I need help on how to present my startup product to an organization

could anyone please provide the tips to pitch my product to an organization

what format will be more effective and how to begin a presentation

example format, presentation, or PDF

my product is Edutech tools related, and I am trying to pitch it to educational institutions by which students could achieve better results

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

What did you do after your first startup failed?

Be honest!

As my startup is slowly winding down, I am completely demotivated to do anything. I know I want to start something up again but not for a while.

These days I'm just playing COD and putting off any tasks I set for myself. (Been like this for the past few months)

However, I don't want to live this sluggish life forever.

First, I'm going to create a list of all the mistakes I made so that my past few years didn't go to waste. Then I'm going to apply for some jobs to get a consistent income going. In my spare time I'm going to learn coding, different ways to better myself and pursue things that actually interest me. Hopefully inspiration hits me like a rock and I can build a successful business from the ground up!

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Direct-to-consumer cat food startup Smalls raises $9M

While dog owners have plenty of direct-to-consumer options if they want to order pet food online, we haven’t seen a similar wave of startups for cats. But that may be starting to change.

Earlier this year, I wrote about Cat Person, a startup backed by Harry’s Labs offering a variety of cat care products, including food. And Smalls, a cat food startup that launched in 2018, is announcing today that it has raised $ 9 million in Series A funding.

Co-founders Matt Michaelson (CEO) and Calvin Bohn (COO) said that it’s not simply a matter of taking the D2C dog food model and applying it to cats.

“The traditional sort of MO for companies in the pet care space is to do everything for dogs first,” and then expand into cat products, Bohn said.

Michaelson argued that this means companies “often overlooked the nutritional needs of cat.” In particular, he said, “We found that we needed a much broader range of products to really succeed. Cats are picky because they’re apex predators.”

So Smalls offers a variety of food options, including what it says is fresh, human-grade chicken and beef; freeze-dried chicken, turkey and duck; plus other treats (and non-food products like litter and toys).


Image Credits: Smalls

Michaelson and Bohn started out by cooking the food in the kitchen of their New York City apartments, then moved into what was then known as Brooklyn Foodworks. Smalls now manufactures its cat food in a facility in Chicago.

They acknowledged that the cost can be a bit higher than what cat owners are used to paying — the exact comparison will depend on the brand and quality you currently buy, but after taking a quick quiz on the Smalls website, I was offered subscription plans that cost around $ 3 or $ 4 per cat per day. Michaelson noted that “retention is not correlated to income” (so Smalls customers aren’t just wealthy cat owners), and he argued that investing healthy food for your cat could save money down the road

“We don’t have studies to say that yet, but at the same time, you would naturally assume eating better food is going to be a good investment in yourself,” he said.

Bohn added that when cat owners switch to Smalls, they quickly notice the difference: “Within weeks, their cats were sleeping better at night, their coats were more lustrous, their stool smelled better.” (Journalists who tried it out seem to agree.)

The Series A brings Smalls’ total funding to $ 12 million. It was led by Left Lane Capital (whose partner Jason Fiedler previously invested in The Farmer’s Dog), with participation from Founder Collective and Companion Fund.

“While we’ve seen a proliferation of highly successful healthy dog food brands, the cat food market has remained completely ignored,” Fiedler said in a statement. “Smalls has successfully developed a brand, product mix, supply chain and customer experience that is specifically optimized for cats that no one else has.”

Michaelson said Smalls currently has “several thousand” active subscribers, up 4x year-over-year. And while the pandemic has created some supply chain challenges, it also led to “a huge rise in pet adoption,” as well as convincing some owners that they should look for alternatives to their local pet store.

“Because we’re seeing this big movement towards the direct-to-consumer side of things with COVID, it’s really an opportunity to lean into that and grow faster,” he said.

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Should I accpet a job offer for half of my previous salary for a growing startup?

I just received a job offer from a growing startup that recently got another round of investment and got an evaluation of 1.5 Mil. I will be their 6th of 7th hire and they are planning to add about 50 more people in their new office although I noticed a high turnover rate for their previous employees (most of them were interns)

I have been out of a job for almost 3 weeks now and due to covid-19 I am afraid that I might not find another job. I do have some savings that could lasts me more months but I am just scared to use it and my partner is unemployed right now.

The job will only cover our Bills, rent,utilities and food for one person.The position has a lot of room for me to leave a good print and participate effectively in the development of the business, but my question is for that part will it be worth it?

Also I am developing my own startup on the side and building my own website and will be launching it for test in the next few weeks.

My experience is 4 years and I spent it with 4 companies including 1 year with a failed startup that I founded early days in my career. So what i do mostly is in business development/sales and also very small side projects for companies and people who approach me for work( they usually ask me to do it for free and I started to refuse it).

I don't like feeling undervalued because I am a hard worker and I am afraid if I accept that I will be starting all over again for my salary. I am just trying to seek hope that working in this position will benefit me on the long run.what you guys think?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

Biotech startup Gero grabs €1.9M to hack ageing and COVID-19

Based out of Singapore, Gero develops new drugs for ageing and other complicated disorders using its proprietary developed artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Recently, the company has secured $ 2.2 million (€1.9 million) in Series A funding, bringing the total capital raised since Gero’s founding to over $ 7.5 million (€6.4 million).

Gero’s founder Peter Fedichev, said, “We are happy with the recognition and support from these strategic investors who themselves are acknowledged leaders in the fields of AI and biotechnology. This will help us attain the necessary knowledge at the junction of biological sciences and AI/ML technologies that is necessary for the radical acceleration of drug discovery battling the toughest medical challenges of the 21st century. We hope that the technology will soon lead to a meaningful healthspan extension and quality of life improvements ”

Yury Melnichek joins Gero

The round was led by Bulba Ventures with participation from previous investors and serial entrepreneurs in the fields of pharmaceuticals, IT, and AI. Notably, the co-founder of Bulba Ventures Yury Melnichek joined Gero’s Board of Directors. 

“Gero’s insights and know-how when it comes to using big data and machine learning in biology is creating new opportunities in the search for cures of diseases that were previously considered incurable, primarily for ageing,” says Yury Melnichek, co-founder of Bulba Ventures, a successful venture capital investor in the field of machine learning and AI.

The company intends to use the investment to further develop its AI-based platform for analysing clinical and genetic data to identify treatments for some of the most complicated diseases, such as chronic aging-related diseases, mental disorders, and others.

First anti-aging test in 2017

Back in 2017, Gero did its first anti-ageing test on mice in VibioSphen (France) demonstrating its ability in finding solutions for complicated conditions.

How does Gero’s technology work?

The company uses large datasets of medical and genetic information from hundreds of thousands of people acquired via the UK’s BioBanks and created a proprietary database of blood samples collected throughout the last 15 years of the patients’ lives. 

Using this data, the Gero.ai platform determined the protein that circulates in people’s blood whose removal or blockage should lead to rejuvenation. Subsequent experiments at the National University of Singapore involved aged animals and demonstrated mortality delay (life-extension) and functional improvements after a single experimental treatment. 

In the future, this new drug could enable patients to recover after a stroke and could help cancer patients in their fight against accelerated ageing resulting from chemotherapy. Right now, Gero’s platform is also being used to develop drugs in other areas of potential therapies for COVID-19

“Gero collects large datasets of biomedical data (including clinical histories and genomics) of animals and humans and applies advanced machine learning methods and AI to discover the underlying reasons for human ageing. The project’s team works with key experts in the field of biology of ageing and clinical medicine, and this provides answers to the most important practical questions and translates the received knowledge into medical technologies to combat ageing”, says Dr. Nir Barzilai, Director and leading aging researcher of the Einstein-Institute for Aging Research; Professor of Medicine and Genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Collaborated with Yuri Aulchenko

Founded in 2012 by Maxim Kholin and Peter Fedichev, Gero has published a paper with Yuri Aulchenko, PhD CSO and Founder of PolyOmica, Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh and used genomics in AI drug discovery as well. 

It’s worth mentioning that Gero collaborates with researchers from the leading global institutions such as the Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Edinburgh, National University of Singapore, and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop new therapies.

Main image credits: Gero

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[Varo Money in Tech Crunch] Mobile banking startup Varo is becoming a real bank

Mobile banking startup Varo is becoming its own bank. The company announced on Friday it has been granted a national bank charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and secured regulatory approvals from the FDIC and Federal Reserve to open Varo Bank, N.A. The news follows Varo’s recent close on an additional $ 241 million in Series D funding aimed at helping Varo transition its service to its own bank, as well as expand into new banking products and hire new staff across operations, marketing, risk, engineering and communications.

Read more here.

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UK startup wants to hire – is it a scam?

My friend has been offered a job through Facebook, through a family friend. It's working for a startup that doesn't have much going in the way of websites, and the social media/linkedin presence of the three 'founders' is pretty small too.

He was thinking of quitting his job anyway, and is living with parents so has no major fiscal responsibilities, so it'd only be his time lost, if he doesn't get paid in the end.

What can you suggest to him to make sure he has in place before he starts work (contracts etc), and what legal recourse he has if it goes south and he doesn't get paid or gets "fired" after a month (I've seen other posts here mention this scam)?

Another point which seems very fishy and unusual is the founders want their "employees" to create their own companies and they get paid that way. I guess it's like hiring freelancers and means the startup won't have to provide NI and sort out tax etc, but is this common or perhaps an indication of another scam?


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British home décor startup Lick Home raises €3.3 million to grow its online DIY shop

With the majority of the world still following social distancing measures and staying at home as much as possible, it’s no wonder that home decoration projects are on the rise. British startup Lick Home, having launched this year, is riding this new wave of home improvement, having just landed a €3.3 million seed round led by Felix Capital.

Bringing home décor directly to consumer’s doorsteps, Lick Home is leading on the premise that a simple change in colour or design can have a massive impact on the way we feel about the spaces we live in. Taking the stress out of DIY, their online platform offers a range of durable and low-odour paints, artisan wallpaper, high quality decorating tools and true-to-colour stick-on samples.

Lick is not just hoping to target consumers, though. According to Lick, today 60% of the paint market is purchased and applied by professionals – a group that is focused not just on aesthetic and quality, but an easier and enhanced customer service experience. Lick’s product aims to address both audiences, through its two platforms, Lick Home and Lick Pro.

In addition, the visual nature of Lick’s product allows passionate people to share work and upload user-generated content. Lick has built a design blog that incorporates user photos, expert feedback, and how-to articles. The startups is also engaging with the community through many facets, including recently an “NHS Blue” paint colour supporting NHS (the British health service) charities.

Felix Capital commented: “When we met founders Lucas and Sam, it felt very clear that they were building much more than a paint brand. They are passionate about the opportunity to build Lick into a true home décor destination, not only by scaling into adjacent categories but also by leveraging their growing engaged community of individuals and professionals. It’s early days, but the pace and quality of execution have been spectacular with ingredients with love, such as attracting very strong and relevant talents around them.”


Startup moving too slow

This is kind of a rant/asking for help…

Say you have a startup that you started with 2 friends and an acquaintance. MVP is built and you're getting positive feedback but that's not the issue. The issue is with management and leadership.

You're not very good at managing people; especially now when your team is remote because of the pandemic. When you tell your co-founders that you need something done they take days to complete the task which slows everyone else down and the whole team ends up moving at a snail's pace.

For example, you say to your partner "Hey, I need you to find the items we need from suppliers today so we're on track for next week" and he says Ok, then a whole day or two passes and he doesn't get back to you so you have to follow up (which you hate) only to find out that he didn't complete it because for whatever reason.

This is what I'm dealing with. The task that I entrusted to my partner was not completed on time because he got into an argument with his wife on the day. I really don't see how a small argument can prevent you from accomplishing a task that would take roughly an hour or two but maybe I'm being insensitive.

I really am not very much of a people person and I can come off as callous and insensitive so I'm trying my best to not be. But the example above is just one of many.

But point is we are moving too slow and it's driving me crazy especially when I have follow up and remind them and push them to get things done. It take so much out of me.

Any tips for remote management? Do I need to be more demanding or lay down some rules? Is this normal for startups?

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!