How do you feel about LinkedIn’s evolution and where startups fit Into their ecosystem?

If you haven't noticed lately, LinkedIn is turning slowly into an Instagram community for entrepreneurs rather than being a place for professionals.

Years before when it was a network of engineers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and so on, helping each other, teaching others new stuff, it has turned into a bragging place where 90% of posts are people bragging and behaving as one would do in Instagram. Sharing posts how easy their startups are going, how easy their lives are turning since they started their own startups. And how much easier or better it is working on a (your) startup than a fortune 500 company.

I call that total BULLSH*T!! Those people who think startups are easy, they haven't worked on a startup before, or they are still in the idea phase, where everything is sunshine and rainbows. But startups are not like that.

Running a startup is like being in a knife fight in the prison yard. If you are not sharp, skilled, and strong, you can't survive it. (correct me if I'm wrong on this one)

More than often, the competition you have in your startup is with other startups, but sometimes, big companies with a budget far bigger than you, and with manpower far larger than you, they will try to bring you down too. These companies will fight you in tooth and nail if they are threatened by your product or what you are trying to make. And more than often is not only on the legal side. They will approach your clients, your employees, anything that would help you, they will try to take them away from you.

But this is something you don't see in the LinkedIn front page, nor in the startup groups. 9/10 posts in startup groups you will find posts of people bragging about them releasing this cool new feature, or how they raised 1,000,000 USD for their startup. But no one talks about the struggles they went through to get those done. And that is a wrong impact on the young entrepreneurs and developers who are trying to get into the start-up world. Young and unexperienced entrepreneurs get into the industry with this mindset that they will make the next million-dollar project, but they have no idea how the road to get there is.

In the start-up world, I've worked as a developer, project manager, VP of Engineering, and even as CTO (for the better part of 2 years), at some point in time, I have covered all fields of the industry, and I can tell you for certain, it doesn't get easier, no matter if you are just a developer or a CTO.

Many people think that if they have money, they can do whatever they have in their heads, but that's not true. While money is really important while trying to build your startup, your team is really crucial. And you can't buy a good team. You can't put a pice on a good team that cares about each other and as well as caring about the product/project.

But these still are stuff you don't see in LinkedIn, I have been there for years now, and in the last 2-3 years, I haven't seen one single post where they teach you how to raise a team, how to hire the right people, how to find the right co-founders for you, how to raise funding or when is the right time to raise funding and so many other questions that entrepreneurs need to know.

Building your startup is hard, long hours from Monday to Sunday. The stress, the pain, long hours of agony that you spend to build your dream. That's not for everyone. Please don't take suggestions on how to build your dream startup from someone, if they don't tell you the harsh environment you are getting yourself into.

BUT, building your startup, and bringing on board people who are good communicators would make your experience a little bit easier.

What is your opinion about this change that's happening on LinkedIn? Is it for good or bad for start-up founders to find each other, share knowledge, or collaborate with each other?

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