17 end user domain name sales up to $100k

A virtual reality company, an adtech company, and a cryptocurrency wallet provider bought domain names.

picture of rolled currency with the words "end-user domain sales"

Sedo had a handful of strong end user domain names sales this week. The buyer of the top sale remains a bit of a mystery, but the second-highest sale was to a virtual reality gaming company.

Here’s a list of end user sales this past week. You can see previous lists like this here.

HiPhi.com $ 99,999 – The domain name resolves to a coming soon page that uses the HiPhi capitalization. Whois shows the buyer is in Shanghai. Oddly, the domain had a for sell message quoting $ 88,888.

NEOS.com €30,000 – NEOS is a virtual reality gaming company. It forwards this domain to NEOSVR.com.

Hekate.com $ 20,000 – Hekate Health Sciences bought this domain. This company has filed for trademarks within nutritional categories relating to medicinal supplements, powdered mushroom and cocoa blends “to aid in reducing anxiety, improve focus, memory, strengthen a user’s immune system and increase the maximum oxygen a person can absorb during athletic performance.”

Hausfinanzierung.de €14,000 – Forwards to Kredit.de/Baufinanzierung. Kredit=loan and Baufinanzierung=construction financing. This website compares the different types of loan and construction financing including their advantages and disadvantages.

Speckmann.com €11,000 – Christoph Speckmann, a technical marketer, bought this domain name.

AmericanPayments.com $ 10,000 – A financial company by the same name bought this domain. American Payments is a coalition of financial institutions providing a safe payment system for consumers and businesses.

KMTX.com $ 10,000 – Keymantics, which calls itself the Keyword Platform, is an online advertising company. KMTX is shorthand for Keymantics.

NordTeam.com $ 9,995 – Team is a German energy and construction company. The domain forwards to the company’s website at Team.de.

Wallet.live $ 7,500 – This domain was bought by Ledger, a cryptocurrency wallet that stores a user’s private keys in a secure hardware device. Hardware wallets isolate your private keys from your computer or smartphone.

Moonshot.de €5,000 – Moonshot is a film production company located near Hamburg, Germany.

Impact.info €4,000 – French venture capital firm Impact Partenaires. It uses the domain Impact.fr.

JobTrailer.com $ 3,599 – Anyone know why the German beer brewer, the Gutmann Brewery, bought this domain?

Loopit.com.au $ 3,000 – Forwards to Loopit.co, which was formerly Blinker. Loopit provides the technology for customers to operate a car subscription service, providing a flexible car ownership alternative.

Lichensclerosus.de €2,800 – Forwards to Lichensclerosus-deutschland.de/home. This is a website in German for a chronic disease that mainly targets women. There’s information on how to live with the disease, how other people can interact and help infected persons, as well as treatment options.

Luxmetall.com $ 2,500 – Forwards to Luxmetall.de, which is a company that sells professional-grade tin sheets for rooftops or walls to reduce noises.

HappyChurch.com $ 2,500 – Macappstudio Private Limited is an app developer. This might be for a client app.

Black-Arrow.com $ 2,200 – Nelogica Sistemas de Software Ltda, a Brazilian software company. Perhaps this is for a product.

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Sedo weekly domain name sales led by Hiphi.com

Sedo released their weekly domain name sales and Hiphi.com was the top sale at $ 99,999. Neos.com was second at 30,000 Euro, ($ 35,397). Hekate.com was third at $ 20,000. 44 .com sales 19 cctld sales 4 other tld sales Top 3 highlights of public SedoMLS sales are:    · neos.com at 30,000 EUR · kmtx.com at 10,000 […]

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#Sedo #domain sales for the week of August 3, 2020 topped by Hiphi.com at $99,999 dollars

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Qualified raises $12M make websites smarter about sales and marketing

Qualified, a startup co-founded by former Salesforce executives Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley, has raised $ 12 million in Series A funding.

Swensrud (Qualified’s CEO) said the startup is meant to solve a problem that he faced back when he was CMO at Salesforce. Apparently he’d complaining about being “blind,” because he knew so little about who was visiting the Salesforce website.

“There could be 10 or 100 or 100,000 people on my website right now, and I don’t know who they are, I don’t know what they’re interested in, my sales team has no idea that they’re even there,” he said.

Apparently, this is a big problem in business-to-business sales, where waiting five minutes after a lead leaves your website can result in a 10x decrease in the odds of making contact. But the solution currently adopted by many websites is just a chatbot that treats every visitor similarly.

Qualified, meanwhile, connects real-time website visitor information with a company’s Salesforce customer database. That means it can identify visitors from high-value accounts and route them to the correct salesperson while they’re still on the website, turning into a full-on sales meeting that can also include a phone call and screensharing.

Qualified screenshot

Image Credits: Qualified

Of course, the amount of data Qualified has access to will differ from visitor to visitor. Some visitors may be purely incognito, while in other cases, the platform might simply know your city or what company you work for. In still others (say if you click on a link from marketing email), it can identify you individually.

That’s something I experienced myself, when I decided to take a look at the Qualified website this morning and was quickly greeted with a message that read, “👋 Welcome TechCrunch! We’re excited about our funding announcement…” It was a little creepy, but also much more effective than my visits to other marketing technology websites, where someone usually sends me a generic sales message.

Swensrud acknowledged that using Qualified represents “a change to people’s selling processes,” since it requires sales to respond in real-time to website visitors (as a last resort, Qualified can also use chatbots and schedule future calls), but he argued that it’s a necessary change.

“If you email them later, some percentage of those people, they ghost you, they get bored, they moved on to the competition,” he said. “This real-time approach, it forces organizations to think differently in terms of their process.”

And it’s an approach that seems to be working. Among Qualified’s customers, the company says ThoughtSpot increased conversations with its target accounts by 10x, Bitly grew its enterprise sales pipeline by 6x and Gamma drove over $ 2.5 million in new business pipeline.

The Series A brings Qualified’s total funding to $ 17 million. It was led by Norwest Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors including Redpoint Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. Norwest’s Scott Beechuk is joining Qualified’s board of directors.

“The conversational model is simply a better way to connect with new customers,” Beechuk said in a statement. “Buyers love the real-time engagement, sellers love the instant connections, and marketers have the confidence that every dollar spent on demand generation is maximized. The multi-billion-dollar market for Salesforce automation software is going to adopt this new model, and Qualified is perfectly positioned to capture that demand.”

Startups – TechCrunch

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Unreported sales : BTC.co and Bit.com in the hands of Chinese #domain investors

 DomainGang.com: Domain sales are shaped like an iceberg, with only 10% of it visible to outsiders. Here comes the previously unreported sale of BTC.co, a cryptocurrency domain in the possession of legendary Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue.) In this exciting statement, Yue Dai not only shared that he owns BTC.co, but that the domain [&#8230…

Sav launches domain sales landers with 4% commission

Company seeks market share with low commissions.

Sav landing page for CivilForfeiture.com domain

Sav’s for sale landing page.

Domain name registrar Sav has launched a new marketplace for domain investors to sell domains through for-sale landing pages.

The company has two key selling points for its marketplace: low commissions and an optimized lander.

Sav charges just 4% of the sales price, effectively giving the service away for free when you consider credit card payment processing fees. Compare this to 7.5% for Squadhelp and 9% for DAN.com.  (It’s worth noting that neither Squadhelp nor Sav currently protect against chargebacks. Sav founder Anthos Chrysanthou said the company is looking to guarantee payments in the future.)

Sav says it tested landers across hundreds of thousands of domains and one (pictured) stood out from the rest of the pack in terms of conversion rates.

Domain investors need to apply to join the beta. I signed up today to test it and found it very simple to use. Note that all domains must be priced.

Sav has made inroads into the domain investor community since launching last year. Key selling points include low registration fees, free SSL, and no-fee backordering. The low-commission sales option should help it attract more domain name investors.



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$167k in Sales on August 1st – CryptoCustody.com sold for $23,250 – Daily Market Report

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