Should I launch an app which’s usability is affected by COVID-19?

I've worked on an Android application for the last 2 months and just finished it today. It requires somewhat close proximity with other people (about 20 metres?) and/or for people to sit in restaurants/coffee shops. Should I launch and market or wait for the pandemic to be over?

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What should I pay a non-employee sales rep for a SaaS app?

I have this web app that connects with a 3rd party ERP solution.

There's also this sales guy that no longer works for the ERP company, and I'd like to use his contacts.

I can't have him as an employee, but I'd like him to sell my product on the side. I've read a bunch of guides, but they are all based on employees.

What should the compensation look like?

Keep in mind that he has all the contacts AND knows both my product and the ERP, which should warrant a larger payout.

Here's my idea:

If he manages to sell an annual contract of $ 4,800 ($ 400/month), I pay him 50% over the course of one year ($ 200/month). After a year, I get 100% of the value.

I'd also like to offer first 30 days money back on the annual contract, and the sales guy gets paid when I get paid.

How does this sound?

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first time having founders shares, should I worry?

I got issued founders shares in Oct 2019 for a startup. I didnt put any money into the company: neither did the other founders, our contribution will be the company IP. We subsequently raised some money based on a $ 2M valuation. I didn't file an 83(b) because, frankly, I missed the deadline, But if I make any money on this venture I will be happy to pay taxes. Its really just a super fun side thing. Is there any major issue I have tax wise you think I should be paying more attention to ? do I need to get my tax accountant involved ? he guy costs an arm and a leg for any consultation. Even if I need to talk to him I'd appreciate knowing what I should talk about.

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Should I stay away from my potential co-founder?

I researched extensively on a topic for 6-8 months, and came up with an idea. Built a proposal & prototype and sent it to a startup accelerator program. Luckily for me, my idea got accepted.

Since the product is complex, I wanted someone with technical expertise in this field. Basically, a technical co-founder who knew things inside out.

I found a profile fitting my needs. I had messaged him sometime back, but got my reply few weeks back. So, I get on call with him and he speaks about all the things he has done and achieved. Which was fine with me since I love people who are passionate about their work.

So, without thinking much I send my pitch deck to him. Two days later, he texts back saying he likes the idea. And he's eager to work with me. He asked me how the arrangement is going to be. I told him, if we are working it'll 50/50 as I believe trust is fundamental.

He wanted to know me in person, I wanted to as well. We talked over video call, and he kept on telling me about all the things he did. Using complex jargon, while I certainly don't have the same experience as well, I'm more than familiar with everything. Regardless I took it in good taste, except for now.

So, I send over my designs and he said he'll start working on the website now. A simple page to begin with. It's been two weeks since he still hasn't made any progress. He keeps using jargons everytime I ask.

Also, the only questions he asks me mostly are about equity, shares and others. The industry we're working in highly regulated and competitive, I told him about the challenges, problems, competition multiple times. I have also been extremely busy talking with potential partners needed in the business. But rather than giving me an opinion on anything, all he asked me was about company shares in the last 3 calls.

I have been holding back the registration process for sometime. Due to the current situation. He apparently wants to finish the registration asap and move 5000km and start working on it remotely. He said he wanted to freeze things before moving out

Am I asking for too much? I love having someone who is on the same page as or shows interest in the topic. And can point out mistakes if I'm overlooking something.

Should I break the partnership? I'm really young and this is my first time doing something of this scale.

Getting something wrong in this industry can lead to huge problems. Any feedback is appreciated, I feel so lost and confused at this point.

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How should I decide on a revenue stream?

If my startup were to provide a service and partner with larger companies where my company provides a service boosting levels of confidence in people purchasing from that site. What revenue stream do I do? Subscription based? A few to the we site I partner with on sales using my service? Other thoughts?

I am stuck on this thought, what is the best route?

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We throw away 80% of our content ideas, and you should too

We’ve talked a bit publicly about our ideation process, but to be honest, it’s constantly evolving. With every piece of content we create and promote, we gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

But part of that process has always been allowing for the creative freedom to come up with ideas and then — and most importantly — kill your darlings if they don’t meet the criteria for a good idea.

It’s not always easy; creativity is personal. But culling the list of ideas is necessary for a successful content plan.

So how do you know which ones to cut?

Ask yourself these questions.

Is the idea packed with emotion?

Make a list of all the emotions associated with your idea. If you can’t think of any, it means the idea may need some tweaking, or you need to explore it in more depth.

Even helpful how-to content is tied to emotion. Take, for example, “Give Your Kids the Gift of Automotive Repair Skills While You’re Home Together,” a genius piece of content by Car and Driver.

There’s the emotional component of it being in the context of COVID-19, yes, but it’s more than that. It’s about spending quality time with your children and teaching them crucial skills. Related emotions include love, pride, empowerment, accountability, parental responsibility and more.

And the content creators were smart enough to call out the emotional component, like they did here:

The post garnered nearly 5,000 engagements on Facebook, which to me indicates it hit the sweet spot of being helpful while also tapping into our emotions.

Fractl did a study back in 2013 that explored which type of emotions were the most prevalent in viral images, and, as it turns out, positive emotions had more representation than negative ones. Most prevalent of all? Surprise. People enjoy being astonished, delighted and unexpectedly joyful. Do any of your content ideas fit this bill?

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Should we drop an idea in an industry I have to experience in?

So a little bit of backstory. Earlier this year my team (that is 4 of my college friends, lol) went for a tech competition which was sorta AI centric/themed. We went in with a medical chatbot built with Dialogflow and won 3rd place. The idea was so good that we later had on decided to make it into a real app, potentially, an actual startup. So we're still developing it, not even done with an MVP yet and I have one problem.

I strongly feel like we're unqualified to build this product in the sense that we know nothing about health, medicine or healthtech and this would also be our very first startup or business endeavor ever, we're all just a bunch of college kids. I'm having doubts about going forward and would like to know if we should drop it and potentially try another vertical.

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how long should you track MVP landing page sign ups to better understand product fit?

I've just launched my MVP landing page this evening but no prototype yet. I just wanted to get a feel of the product/market fit and measure demand. I know I could've sent out surveys but I feel I wanted to convey more on the features.

My question now is, how long should you track MVP landing page sign ups to better understand product fit? i.e. X signups over X months

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What should I do?

Okay so I started off by wanting to create a social networking site for car enthusiasts, because I see tons of Facebook groups and Instagram accounts with hundreds and thousands of members and followers. Even r/cars has 1.8 million members. So I started working on the site and even got my friend along to work with me. We're still in a VERY early stage; we just finished making the landing page, loging in and creating an account functionality. For the last couple of days I started wondering how I'm going to get users on the site. Long story short I found tons of websites and apps that failed trying to do the same and the main reason is that they just couldn't gain enough traction or sustain it. I figured out that people don't want to use "another app" or go to "another site" just for one aspect of their life. They want to stay on one app and enjoy it all, even if the other site might have a slightly better feature that allows them to have a slightly better experience. At the end of the day people just don't wanna get out of their comfort zone.

Now I'm wondering if I should pivot and change it to a marketplace for cars and car parts. My country already has one of those sites but it has terrible load times and bad UI and is filled with Google ads. I was thinking I can probably charge sellers a really low fee and make the case that the ads on the other site might drive potential buyers away from buying their cars.

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Should I Work From Your Own House?

The benefits of nay particular job are the main centers of attraction as as to if one perform or far from. With that, it is essential that you ensure your aware on the benefits that accompany the online job. Make sure that it suits the lifestyle you want and that going barefoot does not limit users.

Stress can kill quite best intentions experience as a home-based business owner, particularly it are so important to find succeeds best you r. Every day people start up a business the and often people quit and gave up. You have to have a plan.

Understanding the basics of business work precisely they affect a home will a person with a step up on easy methods to work from home and truly make dollars. We all know that the first rule in any business is to bring an item or plan to the marketplace and exchange it for money.

That wherever men are usually introduced towards advantages of getting a work at home Internet business as incredibly well. Now, while they are at home, they have found that make money and still do some type work. Several just as plenty of options for men to have at home online businesses as women, so will not have some thing that they won’t like, possibly.

Enjoy your lifestyle! It may sound like running a home business is all work absolutely no play but actually, not the situation. Your own business gives your power and freedom, since are in control of your luck.

Get started early with social multimedia systems. Making sure you exactly how to travel on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites assure that you can use them effectively to further your industry. Most people online are members of social media sites, so you’ll have the opportunity to attract millions of visitors and potential new customers.

The most convenient way to look for a job opportunity online is browsing job listings. Don’t be fooled, however-it might seem like the easiest way to find a job, but it’s actually the most difficult. You see, there’s some people searching and applying for the very same job placement. In those same channels, scams lurk and wait to advantages you.