This French insurtech startup offers instant compensation for flight delays and cancellations, no questions asked


Travel and tourism industry took a hard hit due to the coronavirus. But with Europe on the path to recovery, there’s a steady growth in the travelling sector. While local flights are not heavily impacted, international flights could be delayed or even cancelled. Flight insurance is always a good idea in such cases but the associated time and paperwork can be difficult to deal with. 

Tackling this issue is the France-based insurtech startup Koala. The startup is reinventing travel insurance with its data-driven products that proactively alert travelers about any disruption and pay-out instantly, no questions asked. The startup has now closed its seed round of €1.6 million. Here’s what you need to know about the rising startup

Instant payout for flight disruptions, no questions asked!

Claiming insurance for something as small as a missed flight can turn into a headache due to the procedure and paperwork involved. The startup Koala aims to lessen the burden of getting pay-out by streamlining the experience and going fully digital. The company’s service is called Disrupted Flight Insurance and as the name suggests, it compensates travellers for delayed or cancelled flights. The company monitors the journey of all its clients and offers immediate pay-out when a disruption comes up, without asking any questions.

Ugo Weyl, Co-Founder and CEO at Koala says, “Every year, hundreds of millions of passengers suffer flight disruptions and face an uphill battle to claim compensation. Travellers face antiquated claims procedures, with only 15% of customers receiving a pay-out. We felt this was unfair, a delay is a delay and customers should be compensated 100% of the time.”

Flight disruptions are said to cost airlines about €4 billion every year. Koala’s offering is supposed to benefit both operators and consumers with reduced burden on airline’s customer service and hassle free coverage respectively. 

Fresh funding to help Koala go big

Koala was launched at the end of 2018 by Ugo Weyl, Léo Tordjman, Antony Mechin and Julien Weyl. In a short span of time, the company has secured €1.6 million in its seed round, which was led by London based incubator and fund Insurtech Gateway. Playfair Capital, Techstars Ventures, and some private investors also participated in the round. The company’s immediate focus is on team expansion by recruiting 15 people and accelerating business and product development. 

Currently, travellers can use Koala DIsrupted Flight protection via Sky-Tours, an online travel agency. Over the next 3 months, Koala will be available with 2 airlines and 4 travel agencies, however, the company is yet to reveal the names of its partners. This month, Koala is gearing up to introduce a new product that issues cash compensation on the spot and again, without asking any questions. 

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3 questions for Lemonade’s IPO

While we await a fresh IPO filing from heavily backed insurtech startup Lemonade, let’s talk a little more about its public offering.

Since our first dig into its S-1 filing, TechCrunch has spoken to a number of investors and operators in Lemonade’s space to find out if our initial read was off — were we being too generous or too kind to Lemonade after reading its somewhat complex financial results?

The Exchange is a daily look at startups and the private markets for Extra Crunch subscribers; use code EXCHANGE to get full access and take 25% off your subscription.

The short answer is not really, though there are some positive notes and themes worth highlighting. This morning, let’s ask three questions about Lemonade’s IPO filing that will help us understand what’s ahead for the SoftBank-backed unicorn.

Three questions

1. How quickly can Lemonade accelerate its rental insurance graduation rate?

On the theme of things that bode well for Lemonade is its ability to “graduate” customers from low-cost rental insurance to more lucrative products.

In its S-1 filing, Lemonade noted this fact early on. After stating that a “an entry-level $ 60 a year [rental] policy [corresponds] to $ 10,000 of possessions,” the company said that as its customers age, they tend to buy more insurance and sometimes swap rental plans for homeowner policies. Moving from the former to the latter is graduating in the company’s parlance.

If many customers moved from rental insurance to homeowner insurance while keeping Lemonade as their provider, the company could do very well, as illustrated by this section of its SEC filing:

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There are many other questions I have, but I am concerned about revealing too much on a public forum.

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