What a startup isn’t – the fun and sexy part!

So a local journalism student wanted to do a "day in the life" project on someone from our area. I volunteered as my business is going through a lot of change (we were retail primarily with ecommerce as an after thought-ish and now going to wholesale and smoother/more focused ecommerce). I thought it might be interesting since I'm back to startup mode, wearing all the hats and days are crazy.

Instead the student hears "chocolatier" and only wants to shadow on a production day. Absolutely not. My production days are intense and can't be interrupted. Besides, it's actually the most uninteresting part of the business, it's just following recipes I created quite a while ago.

After I say no and explain that another day is not only more feasible for me, but more interesting (to be fair, I'm a nerd for business), they write back saying they "respectfully decline if they can't sit in on a production day."

Ugh! Being a business owner of any sort means so much more than the fun and "glamorous" side, especially when you're in (or back in as in my case) startup mode. And not only that, it's incredibly more involved, interesting and exciting! Spreadsheets and sales meetings are intensely intriguing when you're risking it all!

Sorry, I guess there's not a lot of point to this point other than to vent to people who would hopefully understand. Product =/= business!

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