Bass Lake Watersports : State trademark not strong enough to usurp matching .com #domain When you register a state trademark, it’s not exactly the strongest claim in a UDRP case. The registrant of is advising that boating, kayaking, and other activities were favorite activities on Bass Lake. The Complainant is Yosemite / Bass Lake Activities, Inc., with a state trademark for BASS LAKE WATERS… : #Domain was lost via the UDRP process after creative trademark lawyering The domain appears to be two generic words, “dirty” and “fling,” but a company called Brentwood Holding Group Inc asserted it infringes on its marks: Complainant claims rights in the FLINGSTER and DIRTYROULETTE trademarks through its ownership of the United States registered trademarks described…

Someone wants to trademark “makeOffer” for domain forwarding

It’s a ubiquitous term in the domain industry.

Screenshot of domain listings on Sedo

Someone is trying to trademark “makeOffer” for domain forwarding. This screenshot shows the common use of the term at Sedo, a leading domain marketplace.

An Austin man has filed a trademark application (serial 88833592) for “makeOffer” for “Computer services, namely, domain forwarding services.”

Make Offer is, of course, a common term in the domain name industry for unpriced domain names seeking an offer.

Mark Estabrook operates a site at He submitted a screenshot from the site as his specimen. The page reads:


you landed here because the domain name you typed in your browser’s URL was forwarded here. a person or organization owns the name and wants us to broker it for them privately. it can be yours. to begin the process, tell us which name you are interested in and SUBMIT a reasonable offer. as seller’s agent, we will forward your offer and if seller wants to respond we will contact you.

The trademark application cites a first use date of March 8, 2020.

I emailed Estrabrook yesterday to understand his objective in trademarking the term. I have not yet heard back.

Post link: Someone wants to trademark “makeOffer” for domain forwarding

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Paper Work Questions: Contracts, Policy — Trademark?

Hi all,

I am starting the business for my product right now. And it is not as cheap as I hoped. To offer my product to my clients I need a contract, which is signed by the client. So I need a lawyer to create a perfect contract. At least the policies were included.

My question is now, what are you thinking about the trademark registration? I am from Europe and could register my business name and my product as a brand. Which is of course costing money. I think it would make no sense to register the brand in the US etc as well. The plan is to expand the company there, but of course we dont even know if it will work here in our home country. What do you think, are you going for a trademark in the beginning or not?


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Which trademark class for my app?

I’m in the process of trademarking my app but I’m not sure what the best class would be.

The app (for Android and iPhone) lets you create cash bounties to have IG users post your caption and image, and the first post to reach your set number of Likes wins the bounty. The prize money is transferred to the winner’s app wallet, which they can use to start their own bounty or withdraw as cash. The app is free and only monetized by taking a 10% fee when winnings are withdrawn from the app.

It seems this is kind of SaaS, which would typically fall under Class 42, but it’s primary function is to run promotions for advertising/marketing which would fall under Class 35.

Do you think it would be worth filing under both, or would one or the other work? If so, which one would be best? Keep in mind I’m on a super lean budget.

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Sharing ownership of a sole-owner Trademark?

A partner and I started a company and, for various reasons, I filed a trademark application (intent-to-use) for our mark before we had incorporated the company. I regret not putting both of our names on the trademark application. The trademark is now in my name and as soon as it is registered, I plan on transferring ownership to our corporation.

Since it will be expensive and will take some time before I can transfer ownership of the mark to our shared corporation (by filing a Trademark Assignment), is there some easy way to share my ownership with the other partner in the meantime? Can we sign some agreement between ourselves?

I am concerned that if something were to happen to me, my partner would completely lose the rights to our trademark.

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Startups – Rapid Growth and Innovation is in Our Very Nature!

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