The best domain name book to read this summer! I just finished this great book and I thought of sharing it with you. This is the best domain name book to read this summer, or any other time! The book is written by Jeff Sass, CMO at .CLUB Domains, and it is all about domain names! Well it is not actually about domain names … The post The best domain name book to read this su…

The Startup Executive Academy is now open for applications! Read here what former participants have to say (Sponsored article)

The Startup Executive Academy (SEA) is a three-month Go-to-Market programme for executives and founders of early-stage (seed, A or B phase) technology startups that has been taking place annually since 2017.

The SEA20 Online is organized by Silicon Castles, an Austrian strategic business accelerator for technology businesses. The aim of the academy is to enable startups to accelerate their business by providing highly relevant and practical input delivered by a world-class faculty from academia and business, led by Prof. Baba Shiv from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Andreas Spechtler, CEO of Silicon Castles.

You want to know if the SEA20 Online is for you? Check out what some of our former participants have to say!

Gerhard Sigl, COO at Commend International (Salzburg, Austria), SEA19 Participant

“My favorite SEA session was Maciej Kraus’ lesson on pricing for startups. The profound understanding on the many aspects of pricing power and resulting options on pricing strategies really impressed me. Pricing is obviously fundamental for a firm’s success, but still underestimated by many – that’s why everybody holding a responsible position in a company should have profound knowledge or at least awareness about it!

The SEA served also served as reminder of the big picture of being an entrepreneur and the many aspects and disciplines you have to master. You are responsible for everything you do, there’s no safety net.

The SEA 2019 was perfect timing for us and the lessons on the BMC, telling your story and investor relations really helped us to become more professional.

The practical approach and the immediate application of the learnings to your business really sets the SEA apart from other executive education programs. Building an international network and even friendships made it a long-lasting memory.”

Zeynep Demirbilek, CEO at Service Club (Barcelona, Spain), SEA18 Participant

“From marketing to fundraising, everything that matters is covered at the SEA by people who have done it a thousand times in some of the biggest companies in the world.

I’ve mostly benefited from Baba Shiv’s (Professor at the Stanford GSB) business model creation class as well as Pascal Levensohn’s (Senior MD Dolby Family Ventures, MD Levensohn Venture Partners) fundraising class. These are not things they teach you at ordinary schools!

As an entrepreneur, it’s not enough to be good at one thing. The SEA gets you closer to the goal of being an “all-rounder” but covering everything that matters to your business.!

All the first-hand knowledge I received and the faculty’s and my peers’ support after the SEA made all the difference. It has been 2 years since I attended the course and we are more connected than ever. You automatically become a part of an exclusive community, the SEA CIRCLE where the flow of information and support continues. In the aggressive world of startups where “dog-eat-dog” applies, having your own highly intelligent and connected tribe has been a privilege!”

Nuno Job, CEO at YLD (London, UK) SEA18 Participant

My favorite SEA lesson was on how entrepreneurship is competitive while you can shape the rules of the game. The exercise we did was really interesting and helped me rethink how I sometimes take day-to-day challenges.

The participants were quite different from what I’m used to in Exec Ed classes. It was mostly entrepreneurs looking for what they could never learn in school. It was a really fun class!”

Jovana Music, Managing Director at HUB387 (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), SEA18 Participant

“The energy at the SEA was amazing – great mix of skilled lecturers and participants that are actual entrepreneurs – also I loved how everybody was open to sharing their knowledge and experience.”

Curious? Check out the SEA20 Online website for more information on the schedule, tuition fees and the faculty.


It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission – a read for technical founders who care about Asian representation

It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission. For the past 10 months, I’ve dedicated my life to building a platform where Asians can represent their unique story, show their personality and transcend stereotypes with the end goal of finding meaningful connections. In short, it would be a video dating app that celebrates the Asian experience.

I was determined to build this platform because I am a product of immigrants who was raised on western media and its negative portrayal of Asians. I’m doing this because I’m still hurting and recognize that we, the collective Asian community, are longing to heal from the generations of ancestral trauma and internalized racism.

We gathered a small group of talented and passionate individuals with the same passion, values, drive and mission to improve the lives of Asian individuals, and were just 2 weeks away from releasing the beta. Over 900 people have signed up to be beta testers and there was genuine excitement and support in the community about this product and our mission.

This all ended abruptly just a few days ago when our CTO was forced to pull out of the project due to unforeseen family reasons and extenuating circumstances. Now, we are left with 900 individuals who’ve been eagerly and patiently waiting for the app, an app that’s about 2 weeks away from beta stage completion and a small group of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to offer a better dating experience for Asian individuals. We’ve come to a standstill.

But we’re not giving up here. We’ve come too far and there is too much at stake – the possibility of helping Asians lead happier lives. As difficult as it was to find our original and amazing CTO, we’re again looking for a talented CTO and co-founder to continue our mission.

The app is built on Firebase and Flutter, and it’s pretty great – again, near public beta shape. We’re looking for a CTO and co-founder who is a senior full-stack developer with experience in mobile development and startups. The most important quality, however, is that this person is passionate about Asian representation and believes in a mission like ours. The team is working remotely so it doesn’t matter where you are. You would join for equity. (So this isn’t a job post.) We have no funding and don’t have any grand illusions of getting any at this stage without users or revenue. But money is not what drives us and it’s not why we’re doing this.

And if you’re curious, yes, we’ve done the research, the surveys, the interviews, the prototyping, the alpha testing. I can tell you straight out: Will all Asians want to use this app? NO. Some Asians don’t want to date other Asians and that’s their prerogative. We’re not here to convert anyone. But do Asians in general want a platform like this? YES. The majority of Asians do see the benefit and value in dating someone who comes from a similar experience and upbringing. And just because you’re on this app doesn’t mean you’re not open to dating non-Asians. And is the app sticky? Fuck ya.

We believe this is an app that has the potential to become the “TikTok” of Asian dating – a cool platform that everyone wants to join. Yeah, nothing like this has existed before so it’s hard for some to even imagine it. But 900 of you and many more that have reached out with support can see that vision and that possibility. This will be a platform where Asians can proudly celebrate our identity, culture and story, and, by telling our stories with compassion, love and empathy, allow ourselves to find self-acceptance and even, perhaps, love.

If you believe in a mission like ours and you’re interested in possibly joining our team or know anyone that might be, please tell them about and tell them to message me at Fingers crossed. Thank you.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Do you prefer to read blogs in the morning or the evening? Here’s something I’ve been going back-and-forth on for years – should I be writing my blog posts in the morning before my work day kicks off, or in the evening? While I find I’m generally more mentally “on” in the morning, I also have a lot more distractions as these are particularly busy times for…

What content would be interesting to read from a VC firm? Questions for 20+ entrepreneurs?

Hi r/startups! I'm interning at a VC firm this summer to write newsletter/Medium/blog post content. Planning to interview founders of startups in our portfolio. I have a fair amount of creative freedom to guide blog posts, and really want to make the content valuable and interesting to entrepreneurs.

So, what content would you want to read from a VC firm? What questions would be interesting to get answered by 20+ entrepreneurs?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Why People Choose To Work With Home – Read More Details On It

Pushups is achievable anywhere at home. As long as your flooring great and clean, you’re a-ok. For starters, do two repetitions of 20 pushups. Gradually increase as you go along from day-to-day.

When you work from home, the hours you work are dictated by you and you alone. When you have to go in order to get groceries, you go. If you want to work with the middle of the night, could. This is especially true of working as an author.

Ask friends and family not to barge into your office. Instead, they should call you as they might if you worked in the building in a different place. You want lessen the number of distractions, especially if you are talking to be able to client perhaps the middle of a hard task. Remember, you will want to focus on running your online during working hours.

If stated tell people what doing with great deal higher work at home job then now don’t. It is up to you as as to whether or not you turn out to be a money target or not. People may know you are doing alright they will don’t essential info how you are trying.

The approach to locate a job opportunity online is browsing job listings. You shouldn’t be fooled, however-it might appear to be the easiest approach to find a job, but receptors the challenging. You see, there’s some people searching and applying for a similar job report. In those same channels, scams lurk and wait to make the most you.

Cleaning Products and Services – Another home business for moms has related to keeping your home clean and neat. For a mom, you surely just how to to have a house clean. You can offer cleaning products and tools locally and online. Show them how clean your residence is after experience used make use of. You may also hire a staff to provide cleaning businesses. You may also desire to join them in cleaning a client’s home.

Embrace this device for all the good reasons and just be sure to have the rest of the computers in your home under check. You can’t have 20 people playing high speed online games or taking up the touching hundreds of pages open on 5 or 10 computers.

Why People Choose For You To Use Home – Read More Info On It

Excellent insurance is an essential for any organization enterprise. Remember, this is critical if you are planning on having people visit you in your business. Improve your ranking . allow to be able to be protected in case something ended up being happen to someone on your household.

A legitimate option is information marketing and pr. With this option, dads or moms work from home easily because what you need to do is to set up a blog or an affiliate site and start discussing the things you are keen about. For instance, if a mom loves to knit, she will set up a website where she teaches other moms how to knit. This url is then monetized in a good many ways. You can, for instance, make an eBook and sell though it or you can sell advertising space on your internet. Alternatively, you can place ads from Google, otherwise called AdSense, here.

Many to be able to market an online-business include doing things will be free, like just actually talking to people are generally interested of what you have to give. But sometimes, finding enough people are generally interested in doing what you have can end up being a real take on. Thankfully, we live in the age the cyberspace!

If you truly want to work at home, you’ll need some type of product to advertise in company is. It often doesn’t matter what the product is, as long as there is a market sell out there somewhere.

Focus on a niche where demand is well-built to make certain the profitability of your home business. Choose a market with products that sell well and pay well. Within mind that whenever the consideration in the experience high, better for firm.

Some work on home jobs pay pretty respectably. Others not bunches of. But in either case, medical doctors want understand if can actually be place get a raise as your skills improve or perhaps for other factors. The cost of just living increases occasion – chances are high you’d just like your income to perform the similar thing.

Work-at-home moms have to prioritize themselves, their loved ones and their career above anything other than these. Kids desire to always be with their mothers and do not care if for example the laundry is performed or genuinely. It is thus important collection priorities promote children imagine that they are loved. For example, should a child is a school play, an auto can opt for him or her while her husband cooks barbeque. The husband and kids can also help in preparing meals that shall serve as a family bonding activity. Should the mother gives her full attention to her family, they would depart her alone when conscious of for her to work.

I have team of developers specialized in building apps from Scratch, how do I get more jobs? – please read description

I have team of eductaed developers based in Croatia, EU. We are specialized for the newest Google's tech for coding, Flutter – it means the same code for iOS, Android and WebApp, very powerful thing.

Other skills: core, java, PHP, html, css, JS… – we have graphical designer in our team as well

We provide underbudget solutions, 3-5x cheaper offers than in West Europe or North America. (Maybe that is the problem?)

  • We offer to our clients maximal protection, payment only after we deliver the product (we risk with this but…)

We did nice projects, beautiful apps, everybody in team has master degree in software engineering or related to the IT. Now we want to get more jobs and accelerate everything, we get every day a lot of inquires, and thruly we try to offer our best and take a risk, but we have low amount of contractions (maybe too low).

Can you give me some tips? Maybe place where we promote is wrong or something else? Everything what we offer is in favor of client.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

If you don’t understand the protests, read this People across the United States and around the world are protesting in honor of George Floyd and to fight against systemic racism and police brutality. The vast majority of these protests have been peaceful and I think they should and will continue until we start to see some real change. I have made it very […]