It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission – a read for technical founders who care about Asian representation

It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission. For the past 10 months, I’ve dedicated my life to building a platform where Asians can represent their unique story, show their personality and transcend stereotypes with the end goal of finding meaningful connections. In short, it would be a video dating app that celebrates the Asian experience.

I was determined to build this platform because I am a product of immigrants who was raised on western media and its negative portrayal of Asians. I’m doing this because I’m still hurting and recognize that we, the collective Asian community, are longing to heal from the generations of ancestral trauma and internalized racism.

We gathered a small group of talented and passionate individuals with the same passion, values, drive and mission to improve the lives of Asian individuals, and were just 2 weeks away from releasing the beta. Over 900 people have signed up to be beta testers and there was genuine excitement and support in the community about this product and our mission.

This all ended abruptly just a few days ago when our CTO was forced to pull out of the project due to unforeseen family reasons and extenuating circumstances. Now, we are left with 900 individuals who’ve been eagerly and patiently waiting for the app, an app that’s about 2 weeks away from beta stage completion and a small group of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to offer a better dating experience for Asian individuals. We’ve come to a standstill.

But we’re not giving up here. We’ve come too far and there is too much at stake – the possibility of helping Asians lead happier lives. As difficult as it was to find our original and amazing CTO, we’re again looking for a talented CTO and co-founder to continue our mission.

The app is built on Firebase and Flutter, and it’s pretty great – again, near public beta shape. We’re looking for a CTO and co-founder who is a senior full-stack developer with experience in mobile development and startups. The most important quality, however, is that this person is passionate about Asian representation and believes in a mission like ours. The team is working remotely so it doesn’t matter where you are. You would join for equity. (So this isn’t a job post.) We have no funding and don’t have any grand illusions of getting any at this stage without users or revenue. But money is not what drives us and it’s not why we’re doing this.

And if you’re curious, yes, we’ve done the research, the surveys, the interviews, the prototyping, the alpha testing. I can tell you straight out: Will all Asians want to use this app? NO. Some Asians don’t want to date other Asians and that’s their prerogative. We’re not here to convert anyone. But do Asians in general want a platform like this? YES. The majority of Asians do see the benefit and value in dating someone who comes from a similar experience and upbringing. And just because you’re on this app doesn’t mean you’re not open to dating non-Asians. And is the app sticky? Fuck ya.

We believe this is an app that has the potential to become the “TikTok” of Asian dating – a cool platform that everyone wants to join. Yeah, nothing like this has existed before so it’s hard for some to even imagine it. But 900 of you and many more that have reached out with support can see that vision and that possibility. This will be a platform where Asians can proudly celebrate our identity, culture and story, and, by telling our stories with compassion, love and empathy, allow ourselves to find self-acceptance and even, perhaps, love.

If you believe in a mission like ours and you’re interested in possibly joining our team or know anyone that might be, please tell them about and tell them to message me at Fingers crossed. Thank you.

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Hi all👋! We are a startup that helps to build web applications without coding. I’m making a short research.

So I’m looking for people who need:
• super admin portal to set up emails, calendars, meeting links, etc. for different users,
• one point to the integrated data from different systems,
• some extension like a small application for ERP/CRM;
• back-office integrated with such tools like ERP/CRM.
I would be happy if you spare some time to talk to us about how you handle these processes and what pain points you have. Please, answer in the thread or contact with my colleague to have a quick chat ([](

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I’m young, have no experience, and I’m nervous about a saturated market!!

I’m 18 and just graduated high school. I want to make a bipartisan political news website but who doesn’t? From what I can tell, online news is a saturated market. Everyone wants to make their own newspaper. Is it even worth it to try? I’m enlisting in the Air Force so I need it to be online and not paper, but I keep putting off creating the website because I think it’ll just flop. Am I overthinking this or is it genuinely a good idea to just stop before I go to far into it and fail? I’ve never started a business before and going into the military makes me think that I won’t really have the time for it. I could wait until I’m out of the service but why put off for four years what I could start today? Any advice at all is greatly appreciated!

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Interested in coming out with a natural hair oil line but I’m scared

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I want to start selling hair oil for natural hair but soon it will be all hair types. I have results that speak for itself but I just don’t know where to begin or how to do it.

Those who started in beauty, how did you do it?

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I’m struggling with this UDRP decision

Is confusingly similar to Everytown?

Blue image with the letters UDRP

I’m having a difficult time digesting a decision in a National Arbitration Forum UDRP.

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. filed the dispute against the domain The Complainant uses the domain

Let me note at the outset that:

1. I’m sympathetic to the Complainant’s cause
2. The domain owner didn’t bother to respond to the dispute
3. It’s possible that the domain owner isn’t legit or is trying to take advantage of the Complainant.

All of that said, I don’t see how you can argue that is confusingly similar to Everytown’s mark.

The Complainant says that the domain is being used to mislead people into donating to a different group. It claims that the Respondent copied photographs and text from the website.

I wasn’t able to find the copied text and photographs but it’s possible they’ve been removed.

The panelist, Nicholas J.T. Smith, determined that “every” is the dominant part of the Complainant’s mark. He compared it to a case in which the ADP WORKFORCE NOW mark was determined to be confusingly similar to

These seem like entirely different levels of confusing similarity.

Smith points to section 1.15 of the WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Third Edition:

1.15 Is the content of the website associated with a domain name relevant in determining identity or confusing similarity?

The content of the website associated with the domain name is usually disregarded by panels when assessing confusing similarity under the first element.

In some instances, panels have however taken note of the content of the website associated with a domain name to confirm confusing similarity whereby it appears prima facie that the respondent seeks to target a trademark through the disputed domain name.

Such content will often also bear on assessment of the second and third elements, namely whether there may be legitimate co-existence or fair use, or an intent to create user confusion.

That’s a fair point.

I just don’t think you can argue that ‘Everytown’ and ‘EveryFamily’ are confusingly similar.

Smith ordered the domain name to be transferred.

Post link: I’m struggling with this UDRP decision

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Best ways to network? I’m looking for a CTO.

I’m bootstrapping an ad supported niche media streaming startup with a friend, we both come from a media background and I have connections in media production. However, so many of the technical questions, mostly front and back end web development, remain unanswered. A CTO with web development experience would be a great asset sooner rather than later. Obviously until we get VC or Angel investment, I can only offer equity.

What do you think the best way to recruit a CTO would be? Reaching out on LinkedIn? Trolling Reddit? Am I missing some options?

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I’m creating a sole proprietorship to house multiple DBAs. What should my business name be?

I’m about to register my business as a sole proprietorship and will house multiple DBAs underneath it.

What should my business name be? Should I just use my full name? My last name + holdings (or something similar)?

I’m stuck, please help. Thank you!!!

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How important is it to apply for trademarks? What if an individual applies for the trademark, can it be later used by the company (which as of now is not registered because we aren’t sure I’m which country we should register the company) What are the complications and risks involved.

We are two student Cofounders and currently not well informed about the legality of these requirements. We are entirely bootstrapping using the money we are earning through side hustles such as internships and freelance. Any help will be wonderful. Thankyou:)

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I’m moving my weekly newsletter to I’ve been writing a weekly newsletter for ten years, it’s completely free, it goes out on Thursday’s and it highlights my blog posts for the past week and has a little something from me to kick it off. When I first started writing my newsletter I tried to make it more like a blog post, […]

VC let term sheet expire then came back wanting to do tranches. Told them to get lost now I’m sad.

I’ve been working on a startup for a few years. We are about to release a polished version. Have had about 200 paid users on the mvp which we shut in the fall. Jan we signed a term sheet with a local VC for $ 1m. Due to covid things got delayed and they let it expire. They came back and said we will give you $ 250k now and $ 750k later based on milestones and charge you convertible interest. I said no and they walked away.

I feel like I made a mistake. Every advisor is telling me I should’ve taken the money. I’ve recruited two A+ tech guys as CTO and TBA and they both said do not take this deal. Maybe I let them influence me too much. Thoughts? This is more of a rant. Haven’t had a salary in a long time.

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