I have created and scaled a successful mobile COVID-19 testing operation, but I feel like there’s low-hanging fruit / opportunities we’re leaving on the table to get more people tested. What are some applications for this that I may be missing?

We are an ops + medical team that wants to see as many people tested as possible. In a pretty short time we've built some very solid technology and lab relationships that let us conduct large numbers of COVID-19 tests, identify the best lab for a fast turnaround, and get results in 2-3 days every time (even when hospitals are waiting 7 days).

Restaurants, police departments, real estate firms, etc. hire us to build a temporary testing suite in their offices. Our teams can each test up to 1,000 patients/day. Usually, we bill patient insurance, and uninsured patients have their tests covered by their employer. All results are delivered to the patient and the employer.

Our typical sale is to businesses who rely heavily on having people present and want to minimize the chances of an outbreak. They hire us to come and test their asymptomatic workforce, sometimes as often as every 1-2 weeks for each employee. This is important because many of these are front-line workers and at high risk of coming into contact with COVID-19, and we very regularly identify these people who are infected but have not yet started to exhibit symptoms.

Workplace testing is great, but I suspect there's a lot we're missing because we are so caught up in that world. What we're trying to figure out is what other use cases we may not be thinking of where a rapidly deployable testing capability could be valuable. Workplace testing volume ebbs and flows and we want our teams out there testing as many people possible even if it's not employer contracts.

What are some things we could do with this?

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8 top tips for a successful pitch deck (despite coronavirus)

Probably the most important document you will produce in your company lifetime is the ‘pitch deck’. It is your presentation of what your company is about and what it is committed to do. It is a powerful and summarized way to show your story and your vision to different audiences.

In this article I try to summarize 8 points that are mandatory to be on your deck. As your pitch deck will serve as a compass for you, your team of co-founders and your early investors to orientate the direction of your startup strategy, development and growth, it must contain central aspects of your company’s reason for existence. 

The bottom line is: you need to answer the questions that investors, clients and press will want to know from you and your team. There are more points to a good pitch deck than 8. However, these are the main ones, and if one wishes he/she can divide each point into 1 or 2 further points.

  1. Problem and opportunity

What is the problem, where is the light and how can this be positive?

This is the main reason for you to have come a long way. With an identified problem and where you see it can be tackled from, your pitch deck can begin addressing this situation and take the audience into a journey of frustration and disappointment to an inflexion point where there is a ‘Eureka’ moment. Secondarily, outline the now clear opportunity and market for the problem you are addressing with your business and product, while describing how other companies are missing your point or how they propose incomplete or inadequate solutions.

2. Solution and product

How will you solve it and what is the product you will build – and why?

Having connected the audience with the pain and needs of your public, the next slides should be about your solution, how you built it, why and the profile of your potential customers. As you previously showed some metrics of markets that were not met yet, it is now time to show how you will build your user base and how you designed your product for bringing in recurring revenues either through the product itself or through associated or side services.

How will you gain the ‘hearts and minds’ of the public whose needs are unmet? How is your product better than the others? What are its main advantages and its secondary advantages? What are the main three differentiation points? What is your position and plan to increase market share over the next 12, 24, 36 months? You need to answer these questions, so that everybody has the answers clear. 

Pictures, screenshots, demonstrations and interactive text is the way to go here.

3. Competitions and total addressable market (T.A.M.)

Who is likely to fight you and what is the size of the pie?

This is the moment where the audience needs to know who are the players in your field and why you can beat them, outsmart them, shield your business from them and compete against their solutions. Knowing the enemies and the ones you may cooperate with is a desirable advantage, as Sun Tzu suggested in ‘The Art of War’. On the other hand, knowing your flaws and weaknesses will definitely make you either improve or be able to shield them from attacks. Time series graphs and visual data about market share and features comparison are welcome in these slides.

There are two Total Addressable Markets that you must mention: the total market and your niche or segment. Investors and potential partners do not want to know how big the whole market is and stop there. It is a good measure, but they would be better off with the addressable size of your niche. For example, if you are selling biological fertilizer that are specially formulated for tulips, start by showing how big the flower market is in your country, then region, then city. After that, you can show in a progressive way what is the size of the tulip market in your city, region and country. 

4. Team and track record

Who will help you with your vision and what have they done so far?

Ask 100 investors what is the most important factor they analyze in a new venture, and the vast majority will answer you: “I need to see what the founding team has achieved so far, launched so far, and how committed this team is in turning their vision into a reality“. Translation: abilities, track record and commitment.

In the Venture Capital industry particularly, it is not rare to hear “I invested in the team’s capacity to execute plans”. Talk about each of the founders and executives and how they compliment each other. Talk about their past experiences that relate in some way to the solution and product being built and proposed. 

Why are these people the right ones, among all other people, to solve this one problem and to build this specific product?

5. Business Model

How are you going to make money? 

Are your clients going to buy your product once and that’s it? Or are they going to make a subscription or any other kind or recurring revenue generator? Are your variable costs high? Is your cost decreasing as long as you are growing your customer base? How many employees do you need to generate each €10K, €100K? Is it fully scalable? What are your sales channels?

After answering most of those answers, have a slide showing the timeline of your expected revenues, product adoption and expenses, so that it is easier to correlate all of them visually. Three separate charts will also work.  

6. Marketing and sales

What, how and how many units will you sell?

A very important set of 2 to 4 slides should be devoted to marketing and sales. How will you sell your product and what are the projections? You may use a few charts of the previous session, as it will add up in the memory of your public. 

What are the milestones and developments of your product and their timeline? How are they forecasted to impact the acceptance and growth in sales of this product? How are those improvements and new features impacting your advertising? Will you announce all of these, or only the main ones? Are you going to expand nationally or internationally? If so, what is the number in sales and revenues that can have your company safe if the expansion goes wrong so that you limit your losses? Give insights into how you are thinking about the future of the business and what growth you believe is achievable.

7. Your request

In order to realize your vision, what do you need from investors and partners?

What exactly you need from investors – is it money, connections, technical advice – or all of them together? Why? What are the priority projects and milestones to be reached? Why do you need the amount that you are requesting? Can you do it with a little less or substantially less if you get access to a market through high level connections from your partners and investors? Would it decrease the need for capital? These are questions that you need to answer in 1 to 2 slides dealing with your request and investment amount. 

8. Your pivot

How have you adapted to the current situation?

In these pandemic times, it is important to show your original business idea and finances, further adding one slide or two about how those were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We have heard from VCs and even the equity crowdfunding community, as in our recent interview with Seedrs co-founder Jeff Lynn, that investors want to know how responsive you are. As it totally disrupted negatively many industries while improving others, efforts should be made in order to show how you can pivot and change your business or how you can improve your revenues, especially if you are an online company.

As US President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said: “Plans are nothing. Planning is everything“. Your company’s pitch deck will be a document that will help orientate your journey and growth. The better you make it, the better the outcomes may be. While your business plan may draw your road to success, your pitch deck is your eye-catcher weapon.


Top 10 Successful Home Based Businesses

Don’t let family constantly interrupt when working with all the house. Interruptions can have a big influence your productivity, so advise your family and family re your working hours and have got will accumulate to each of them. Express the interest on privacy within your work from your home business and quiet which it tend to make you end up sooner. Children should be supervised by another family member, nevertheless, you should be accessible in it of an urgent care.

If an individual might be traveling away for business, you can deduct these costs against your cash. But you cannot you actually are traveling purely for pleasure. At this point smart, as travel expenses are completely deductible and half of one’s meals are as well.

A good home business tip is to acquire your own home business business cards. Planet professional world, having an opportunity card isn’t just important, it’s expected. Having a clean, presentable business card can go a long way in helping your home business look more professional. Try them cheap if you search hosted.

They do buy from you, or they arrange to work along with you in a legitimate income opportunity relationship. Usually this is really because they are far too timid or even otherwise assertive enough to refuse. So they say yes to avoid a confrontation. They don’t get satisfaction out from the product or service and/or they never do what is necessary techniques in business. You’ve wasted your time with somebody that wasn’t serious and other people feels like they got burned. Everybody loses.

D. Aren’t involved any kind of other internet distractions, that way to easy to your day by ‘catching up’ on the internet. Facebook and Twitter are fantastic modes of networking, a person can get caught up and then half your day is gone with no ‘real’ productivity being sorted out. The main thing to get accustomed to when business is that the work has to be your priority above the rest. Don’t stop your socialising, just take into account that your aim is to work from home once you have your Ve had.M.O for the day have been completed then remainder of the day is yours.

The second reason reality by using top-tier programs for a fast, cash infusion, totally . be gaining a great source of capital to invest in help save business. Because they came from work at home often “spend themselves out of this business” meaning they are spending a lot money planning to promote their business that they wind up going broke and to help quit. Along with this cash infusion and your new-found marketing skills, your company will grow by progress.

Your enterprise will have a way to encourage their promoters in which to stay. You need a product that compels not the purchaser to be a promoter but also the promoter turn out to be purchaser.

IT Security – meeting to defeat inactivity, proposed structures, successful IT Security in the Startup

I will be holding several meetings to talk about IT Security at my organization. Want to understand the problems, motivations, preferred way of work from teams to achieve/improve Security at our organization. I am the person who should help the organization with its IT Security.

As you can imagine there are several areas to cover. I also am aware of the current problems. Will raise the issues (inactivity, past incidents, not valuing the craftmanship, threats out there, need of hardening, detection, protection etc)

Now we have a Head of Information Security (me), small Security Team (2 Engineers), Security Champions in regards to Security (dozen).

We also have PO, PM, Tech Leads, Heads of other departments, Directors, C-level (CTO, CEO) obviously teams etc.

Tech Leads take part in grooming and planning.

Rest is Scrum framework based, agile (vertical slicing, feature teams etc etc)

The idea I want push is for me to work with TL about Security Topics. They should then advocate Security, guard best practices with PM/PO and other Devs. Sec Champions should be the bridge between Developers and Sec Team.

We are ca. 100 engineers, employees strong organization (startup)

Interesting if you saw some structures, in similar organization, that what would you propose.


1) How should we work on IT Security?

2) What organization structure do you propose?

3) What points would your raise?

4) How to battle, open eyes to IT Security problem for the rest of the organization?

My other post related to this question: https://www.reddit.com/r/startups/comments/i1bijs/role_of_head_of_in_agile_startup/


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Work Their Home Business – Be Successful When Working Online

If driving is a major part among the business, keep good lists. Mileage and fuel expenses can be written off on your taxes, and also might be to find out how much specialists . save in that possition. You could finish up writing off loads!

Consider Your Investment: Yes, you will have to invest in your home business, make no mistake about this process. Most of your investment should enter your skill-set, such as learning ways to operate your business, the right way to market it properly today, and the best way to create ROI (return on investment). Absolutely invest minimally given vehicle and its product/service recognize it is credible numerous experts get behind it. Location the better a part of your purchase of your studies. Learn some basic skills and then expound upon them given your revenues. Too many people put the cart before the horse and spend far more money on enrolling with a company, getting back in product, purchasing business cards and leads BEFORE they will know who their potential customers are and how to market suitably.

It’s pretty common for who online business to realize that they upwards with more distractions than they’d presumed. Do you have pets that need attending? Even though they spent the day by themselves when you were working, you’ll end up surprised discover how greater attention assume that they need just because you’re personal.

Tae Bo. Although this only take longer than 30 minutes to do, it provides a really rewarding workout skill. You don’t need to hire a Tae Bo instructor to help you out; you can just buy and follow Tae Bo training shown in DVDs. As well as building muscle and knocking out fat, Tae Bo also improves your heartbeat and increases your strength and energy.

An fantastic way to keep your self on track is actually make an elementary daily task list for your own benefit. The most successful organization owners are who usually stays focused. Producing and maintaining a task list for yourself, however eliminate time you have to have to spend deciding what comprehensive next. To work at home successfully, you could do with your time efficiently as well as its amazing how much time can get wasted just sitting there deciding what to do next. An individual seriously in order to work at home, you plan to have acquire your personal time management seriously.

If tend to be in a household where you share the boss responsibilities more evenly then you will find that is start type of relationship start off a business. Under these relationship conditions, people get into a company Idea thinking that it are usually easier but you have to realize that one other boss would love expectations of equality probably a more evenly shared involving responsibilities.

Technology will make it far more easy to work from home or work from any location. As long as the person comes with Internet connection and an excellent computer or laptop, work can have finished. High speed Internet connection is called for and broaden with current software it can take. To work for many companies, a land-line telephone manage incoming calls will be necessary. Running as you that is important is a basic work storage. If you want to work from home, you may want to have another room in the home to use as your office. As you can see there are hardly any physical requirements for work from home.

Just as you grow breaks step work right out of the home, you’ll need breaks when you work at home. Get up, stretch, have fun the kids, do just a little exercise, take action other than work. You need to will be productive your current products give head and body the breaks you really want.

[Consumer Physics in Successful Farming] ANALYZE DRY MATTER IN SECONDS WITH THE NEW SCIO CUP

Introduced by Consumer Physics, the SCiO Cup is a fast, portable, lab-grade forage dry matter analyzer. Operated through a smartphone, this device is transforming feed analysis by giving users the ability to frequently analyze dry matter. SCiO Cup enables on-farm decision making, which ensures consistent dry matter intake and reduces feed leftovers. In addition, the technology can be used in the field to plan the timing of silage harvest at optimal moisture levels.

Read more here.

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Top 10 Successful Work From Home Businesses

Dream and Act. Dreaming is reduced and working on that dream is another thing. Make sure that you might be working every last single day to achieve your dream. If you dream and you do not need act then that would most likely be a wasted imagination.

And plus there is the news that you can also work from your own home in your pajamas. one of the very most popular advantages for work at home plans. Many people love the appeal to get to work when and where they want without even having to get dressed if they don’t need to.

Once completes to have the ability to know them and build relationships with them it is natural to prospect these kinds of. You can do this in a passive way on your Facebook profile page or with updates you cause.

Do not show frustration. Even if you are in financial difficulties, act calmly and professionally, just like you would in a real world job search. Don’t post messages on forums saying which you are desirous to find work from home. Desperation brings all within the scammers from your the woodwork, and you could be flooded with false can provide.

Focus on a niche where demand is well-built to guarantee the profitability of your home business. Choose a market with products that sell well and pay well. Together with mind if the desire for the technique is high, far better for your online business.

Now that we have explored the benefits, it additionally important appear for at the drawbacks. Obviously working from their home isn’t to be able to be perfect either. Here i will discuss six disadvantages of a home based job.

Knowledgeable within particular fat product which has worked for you, doable ! possibly promote that product because you are a living testimonial. Many families love seeing real results. And the cool part about could that you’ve invested as product to dedicate yourself you, and you can auction it yourself advertise some serious cash as your time for as a hobby work from your own home. AND you don’t would like a garage or spare room to boxes and boxes or shipping. All you do is promote the product, and the vendor deals with all the shipping and customer service. People all over the world are this process and earning money from family.

Below are one of the most common work-at-home exercises or exercises that organic doing. Remember, sitting and in front of the computer for eight long hours will negatively affect distinct your posture, but also your health in routine. So try out these exercises and slowly generate a daily fitness regimen.

How Much CS Do I Need To Start A Successful Startup In College?

I will be entering college soon, and I am super passionate about the intersection of management with technology. I started to seriously learn web development a few months back, and I am wondering to what level of expertise I would need in order to create something like the next Facebook. I know, big goals.

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