Resources on the business side of things for a technical founder

Hi guys, I recently came up with an idea that I'm very passionate about and I want to turn it into a product. The problem is, my background is in programming, I have no experience with business and honestly never had any interest in it or in founding a startup until I had this idea. Now I have a very strong interest in founding a startup, and I think I will be doing it alone. Can you guys recommend some good resources (books, online courses, podcasts, etc.) that will help me learn some of the business stuff I will need to get this idea off the ground? I know there's a lot more to the business side of startups than a programmer like me can quickly pick up, but anything helps, right?

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How to find a technical co-founder?

Hey guys,

I'm new to this community and gotta say I like it here so far. Found some really useful materials to help me on my path.

So I'm looking to develop something in the gaming space. I've created a pretty sound business plan, and detailed low fidelity wire-frames. My biggest obstacle right now is I don't have a technical co founder. Id prefer not to go down the free lance route, and would rather partner up with someone passionate about my idea.

Where should I start my process of finding a partner?

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How do I find a technical co-founder to help execute my idea? I have an idea for a website in the real estate field. I have a non-technical business development background and no funds.

I know that this post reads like an /r/startups circlejerk, but I have a business idea for a real estate website that I've developed over the past several months and believe that there's a good fit in the market for it. I have no technical skills and would like to find a co-founder to help me execute it.

I'm willing to give up ~50% equity to the right person, but I cannot offer any money at this point. I do have a clear path to monetization, but that will be several months after the first version of the idea is up-and-running.

Where do I turn for talent that would be interested in working on a project like this? I know it's hard because developers are in-demand and are compensated well.

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Where do I start with the technical aspect of creating online software? Details below.

I have an idea for a health-focused eLearning online software. I have zero technical background. I am fairly confident about the business & health pieces – conducting needs analyses, creating the content, marketing, analyzing results, etc.

I will use a professional(s) for the graphic design & tech pieces. Graphics + an intuitive, fun experience are just as important as the content. Where would I even start with these pieces? I’m starting from ground zero, so any other advice on licensing, pay arrangements, website maintenance, hiring a company vs. hiring an individual, etc. is welcome!

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I need a technical confounder who will spend 200+ hours building my entire product for 10% of my company and no salary. Why can’t I find anyone?

I don't want to learn to code, I want everything handed to me because that's how I think the world works. I also have no idea how difficult my idea would be to implement but will grossly underestimate the time and effort it would take to complete an MVP.

Can anyone help?

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Find a technical co-founder or outsource?

So having worked with some major software companies over the years I have decided to launch my own solution. Everything is drawn out including features and the basic mock up is created.

My background is in commercial roles where I have built and run global channel strategies (The software is based on this sector)

What I don't have is the skills to code the application itself. Would you outsource the development of this to a 3rd party? For example India, Ukraine, Belarus etc or would you find a technical co-founder?

Having spoken to investors on several occasions, there is interest there but I am asking for the funds to go into development. It feels like a chicken and egg situation.

Would it ever be possible to get a technical co-founder who can take care of development on equity alone until funds have been agreed from investment?

TAM for the solution is $ 1.65B with 23 companies working in the same space globally. The blueprint that we have written up incorporates something completely new to the market which hasn't been done before and initial feedback from the potential customer base is extremely strong.

We have reach into the market through working within software distribution and channel sales for many years – Target customer is software vendors and distributors.

Main questions are: Do I outsource development and put my own money into it to get it to investment stage?

Do I look for a technical co-founder on an equity share who will be in for the long haul?

If so, where do I find those co-founders?

Before anyone states "Why can't you go to your previous companies?" – There is a clause in my contract that states that I can't poach people away from the company.

Any help is appreciated.

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It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission – a read for technical founders who care about Asian representation

It breaks my heart to have to write this post but I’m not giving up on this mission. For the past 10 months, I’ve dedicated my life to building a platform where Asians can represent their unique story, show their personality and transcend stereotypes with the end goal of finding meaningful connections. In short, it would be a video dating app that celebrates the Asian experience.

I was determined to build this platform because I am a product of immigrants who was raised on western media and its negative portrayal of Asians. I’m doing this because I’m still hurting and recognize that we, the collective Asian community, are longing to heal from the generations of ancestral trauma and internalized racism.

We gathered a small group of talented and passionate individuals with the same passion, values, drive and mission to improve the lives of Asian individuals, and were just 2 weeks away from releasing the beta. Over 900 people have signed up to be beta testers and there was genuine excitement and support in the community about this product and our mission.

This all ended abruptly just a few days ago when our CTO was forced to pull out of the project due to unforeseen family reasons and extenuating circumstances. Now, we are left with 900 individuals who’ve been eagerly and patiently waiting for the app, an app that’s about 2 weeks away from beta stage completion and a small group of passionate individuals who want nothing more than to offer a better dating experience for Asian individuals. We’ve come to a standstill.

But we’re not giving up here. We’ve come too far and there is too much at stake – the possibility of helping Asians lead happier lives. As difficult as it was to find our original and amazing CTO, we’re again looking for a talented CTO and co-founder to continue our mission.

The app is built on Firebase and Flutter, and it’s pretty great – again, near public beta shape. We’re looking for a CTO and co-founder who is a senior full-stack developer with experience in mobile development and startups. The most important quality, however, is that this person is passionate about Asian representation and believes in a mission like ours. The team is working remotely so it doesn’t matter where you are. You would join for equity. (So this isn’t a job post.) We have no funding and don’t have any grand illusions of getting any at this stage without users or revenue. But money is not what drives us and it’s not why we’re doing this.

And if you’re curious, yes, we’ve done the research, the surveys, the interviews, the prototyping, the alpha testing. I can tell you straight out: Will all Asians want to use this app? NO. Some Asians don’t want to date other Asians and that’s their prerogative. We’re not here to convert anyone. But do Asians in general want a platform like this? YES. The majority of Asians do see the benefit and value in dating someone who comes from a similar experience and upbringing. And just because you’re on this app doesn’t mean you’re not open to dating non-Asians. And is the app sticky? Fuck ya.

We believe this is an app that has the potential to become the “TikTok” of Asian dating – a cool platform that everyone wants to join. Yeah, nothing like this has existed before so it’s hard for some to even imagine it. But 900 of you and many more that have reached out with support can see that vision and that possibility. This will be a platform where Asians can proudly celebrate our identity, culture and story, and, by telling our stories with compassion, love and empathy, allow ourselves to find self-acceptance and even, perhaps, love.

If you believe in a mission like ours and you’re interested in possibly joining our team or know anyone that might be, please tell them about and tell them to message me at Fingers crossed. Thank you.

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How much equity for a technical co-founder?

I have some experience in starting 2 small businesses, one of which failed and the other made some money before I left/shutdown because of personal reasons. I am a self taught developer and started working on my current start up now at the end of this past May. About 3 weeks into the back end development, I started to realize the true amount of work ahead of me and started looking for a partner/cofounder. I pitched my idea to a friend of a friend who is a well decorated and accomplished software dev working a prestigious company. Because of the nature of his work, he is not allowed to be named in an operating agreement because his work prohibits him from being involved in another company simultaneously.

We arrived at a verbal agreement that I will own 60% and he will own 40%. His responsibilities are that of the 'CTO' and other founder type things (learning as I go with this, but right now this is meaning higher level things like business model etc.).

I have bootstrapped the company completely myself, with $ 18,000 invested. The more I read about start ups and reaching out to investors, it seems that I have made a mistake with the equity distribution with the cofounder. Namely, I payed $ 18,000 for 60% of my own company and the other equity holding individual has payed nothing. Is it wrong for me to believe this will make me look stupid when we pitch for funding? Also, I'm not necessarily bothered by this next statement but it's just a matter of fact. I am putting in significantly more hours into this. We both work 8 hour full time jobs, but I am working on this company and project 100% of my waking life. His commits to github are very large, but infrequent.

Now, I'm not saying I want to clawback his equity because I'm 'working harder'. I want to claw it back because it is my belief that it will give the company a greater shot at success in fundraising rounds, gives me greater latitude in key hiring decisions later on and overall will demonstrate sound decision making to the old people who will be running my life in the next year.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about this arrangement I have and maybe some steps moving forward.

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How do I find a technical co-founder?

I am working on an iOS app and have had a terrible experience with offshore developers. I would like to bring someone on board to help finish building the app and launch the product. I don’t know anyone technical unfortunately and am having trouble gaining any traction networking via LinkedIn? How do I accomplish this?

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Creating complex web app with AWS for non technical founders?

Hi, I signed up for Y combinator startup school and saw they give a $ 3000 credit for AWS which is great. Is there some AWS function you know about that lets you build complex web platforms with zero programming knowledge? I heard about amplify but it is still kind of technical

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