a unique position to make a significant impact.

The world has suddenly shifted into a near complete virtual landscape — with the continued uncertainty as a result of the pandemic, customers are looking to buy everything online. There’s a sense of great urgency around the way people are shopping right now — they don’t have time to waste. They want an efficient and effective way to get their products as soon as possible.

For this very reason, it’s crucial to start listing your products in major marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

Let trusted big brands do the marketing for you

By listing your own products with trusted bigger brands, you’ll not only get the benefit of their advertising muscle, but potentially drive new visitors to your own site.

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Because these companies already have robust marketing strategies in place, it saves you the time and trouble it would take to strategize in a pinch.


Not every marketplace is a good fit for every type of product, however. Here’s a quick rundown of each marketplace and their suggested product categories:


Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the United States, with over 112 million Prime members. With such a large userbase, the key categories include a wide range of options:

  • Health and beauty
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Home goods
  • Books and media

In order to connect your Online Store to Amazon, you must have a seller account a transaction fee is taken based on the level of seller account you have. Take a look at Amazon’s beginner’s guide to selling and how to start selling on Amazon to learn more.

Note: Websites + Marketing’s Marketplaces does not support Amazon Homemade.


Boasting a global marketplace of over 179 million buyers, eBay is a longstanding ecommerce powerhouse. Here are the key categories offered on eBay’s platform:

  • Home goods
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Etsy is a fast-growing handmade goods and craft marketplace, with over 45 million buyers in 2019. These categories will be your best bet on Etsy:

  • Handmade jewelry
  • Home and living items
  • Wedding and party goods
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Google Shopping Actions

Google, the world’s largest search engine provider, offers Google Shopping Actions built into its robust search network. This service allows search users to purchase products directly from search engine results.

Given the vast range that the Google search results can display, the key product categories are wide-ranging as well:

  • Animals and pets
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As the largest retailer in the United States with a fast-growing online marketplace, Walmart provides a large audience for your products. Walmart offers these key categories online:

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You can do this!

If you need a helping hand, we’re here for you.

Above all, have faith in yourself. We have faith in you.


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Google continues to emphasize that keywords in domains do nothing for SEO

 MorganLinton.com: For years now Google has been sending a clear message when it comes to the role that domain names play in their ranking algorithm, in short, it doesn’t. Recently Google’s John Muller continued to emphasize this message and expanded it to cover new gTLDs: “This is a really common question that comes up for the […]

Financial related: what’s this things i want to do actually called in the financial / investor world? I need guidance so I can Google and teach myself. But I’m stuck.

Financial related.

Looking for advice on what this might be classified as so I can then do proper research to find the right financial and legal people and mentors to help me.

There are two parts to my business. One continuous sales cycle product type. Typical b2b things. Typical cycles. Room for growth, and upselling, didn't related products, and subscriptions packages with those products etc.

But the second part of my business involves much larger projects. They would be running continuously, but each project start is staggered from the next. Each one is very long term, a completely different beast, and the sales process is very long (years) and highly beuracratic involving super complex contracts with dozens of key players. Negotiations, and more. We can kinda prep to eventually do lower level contracts (under 100k setup costs), but the return on the low level stuff isn't worthwhile. We can't even begin to do any decent return projects until we have a minimum of 350k for our infrastructure / set up for these long haul beasts, and most excellent ones we want to be at way down the line will cost us infrastructure costs and setup upwards of a few million (all in, including salarys, everything necessary without me inflating numbers etc). Note I'm not doing anything new here. This is all typical for my industry.

The first side of the day to day operations, of the typical products/sales process, is essentially funding the second one. This keeps the lights on and the doors open. It gets us up in the morning. We are, just starting anyways and nowhere near amassing enough. So, I want to boost this second side with funding. Huge returns if we do it right.

Ideally i want a pool of investors that get something akin to dividends, if we make money on those projects they do. But not equity. Or am I calling it the wrong thing. The more I collect the more diversified we can be in those huge arenas. We can't promise we will succeed though either. But we really don't want to do equity shares or convertible notes etc, these people will be funding projects not giving money to the company for equity or shares or seats. We aren't doing another round, we are doing continuous fund collections for this and we hope our success and results gain additional investors.

What other financial instruments are there? Am i overlooking things? Are we really just collecting money, creating a pool and contracts for each person dictating risk? Are we opening ourselves as a mutual fund kinda things and need to be beholden to those financial regulatory thing and I'm just calling it something else? Are they just gifts with odd contracts?

I'm really lost at what to call this and where it all fits in in the financial world?

I'm looking for investors. But it doesn't feel like an angel or vc related type, maybe a growth thing, but it's not perfectly related to the first so it's not actually growth of anything. But it's not a seed round and the project costs are well above family and friends levels at well over 150k.

Anyways I'm starting to give all sorts of examples, but instead let me see what you all have for pointing me in the right direction. Or asking clarifying questions. I need to learn what this is called so i can set it up right with the right legal people and financial folks and then prospect for the right people.


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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

What are creative ways to use Google search to research my competition?

Hello all, I recently read about a creative way one person used Google to research competition.

This article showed how to do a Google search that returns all webpages that talk about the company being searched for, minus any pages on the company’s site. The theory is to then contact those websites with a press release about a new product in that same industry.

Are there any other similar searches out there that help in this same manner?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Luther.AI is a new AI tool that acts like Google for personal conversations

When it comes to pop culture, a company executive or history questions, most of us use Google as a memory crutch to recall information we can’t always keep in our heads, but Google can’t help you remember the name of your client’s spouse or the great idea you came up with at a meeting the other day.

Enter Luther.AI, which purports to be Google for your memory by capturing and transcribing audio recordings, while using AI to deliver the right information from your virtual memory bank in the moment of another online conversation or via search.

The company is releasing an initial browser-based version of their product this week at TechCrunch Disrupt where it’s competing for the $ 100,000 prize at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield.

Luther.AI’s founders say the company is built on the premise that human memory is fallible, and that weakness limits our individual intelligence. The idea behind Luther.AI is to provide a tool to retain, recall and even augment our own brains.

It’s a tall order, but the company’s founders believe it’s possible through the growing power of artificial intelligence and other technologies.

“It’s made possible through a convergence of neuroscience, NLP and blockchain to deliver seamless in-the-moment recall. GPT-3 is built on the memories of the public internet, while Luther is built on the memories of your private self,” company founder and CEO Suman Kanuganti told TechCrunch.

It starts by recording your interactions throughout the day. For starters, that will be online meetings in a browser, as we find ourselves in a time where that is the way we interact most often. Over time though, they envision a high-quality 5G recording device you wear throughout your day at work and capture your interactions.

If that is worrisome to you from a privacy perspective, Luther is building in a few safeguards starting with high-end encryption. Further, you can only save other parties’ parts of a conversation with their explicit permission. “Technologically, we make users the owner of what they are speaking. So for example, if you and I are having a conversation in the physical world unless you provide explicit permission, your memories are not shared from this particular conversation with me,” Kanuganti explained.

Finally, each person owns their own data in Luther and nobody else can access or use these conversations either from Luther or any other individual. They will eventually enforce this ownership using blockchain technology, although Kanuganti says that will be added in a future version of the product.

Luther.ai search results recalling what person said at meeting the other day about customer feedback.

Image Credits: Luther.ai

Kanuganti says the true power of the product won’t be realized with a few individuals using the product inside a company, but in the network effect of having dozens or hundreds of people using it, even though it will have utility even for an individual to help with memory recall, he said.

While they are releasing the browser-based product this week, they will eventually have a stand-alone app, and can also envision other applications taking advantage of the technology in the future via an API where developers can build Luther functionality into other apps.

The company was founded at the beginning of this year by Kanuganti and three co-founders including CTO Sharon Zhang, design director Kristie Kaiser and scientist Marc Ettlinger. It has raised $ 500,000 and currently has 14 employees including the founders.

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Does Canine Google? Doggy Wants You To Work From Your Own Home!

In this article, “real” means there might be a person, or even perhaps a valid entity owning a consultant – that cheats no one, and offers a fair opportunity for work, or maybe a contingency lead to possibly earn money. A “fake” is each and every person is hiding, also known as the company is not registered as a general valid company, or when their purpose seems to be, or is, to scam your site.

It’s seeing that people who signed you up do not want you recognize about it. They make funds by keeping you at the bottom levels and not allowing you to succeed, but a top-tier program will not only force you a five-figure monthly income in the initial 30 days, but can even teach you valuable skills and advertising models that allows you greatest and fullest in whatever business you’re currently related to as efficiently. That’s exactly using need for want to work at home.

A good step to increase your se returns and generating increased traffic for your internet site is to create a banner page. Observing be able to exchange for your special banners with outer site owners. This is an easy way increase your ratings in search engines and get customers you can control your page, which will allow you to market your products easily.

Focus on a niche where demand is well-built to make sure of the profitability of your home business. Locate a market with products that sell well and pay well. Within mind that mind that anytime the consideration in the technique is high, better for your online.

Fortunately, there are some home businesses ideas you will do that require very little cash. Some businesses can also be maintained on a shoestring budgets.

Hence just worry you have to bear can be your business will services. To make sure your business works, embark on the work from home business model that the actual step-by-step proven system you are able to strong team support that can assist you along your journey to business success. Therefore, we say that you cannot fail in business, you’re able only discontinue.

There is actually no reason to investigate an old-school conventional company that hires you. Companies such as Apple, Google, and many retail stores are not going off. Almost always, you can assume the checks they pay you will not bounce, you will be paid to match your work, several.