Digitizer.com : Aged, premium #domain dropped all of a sudden!

 DomainGang.com: Digitizer.com is a premium domain that used to bear a registration date of 1997. Then a few days ago, the domain dropped all of a sudden, and it’s currently being auctioned on DropCatch. Why would the domain’s registrant, Austrian entrepreneur Peter Huber, let the domain expire? Two years ago, the domain displayed content…

Some Buyers Will Pay a Premium at GoDaddy

 DomainInvesting.com: There have been a number of times where I received a direct inquiry or offer on a domain name, and instead of doing a deal directly with my company, the buyer will purchase the domain name via GoDaddy, where I also have it listed for sale. Sometimes the deal is done at a higher (or […]

Domain Brokers Team Up to Sell Premium Name Pair: Client.com and Clients.com

 StrategicRevenue.com: WEST PALM BEACH, FL – According to a press release, Domain brokerage firms Prime Loyalty run by Jeff Garbutt and Michael Law’s Grit Brokerage have teamed up to bring the ‘super-premium digital assets’ Client.com and Clients.com to the market. Client.com and Clients.com are 25 and 23 year-old domain names and w…

Premium Report: Europe’s TOP 50 AI Startups

After two weeks of relentless research, we just published our latest Premium Report introducing you to the 50 Hottest AI Startups in Europe. You can purchase and download it here for just €95 (incl. VAT).

The capabilities of today’s artificial intelligence are still rather limited and nothing to be afraid of. Instead of trying to destroy our planet or to put us out of work, AI startups these days are mostly focusing on helping us to make better decisions, to work smarter, happier, healthier and more efficient.

During our research process for this report, we were specifically focusing on European startups that leverage AI as part of their core technology. In total, we screened over 500 European AI startups. Our report focuses on the most promising early-stage AI startups that were founded between 2018 and 2020.

Long story short: If you’re a corporate or VC firm interested in AI startups in Europe, we recommend you to purchase and download our report now.


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Call-To-Action Domains Deliver Premium Value In Post-COVID Economy

 The Frager factor: COVID has created many hardships, but also new opportunities. Consumers now favor the “work-at-home,” “come to me,” “contactless” purchase that takes the shopping (and risk of viral exposure) out of buying. A short, easy to remember, and relevant URL can have a big impact on a COVID economic recovery. And help bri…

Epik created a video with premium domains they have for sale

 OnlineDomain.com: Epik created a video for 18 of the premium domains they have for sale in June 2020. They have also created some videos for 8 individual domains but I think this one makes more sense: Below are the 18 domains for sale and the links to the individual domains they have created for 8 of … The post Epik created a video with premium …

Saw.com brokering premium #Greek goddess #domain Aphrodite.com

 DomainGang.com: A Greek goddess is in the house! The domain Aphrodite.com is being brokered exclusively by Saw.com, the domain brokerage powerhouse co-founded by industry professionals Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz. Registered in 1995, the current asking price appears to be in the seven figure range: $ 2,000,000 dollars. Aphrodite.com was acquired by…

Premium #domain name Invite.com has changed hands

 DomainGang.com: Invite.com has changed hands, moving away from the First Place Internet, Inc. premium portfolio and into the lap of Brent Oxley. The landing page is seeking offers with a $ 500,000 dollars as the minimum amount. Typically, this indicates Oxley got the domain name for significantly less. The WHOIS change occurred yesterday, moving the …

Podcast app Majelan pivots to premium audio content around personal growth

French startup Majelan is pivoting a year after launching a podcast player and service. The company, created by former Radio France CEO Mathieu Gallet and Arthur Perticoz, is ditching the podcast aggregation side of its business and focusing on premium audio content going forward.

Like many podcast startups, Majelan faced some criticism shortly after its launch. Aggregating free podcasts with premium content next to them à la Luminary is a controversial topic in the podcast community. Spotify has been going down the same path, but Spotify is also an order of magnitude bigger than any other podcast startup out there.

Some podcast creators have decided to remove their podcast feeds from Majelan to protest against that business model.

Podcasts remain an open format. Creators can create a feed, users can subscribe to that feed in their favorite podcast app. You don’t have to sign up to a particular service to access a particular podcast — everything is open.

“We have decided to stop aggregating free podcasts — free podcasts mean podcasts, period. For us, podcasts are RSS feeds, it’s an open world,” Perticoz said in a podcast episode. “We need an app that is more focused on payment. We can’t aggregate free podcasts given that our strategy is paid content.”

The result is a more focused service that is going to launch on July 7th in France. After a free trial, you have to subscribe for €5 to €7 per month, depending on the length of your subscription. You can then access a library of premium audio content — Majelan rightfully doesn’t call them podcasts.

“Going forward, we’re going to focus on original content, we’re going to focus 100% on paid content,” Gallet said in the same podcast episode.

And in order to be even more specific, Majelan will focus on personal growth, such as creativity, activism, mindfulness, innovation, entrepreneurship and health. According to the co-founders, some content will be produced in house, some content will be co-produced with other companies, and the startup will also acquire existing podcasts and repackage them for Majelan.

That move has been in the works for a while. The startup pitched it to its board of investors back in December. Premium subscriptions have worked well for movies, TV and music. Now let’s see if subscriptions will also take off with spoken-word audio.

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