Is it plausible/a good idea to get a tech co-founder on board at thus stage?

So, we ve been running our startup for 4 years. My cofounder left late last year, and I'm now a solo founder.

We're a staffing platform with a fairly good web interface, and weve got some good devs that we outsource to. But, it's expensive.

The feedback from our users has more and more been "are you going to make an app?", and "Can you add this feature to my user dashboard" etc.

4 years in, good and growing MRR, and I'm in it for the long haul. I run all marketing, sales (although we've just brought on our first sales/accounts guy in a commission only trial), product development, relationships, and from the industry we serve.

I've always dreaded the thought of being one of those people trying to get a talented developer on board with promises of equity and growth, but, we've been going for a few years now, things are looking good, and I'm wondering if we're a good opportunity for a talented dev to join in as a co-founder long term. Our roadmap now has a lot of stuff in it which is tech based (features, app, etc).

Would love to know anyone's thoughts.

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